5 Health Benefits Of Using A Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Salt is a rock salt that is popular for its natural presence of trace minerals that includes magnesium and iodine from which it derives its vivacious pink color. It is very organic since it is unrefined. Also, the salt remains hand carved from its Pakistani source.  Pink Himalayan salt is a truly unique salt. This means that it is toxic-free and clean.

Many Himalayan salt companies say that Himalayan pink salt contains 84 trace minerals, but there is a debate that it contains 60 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron, so it does more than just make your food taste better, in fact, you can use Himalayan salt to help you obtain all the many possible benefits of a salt water flush



On its own, Himalayan salt helps to promote a balanced pH.  This is in addition to regulating water levels and since pink Himalayan salt contains sodium as well as other electrolytes, it has a direct effect on the pH of your blood. It also aids the body in keeping the respiratory function healthy while fostering overall sinus health. For those who have problems with their blood sugar levels, Himalayan salt assists in promoting a normal blood sugar level.

Himalayan salt use is not only for food; it is also suitable for use as an inhaler. Himalayan Salt inhalers offer a natural, drug-free means to get the many benefits of salt-air therapy. In this article, we will be discussing Himalayan salt inhaler therapy and the benefits of using one.



How Salt Therapy Works

Salt therapies like Himalayan salt inhaler use a combination of traditional and modern methods to produce health benefits. They are also importantly a healthy, natural and potent approach to overall health. They come with no risk factors. Different salt treatments have been developed around the world that helps to treat diverse breathing conditions.

Ancient Ayurvedic cultures have used and relied on salt therapy for thousands of years to clear mucus from the nose and throat to help prevent and treat illness and allergies. If you have ever used a Neti Pot, then you know just how cleansing and histamine balancing salt can be. The salt acts as a detoxifier by pulling out toxins and cleansing the airways.

The Himalayan salt inhaler works in a way that when one breathes in from the inhaler, the moisture in the air accumulates tiny components of the salt. These elements are then transferred to the lungs. The salt in the lungs helps to clear the airwaves by moistening mucous membranes, thinning out mucus and bring down inflammation.


Some of the most common forms of salt healing therapy include:

• Neti Pots for nasal cleansing (I love this one)
• Dry salt inhalers (This one is my favorite)
• Saline and brine baths- many do this by using Epsom Salts for sore muscles
• Crenotherapy- the consumption of therapeutic salt water such as salt sole (read about how to make it HERE)
• Colonics (buy your own home enema kit here)
• Gargling
• Salt Lamps
• Salt Caves


How To Use The Himalayan Salt Inhaler

To use a Himalayan salt inhaler is not complicated. These inhalers are usually already assembled and are ready to use. The Himalayan inhaler can last for about two years. This means that you save more money that may have been used to buy asthma inhaler periodically. The most important thing about using a salt inhaler is to only breathe IN through the mouth. Never breath out through the inhaler or the salt inside will lose its therapeutic effects much faster.


Most importantly, note that when using a salt inhaler, you should breathe in through the mouth only. Remember to not breathe back out through the inhaler so that the salt inside will not lose its healing effect.

As you breathe through the salt inhaler, the moisture from the air picks up tiny particles of Himalayan salt and carries it deep into the lungs without side effects. The salt then goes to work by moistening mucus membranes, thinning mucus, and bringing down inflammation.


Health Benefits Of Using A Himalayan Salt Inhaler


1. Detoxifies Air

Himalayan Salt inhalers help to clean the air. This is one of the essential health benefits of using a Himalayan salt inhaler. With each day, we breathe in a lot of pollutants in the atmosphere. This may include dust, smoke, and molds. Under such circumstance, the lungs are stressed from trying to keep the air we breathe in clean and safe. This is where a Himalayan salt Inhaler comes in.

If you have to stay in a polluted environment, having this inhaler at hand may be your best shot at a clean air. Himalayan salt inhalers reduce the effects of this pollutants in the atmosphere. In fact, smokers who use this inhaler were known to find it helpful. This is because it helps to decrease the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting the stick.


