7 Beauty Care Tips For Your Nightly Routine

Beauty Care Tips – Keeping your skin as smooth and healthy as you want it may not be one of the easiest things to do. This is probably because there is really so much going and every new day seems more chaotic and busier than the previous. 

From keeping up with a tasking day job, to meeting up with appointments, hitting the gym and probably running a household too, there isn’t much time left in the 24 hours anymore. 

But do you just throw up your hands in surrender? Of course not! And it all boils down to a simple skincare routine that’ll take no more than five minutes each day, and nicely fit into your calendar. 

You can add a skincare schedule to your calendar, that works too. And it doesn’t have to a full hour. To maintain a gorgeous and glowing skin takes quite a few steps. You can include these simple steps in your daily schedule and at the same time every day.

If you can commit to investing a few minutes to do the bare minimum of these beauty care tips each morning and evening then you’re already ahead in caring for your skin.

A simple skincare routine that will take only a couple of minutes will go a long way to help keep your skin glowing. This post highlights some beauty care tips that you can add to your nightly routine. 



Where To Start Your Beauty Care Tips For Your Nightly Routine

For starters, you have to wash your face at least twice a day using a cleanser that is most suited to your skin. While you’re doing this, gently massage your face with the cleanser on in a circular motion, make sure you cover the entire face with the cleanser. 

Completely wash off the product from your face using warm water, and use a soft and smooth napkin or face towel to pat your face dry.

It’s very important that you do this, even if it’s actually easier to simply fall into bed without taking the time to clear away the dirt and grime of the day. After that, apply a moisturizer which will lower the skin’s pH level, calm the skin and prepare it for what comes next. 

Your moisturizer should make sure the moisturizer you choose contains rich natural ingredients and essential oils with nourishing benefits (especially if you have dry skin). 

But if you have more time on your hands you can go through a more comprehensive nightly skincare routine. To help you stay organized and create the very best skincare routine for you. Keep scrolling to uncover a complete nightly skincare routine checklist. 


Remove Every Trace Of Makeup

This is one very important thing you must do every night, except you didn’t put on makeup. But if you did, then never let your head hit the pillow without first cleaning off every trace of makeup product on your face. 

On some nights this may be too much trouble, especially if you had one hell of a day. Well, this is exactly why makeup remover wipes exist.

A makeup remover wipe is one beauty product you should always have handy because with it your makeup removing process will be very easy and stress-free. 

With just a few wipes you can get off every trace of makeup on your, some wipes are designed to clean off even waterproof and stubborn. Even if this is the only thing you can bring yourself to do before your system starts to shut down, it’s okay.

If you can’t seem to find any makeup remover wipes, or you just remembered that it’s finished but you forget to get a new pack, you can use vaseline and a piece of napkin or face towel. 

These days, it’s almost impossible to get makeup off your face simply by washing it because most of the makeup products available now are oil-based and waterproof. But with lots of vaseline and face towel, you can get them off.

Start by applying a generous amount of vaseline (perfumed jelly) on your face. Then use the face towel or cotton pad to clean off the vaseline and wash the makeup come off with it.


Use A Facial Cleanser For Deep Cleansing



Wiping off your makeup alone does not always leave your face makeup-free. Sometimes, you may still feel some products, this is why you have to cleanse.

Cleansing your face before bedtime is a very important beauty care step before bedtime to remove the final traces of makeup and impurities that can cause clogged pores. This, in turn, can cause an acne outbreak and consequently lead to roughness on the face and uneven skin tone. 

Even if you didn’t wear makeup during the day, you still have to cleanse your face. This is because your face will have some oil and impurities from all the dust and everything else you’ve been exposed to during the day. If left unwashed, this can clog pores, cause your skin to look dull and make your face susceptible to breakouts. 

Washing your face removes excess oil, tightens your pores, and leaves your face looking fresh. It is even better when you use an excellent facial cleanser which packs some nourishing and skincare benefits.

To avoid skipping or forgetting to do this on those days you will feel extra tired or a little lazy, leave a good product which will get the cleansing job done fast and has a calming fragrance on your nightstand to quickly erase the day from your face.

After the cleansing, ensure you dry your face, leaving it free of any excess water or product. Aside from leaving your face soft, smooth, and clean, the feeling of a clean soft towel on your face feels great right before you hop into bed.  


Remove Dead Cells From Your Skin

Next on our list of beauty care tips to do nightly is to remove dead cells.

One sure way to have a dull complexion is to never exfoliate. If you understand how important it is to get rid of dead skin from your skin’s surface and why indispensable it is, you’ll never leave it out of your skincare routine. 

Exfoliating your skin may not actually be a nightly skin care routine but it is better done at night, just before you shut down for a complete system rejuvenation. For many people, skin exfoliation is something they do only when they remember and that can be a once in a few weeks to a few months. 

