7 Best Coconut Oil Brands You Can Trust (Tested & Proven)

Best Coconut Oil- Coconut oil has become a popular household ingredient. It is a staple item for daily living, dental care, hair care, and skin care. As it is a household item, it has many benefits and it is most peoples choice but Until recently, coconut oil wasn’t that popular in the U.S. Does coconut oil live up to its hype?

Coconut oil helps to burn fat, moisturize the hair and skin, boosts energy, helps to lower cholesterol, and helps to fade the appearance of wrinkles. It also serves as a natural sunscreen from the hot sun. It contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) or medium chain fatty acids that make the oil an energy booster.




Types Of Coconut Oil Available

There is various types of coconut oil- Refined and Unrefined, Virgin and Extra-Virgin, Organic and Non-Organic coconut oil.

Refined Coconut oil as the name implies has been refined and is not much of a choice for most people. Unrefined coconut oil, on the other hand, is often referred to as Virgin coconut oil. This means that the oils will be extracted directly from the coconut that is fresh from the tree. Unrefined oil is a better choice for most people because the oil is extracted while the coconut fruit is still fresh, not dried.  It does not need bleaching or additives.

Organic Coconut Oil simply refers to the oils from coconuts, grown without the use of pesticides. This oil has been proven to have more health benefits than the non-organic coconut oil.  Its processing is gentle and free of pesticides, additives or chemicals and this makes it the choice of many people.

As with most things, it’s a case of “everything in moderation, there are proven coconut oil brands you can use to derive the maximum health benefits. This post will feature the best coconut oil brands you can use to keep your skin and hair moisturized.


7 Best Coconut Oil Brands That You Can Trust


1. Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil



Nutiva Organics is one of the best coconut oil products. It is unrefined, organic, cold-pressed, and it is somewhat cheap. This oil is non-GMO, contains no hexane (a solvent), it is vegan and it is not hydrogenated.

In addition, it contains 62% medium-chain triglycerides which is an energy booster. This product is fully loaded with beautiful and highly nutritious ingredients.

The oil comes in a glass container so you don’t have to worry about the container releasing chemicals into your oil. (where to get it)


2. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil



This coconut oil is unrefined and fresh-pressed virgin oil. It uses the whole kernel- the brown inner skin that separates the shell from the kernel- as a part of the oil. This is because the membrane contains a higher amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Also, it will give the oil a fresh scent, aromatic and nutty-rich original flavor.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is versatile as you can use it for cooking, baking, beauty, and hair treatment, and as supplements for pets to improve their skin.

It is certified organic, and it uses the USDA National Organic Program seal. In addition to this, it is Vegan and Fair Trade certified. Fairtrade means that it ensures fair treatment of coconut farmers. (where to get it)


3. Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil



This is another of the best coconut oil brands. It is totally organic and processed in a way that you get to enjoy all the benefits associated with using coconut oil.

You can use this coconut oil for almost everything- on the skin, to cook, oil pulling and much more. This coconut oil can provide 62% medium-chain fatty acids per tablespoon. And it makes it a source of energy boost for you if you are on a workout or you want to lose weight.

Although slightly expensive, this product does not contain GMO, solvents, bleach, and it is non-hydrogenated. It, however, comes in a fragile container.  (where to get it)


4.Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil



This extra-virgin coconut oil is from the coconuts of the Phillippines. Unrefined, it still has its natural and rich coconut taste. You can use this coconut oil for cooking, in your skin and hair care regimen since it has a fresh scent and a silky consistency.

This product is extracted from fresh coconuts only and so it comes with added potency value. The soil in the Phillippines from where the coconut is sourced is full of nutrients that ensure the oil is filled with compounds that support the skin, hair and improves the body’s immunity.

Also, each jar contains unrefined, organic and cold-pressed coconut oil which helps to preserve the MCT contents, the silky texture and the pleasant aroma in each jar. The MCTs in each jar of coconut oil helps to nourish the hair, leaving it strong and healthy while the oil penetrates and softens the skin, leaving it rejuvenated and silky.

Lastly, the MCTs in each jar aids in weight loss. This is because it helps the body to burn fatty tissues by improving the rate of metabolism and providing digestion support. With each serving of this product, you are taking in powerful weight-combating compounds. (where to get it)


5. Thrive Market Organic, Ethically-Sourced Virgin Coconut Oil



This wonderful coconut oil meets all of the criteria set in the article above. It is 100% unrefined and it is extracted using an expeller in a controlled environment. It does not contain any added solvent in the course of production.

Although this product is relatively cheap, it contains medium-chain triglycerides. The oil is non-hydrogenated and does not contain any trans fatty acids.

It is organic and vegan– it contains all the benefits of a good coconut oil and you get value for your money. (where to get it)


6. Anthony’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Anthony’s Organic Coconut Oil is pure and unrefined. It uses the ‘tree-to-table’ mode of production. This means that it is cold-pressed within 5 days of harvest, and bottled within one hour at the production site.