2. Reduces Blood Pressure

Because of its potassium contents, Himalayan salt inhalers impact blood pressure. A study over a period of four years concludes that although higher sodium level can be linked to increased risk of high blood pressure. Potassium helps to counterbalance those effects which in turn reduces high blood pressure.

One of the key minerals that the body needs to function is potassium.  This is because it helps to balance the adverse effects of sodium, which reduces blood pressure. The organ responsible for controlling blood pressure is the kidney. It does this by regulating the amount of fluid stored in the body. An increase in fluid level causes blood pressure to heighten. The kidney filters the blood and sucks out extra fluid. The fluid passes out as urine.

The process of filtering and passing out employs a needed amount of sodium and potassium. These elements are useful for passing out water from the bloodstream into the collecting channels that empty into the bladder.



3. Reduces Allergies

One of the significant benefits of using a Himalayan salt inhaler is that it helps to reduce allergic reactions. Himalayan salt inhaler, if used consistently, will balance out the response of histamine in the lungs and sinus cavity. The salt lowers allergies by layering and shielding the mucous membrane. Anyone with mild to severe allergies can find some measure of relief by using salt inhalation therapy.

The salt content in Himalayan salt inhalers reduces inflammation. This inhaler reduces the rate of general irritation which smokes, pollutions and other allergenic triggers cause.


4. Cleansing the Respiratory System

Salt water is adequate for cleaning blocked sinuses. The salt inhaler also works this way. The Himalayan salt inhaler works to kill off bacterias. Also, the inhaler removes all contaminants that may get stuck in the nasal cavity as a result of polluted air. Another of the benefits of using a Himalayan salt inhaler is that it cleanses the respiratory system. This is especially beneficial to avoid water retention in the nasal cavity.


5. Promotes Mental Health and Relieves Stress

One benefits of using a Himalayan salt inhaler is that it boosts the body’s ability to breathe deeply which causes relaxation and relief from stress. Taking a deep breath while stressed or upset causes a lot of psychological advantages. A yoga specialist advises that breathing shallowly can affect the health. Being that it is an essential aspect of wellness, taking a deep breath can significantly improve the health.

When you breathe shallowly, The body gets low oxygen which is not enough to function at its full capacity. And without the level of oxygen the body needs, you might start feeling dizzy, sleepy or light-headed, along with other harmful side effects.

Breathing shallowly also causes a reduced exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. This denies the body of the needed nutrients. You may begin to experience a difficulty focusing, sleeping or experience panic attacks. You may also be susceptible to fatigue and a higher level of tiredness.  Hyperventilating causes the heart rate to increase, anxiety is the result.


6. Eliminate Breathing Difficulty

A Himalayan salt inhaler is beneficial in that it helps to breathe better. Breathing well makes sure that the body has enough oxygen to improve circulation. It also helps to release endorphins that make you feel good which produces a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Breathing through a salt inhaler can enhance your mood instantaneously. Also, exhaling helps the body to get rid of the carbon dioxide waste in the body. Healthy oxygen replaces the carbon dioxide the body expels.

Breathing well helps a lot of internal organs to function well. Organs like the digestive organs work well when emotions are calm. Also, breathing well can help tissues to regenerate, heal and helps the body to create the energy needed to improve itself.


Essential oils help carry the salt even deeper into the lungs and sinuses with the added benefits of the essential oil you choose.

Peppermint will help reduce coughing and cut through mucus and clear the senses. It’s a powerful decongestant.

Eucalyptus will eradicate bacteria and viruses as well as help you expectorate.

Myrtle helps soothe chronic coughs and sore throats.


What other ways can salt be used therapeutically?

Two of the most popular ways is warm salt socks for earaches (which makes a lot of sense if you consider the anti-inflammatory properties of salt) and the neti pot for clearing the sinuses.

The neti pot is a bit challenging for my kids, so they use a Nasopure “Nicer Neti” bottle when they are congested.


Where To Find A Himalayan Salt Inhaler

I use this one and like it a lot. Made by Plant Therapy,  It is the most popular and best-reviewed salt inhaler on the market. Finally, take note that because you’re placing the tip against your mouth, it’s best not to share an inhaler.


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