With this kind of half-hearted exfoliation process, you can really get all the benefits and the improved radiance that comes with exfoliating your skin.

To see a complete change in the appearance and feel of your skin, you need to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to get rid of the layers of dead skin. Once the dead cells are out, you will notice a healthier glow on your skin and it will appear much brighter and radiant. Do this consistently and you’re sure to get an awesome result. 

You can buy an exfoliating cream or use some ingredients from your kitchen to make a DIY exfoliating cream. For instance, you can add a teaspoon of walnut powder or wheat flour to a tablespoon of yogurt and apply it all over your face. This works pretty well and once it dries out, wash it with lukewarm water. 


Moisturize Your Face



When you’re not exfoliating, moisturizing your face should always come after a cleansing.

When you wash your face, you get rid of dirt and impurities but you also wash away some essential oils and by moisturizing your skin you will replenish these oils. If yours is oily skin, make sure you get a moisturizer that is water-based and meant for your skin type. 

And if you have a skin that is prone to getting dry and parched, look for an oil-based moisturizer that’s made for dry skin types. This is because using the wrong product may cause more problems for you. Also, make sure that your moisturizer is rich in antioxidants.

At night, the skin loses 20% more water than it does during the day, because it’s working to repair itself. So, if you have some time on your hands you may want to use a deep moisturizer on those parts of your body that are prone to getting dry. These parts include areas like the elbows, knees, heels and hands and feet. 


Use An Eye Cream

We often hear that the eyes are the window to the soul, but you wouldn’t want anyone staring too hard at your eyes if there are dark circles under them. Or maybe they look puffy. But with a good eye cream, you’ll get rid of any annoying dark circles, puffiness or crow’s feet. 

To get the ideal eye cream, look for one that is formulated for your specific skin type. Then, apply it twice daily (morning and night), especially after moisturizing.

Also, make sure the product you settle with is one formulated to reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags with continued use over time.

When used as a form of preventative care, eye creams are also beneficial because they provide the thin skin around your eyes with a targeted treatment. 


Use An Anti-aging Cream

The final step in your nightly skincare routine should be to get some anti-aging cream of your skin.

While washing and moisturizing your face can help to prevent premature aging and the development of wrinkles as your skin loses moisture and vibrancy over time, using an anti-aging cream is also necessary for fighting against wrinkles.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a retinol product for your nightly skincare because it helps to soften fine lines, prevent wrinkles, and help reduce irritation and future breakouts.

In addition to softening fine lines, an anti-aging treatment also resists signs of aging and helps strengthen the skin barrier. A lightweight and protective cream formulated with Pro-Retinol is a great option.


Get Enough Restful Night Sleep



This is not popular as a skincare night routine or on any list of beauty care tips, but it should. After a long and stressful day, your body needs enough sleep at night to repair itself, so does the skin.

The skin repairs and rebuilds itself at night. To allow it to do this you need to get enough uninterrupted night skin and there are no shortcuts for doing this. 

You need at least seven to eight hours of sleep on a regular basis, if not every night. If you don’t get the appropriate amount of sleep you need, your skin will get tired, look dull and sagging. When you are sleeping, the body increases blood flow to the skin this helps to give your skin cells get a boost. 

If you don’t get enough sleep and this continues for a while, the first thing you’ll notice will be bags under your eyes and by a dull-looking skin. Surely you do not want this to happen.





Final Thoughts

Want a brighter-looking complexion? Of course, who doesn’t? Then you should definitely add the above beauty care tips to your daily and weekly skincare routine. Despite being very thorough, this isn’t still the most comprehensive list you’ll find. 

Getting and maintaining a radiant and supple skin goes beyond using skincare products and following laid down routines. Rather, it also depends largely on what you put in your mouth. Yeah! That’s right. 

What you eat immensely contributes to how smooth and healthy you will feel. That said, no matter what you like and what you don’t, it is always a good idea to consume a generous portion of fresh fruits and vegetables during the day. You need to make this is a big part of your daily diet. 

To achieve a radiant and healthy glowing skin, you need ample amounts of vitamin C. You should also stay as far away as possible from eating too much fat and sugar.

You also need to avoid eating spicy and fermented foods on a daily basis. Skincare specialists also recommend that you eat foods that contain natural oils for glowing skin. These foods include almonds and walnuts, but you don’t have to go overboard with this. 

You also do not want to leave out leafy green vegetables and brightly colored fruits from your diet. This is because they are high in antioxidants. Eat as much as you can in a day, and don’t overcook the veggies. That way, they can still retain as many of their natural properties as possible. 

Of course, you will also need to supplement it with sufficient other nutrients like proteins and vitamins. With all these, you’re sure to see an astonishing difference in the feel and look of your skin.

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