There are reviews about its pure and unrefined taste when used in cooking and it applies smoothly on the skin. This makes it ideal for use as a beauty ingredient. (where to get it)


7. Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil



This unrefined organic coconut oil is from one of the best coconut oil brands. It has a fresh coconutty smell. You can use it for cooking, baking and frying, and as a beauty product.

This oil is organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed. You don’t have to worry about chemicals getting into your product from the container- it comes in a glass jar. (where to get it)


9 Beauty Benefits & Uses Of Coconut Oil


  • Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil, when used on the hair, helps to reduce frizziness on the hair and makes the hair soft and shinier. It can also help to condition the hair due to the presence of fatty acids in it.

To Use:

Take a little bit of coconut oil, rub it in between your fingers and apply onto your dry and damaged hair. Work the oil from the scalps to the end of your hair, comb the oil through your hair and cover with a towel for 20 minutes. Rinse and shampoo as normal and your hair will feel smooth and look shinier.

  • Whitens Yellow Teeth

Coconut oil serves as a natural teeth whitener. Taking and swishing coconut oil in the mouth and around the teeth for 20 minutes can help to whiten the teeth naturally. It also helps to kill the bugs in the mouth due to its antimicrobial properties. However, you should not use this as a substitute for your toothpaste as it cannot help remove plaques and cavities.

  • Makeup Remover

Coconut oil serves as a natural makeup remover.

To Use:

Take a cotton pad and soak in coconut oil. Rub this pad gently on the face or on the eye to remove any makeup you have on. After doing that, wash your face as usual.

  • Natural Highlighter

It is no longer news that a popping makeup highlight is a new trend. Although the store-bought highlighters can be expensive, coconut oil is inexpensive and is a natural highlighter. Simply apply a bit to the top of your cheekbone and watch your cheekbone pop with so much glow.

  • Anti-Dandruff

It can be quite embarrassing to deal with dandruff. Here comes coconut oil to the rescue!

Coconut oil can help put a stop to dandruff which is usually as a result of dryness on the scalp. By moisturizing or oiling the scalp with coconut oil, and rinsing out after 15 minutes, it will reduce the flakiness of your scalp.

  • Anti-Aging

Coconut oil helps to moisturize the skin thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines that constitutes to aging. Applying coconut oil on the face before bedtime can help keep the face looking fresh and young.

To Use:

Wash your face and apply a little amount of coconut oil to your face. Rub it in gently till the skin absorbs it. It will make your face soft, smooth and dewy.

  • Lip Balm

You can bring that soft and supple look back to your lips using coconut oil. You can add few drops of essential oils to the coconut oil to make a DIY lip balm.

  • Vagina Dryness

Vaginal dryness is actually very common. Did you know that most women will experience some degree of vaginal dryness in their lifetime – probably up to 70% of post-menopausal women and up to 15% of premenopausal women?

Besides being an effective treatment for vaginal dryness, coconut oil is natural, which means you won’t be subjecting your body to harmful toxins.

The sad truth is, most commercially-available products used to treat dryness contain unnecessary ingredients that can cause more harm than good. Coconut oil, however, doesn’t contain these irritants and will safely and more effectively treat the dryness.

This oil also has antifungal and antibacterial properties (source), which means it can help to naturally prevent yeast infections.

  • Weight Loss

Coconut oil is the world’s most weight loss friendly fat. It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful effects on metabolism. Several studies (source) show that just by adding coconut oil to your diet, you can lose fat, especially the “dangerous” fat in the abdominal cavity

Regular consumption of coconut oil has the power to ramp up your fat-burning potential – especially for losing stubborn belly fat – improving digestion, regulating appetite, and just making you feel good! Coconut oil can also help curb your appetite.


Experts say that adding just a tablespoon or two to your dietary routine every day can help you burn 5% more calories. Research shows that adding medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), such as those found in coconut oil, to your diet can help you burn more calories and fat.




  • Dietitians recommend that consumers don’t go “overboard” on any one type of oil, including coconut oil, as this could cause you to miss out on the benefits found in other oils.
  • Coconut oil liquefies at roughly 76°F. If your home grows hotter than that temperature, you can expect to have runny coconut oil on your hands.
  • Looking for a healthy chocolate coating for ice cream, frozen yogurt, or fruit? Melt coconut oil and mix it with cocoa powder and your favorite sweetener. When chilled, it hardens and forms a chocolate-like texture.
  • “Research has shown that the types of saturated fats found in coconut oil are metabolized differently from other saturated fatty acids because of their different structure. They are medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) as opposed to the more common long-chain triglycerides. MCTs have been shown to convert to ketones in the GI tract — and ketones have been studied for their therapeutic use in brain disorders.
  • Some people believe that all fat is bad for you. The truth is, good fats play an essential role in the functioning of a healthy body.
  • Unrefined coconut oil has a strong coconut flavor. Refined coconut oil does not.



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