Best Fitness Trackers 2021: Top 5 Best Activity Tracker

You must have the best fitness trackers available! This is because being able to track your activity level is fast becoming a significant aspect of fitness training.

Knowledge of the energy amount spent during a workout helps to decide which workout routines or activities attract the highest results for your workout time. Other factors, such as step trackers and GPS tracking capabilities, are added options to assess your workout routine as well.

In this Best Fitness Tracker 2021 List, we review popular fitness trackers and fitness bands. This we do by combining product testing with online reviews to come up with a comprehensive buying guide that has all the latest information you need.




What Are Fitness Trackers?

Fitness trackers are primarily wearable devices that help to keep track of your daily activities. They keep check of activities such as your sleep time, your health, your heart rate, and many other things which contribute to your fitness and health.

Fitness trackers are a fantastic way to keep your tabs on your health to have a safer and more productive life. These devices keep an account of the number of steps you walk when you are jogging.

They also take account of the steps you take during a sprint. It checks your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve made, and the number of calories you’ve burnt in the process.

Therefore, fitness trackers are compulsory for fitness junkies and serious fitness enthusiasts. Their purpose is to help keep your health in check while giving you a better life in return.

Note that it is not possible to wear two fitness trackers at the same time. This is because the two fitness trackers have different mode settings, and their sensors act differently. So, it is advisable to choose one fitness tracker.

5 Best Fitness Trackers For 2020

This guide contains the best fitness trackers that you can get on the market. It also contains the pros and cons of each and why we think you will love them. Furthermore, the guide gives you detailed information on the functions, value, plan, and the nature of each product.

1. Moov Now



Get the Moov Now tracker

Moov Now is a unique gadget. In a world of devices, where the screen is above all else, this extraordinary strap plate has many features that benefit the customers.

It has almost all the best components a fitness tracker ought to have. These include excellent battery life, step count, rest period monitoring, fitness refreshes, cross-training, and run guidance.

You can even swim with this gadget on and get an excellent boxing drill as well.  Amazingly, the Moov Now is one of the least expensive (and most appealing) available gadgets. The Moov Now configuration is quite simple.

It’s a little circle that comes in an assortment of hues and sits in an appealing latticed dark elastic band. It’s light and contains a button at the very top that has to be pressed to commence an action or synchronize your fitness details to get a progressive look.

It sits unobtrusively and daintily on the wrist, and more often, I did not even see it. This causes heart-ceasing minutes a couple of times while jogging (as you’ll have to put it on the lower leg for any run checking) because it’s, in reality, challenging to feel it’s there.

The Moov Now isn’t quite recently for step count. However,  it accompanies boxing and rep-based coaching, and a swimming mode as well as instructing and rest checking functions. That is a lot of features to have.

The sensor is currently accessible in a more prominent collection of hues; however, I was more than content with the dark model, which looks great with the dark band.

Critically, the decrease in size hasn’t brought about an adjustment in sensor innovation. Regardless you get a similar nine-hub Omni Motion sensor technology, which can catch and investigate your movement in 3D.

There are currently two new options to the Moov’s observing capacities, with day by day movement tracking and rest period monitoring bolstered without the requirement for extra sensors.

External heart-rate screen bolster is incorporated too. I utilized the Polar H7 and had no issues adjusting the two through the Moov application.

A standout amongst the most helpful components of the Moov setup is the capacity to join two sensors for enhanced precision. This is particularly powerful for cardio boxing and will be perfect for swimming too sooner or later.


  • Great design
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Detailed data record and analysis


  • Voice coaching is not that clear
  • Tracking activity is too basic

2. Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2



The Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 is built around one thing, and that’s running. As with other top fitness trackers in 2018, it has a built-in GPS and tracks your distance, pace, and route even without your iPhone or other compatible smartphones nearby.

Centered around the Nike+ Run Club app, you can also interact and compete with friends or the app community in real-time. Motivation and expert guidance are all on your wrist any time you need it.

The downside is your friends need to be on the Nike+ Run Club app as well, so it may limit its application.

With display faces that feature Nike’s iconic Volt color and 2x brighter than earlier models, readouts are easy to see, and you’ll never have to worry about sun glare. Additionally, the Apple Watch Nike + is water-resistant to 50 meters.

The Apple Watch Nike + is compatible with other Apple products like the Apple Watch Charging Dock. When docked, your fitness tracker automatically goes into Nightstand mode so that you can use it as your alarm clock.

The Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 is one of the best fitness trackers on Amazon. It is the watch to have if you’re a hardcore runner and use Nike+Run Club.

While the price is high, it does have a better quality display and band (lightweight fluoroelastomer) than most other fitness trackers.


  • Uses a Dual-Core Processor
  • Nike+Run Club
  • GPS
  • Its display is easy to Read
  • Plays host to other apps
  • 5 ATM Watch Resistant


  • Primarily centered around running
  • Expensive

3. Fitbit Blaze



At first look, the Blaze resembles a not alluring cross between the Apple Watch and Fitbit Surge. Notwithstanding, following fourteen days of having it wrapped around my wrist, I discovered bounty to like about the Blaze.

And, I can see that it could be strong – yet expensive – choice for easygoing sprinters and those simply getting into working out.

The Blaze looks more like a smartwatch than afitness tracker. It has a 1.2-inch, separable 240 x 180-pixel shading screen, metal casing, and the elastic finished lash. The tie specifically will be recognizable to proprietors of past Fitbit devices.

Those who wish doll up the gadget can do as such by exploiting the Blaze’s various customization alternatives.

For one thing, you can browse the great “Luxury cowhide” and “Luxury metal” tie sorts. You can also browse an assortment of computerized watch faces and metal cases for the focal tracker unit. The Fitbit Blaze feels much more like a crossbreed gadget than a devoted games tracker.

Testing it required me back to my investment with the Motorola Moto 360 Sport. This, by and large, endured the same issues. It additionally doesn’t have a devoted GPS incorporated with it.

So on the off chance that you need precise area and separation information, you’ll need to match the Blaze to your cell phone and convey it with you when out running or cycling.

This will be a disturbance for fitness fans – myself inclusive – who want to keep what they’re conveying to a base when working out. Check out the various design options on Amazon now!


  • It has a nice color screen feature
  • The unique exercise tracking feature
  • Multiple bands
  • Long battery life


  • No built-in GPS
  • Not water resistant

4. Jawbone UP3



Get on Amazon here.

The new UP3 arrives in a variety of new hues and, critically, now accompanies an enhanced catch. This tends to my greatest issue with the original form. It had a propensity for coming free.

Dissimilar to the UP2, the UP3’s refreshed catch configuration doesn’t appear to be fundamentally unique to the first. Truth be told, the two seem indistinguishable. It’s all down to the catch, which seems to secure all that more firmly set up than the past form.

To keep things secure, the wearable components, an aluminum metal fasten that can be climbed and down the band to offer a one-measure fits-all plan. Jawbone says it should fit wrist sizes running from 140mm to 190mm.

However, you’ll have to ensure it’s a tight fit on the off chance that you need its heart rate tracking administrations to convey precise information.

This is the place the issues start to surface with the first UP3. On various events, the catch came free. Gratefully the main time it tumbled off my wrist was the point at which I was sleeping, rather than out openly. Gratefully, the new model does not have such issues.

While the catch is still more fiddly than most to get on, it does, at any rate, stay secure. You’ll likewise spot five gold shaded square bits of metal. These are also in charge of conveying the resting heart rate information.

This is a unique set up to the optical heart rate sensors I’ve seen on the Fitbit Charge HR and the Mio Fuse, for example. Rather than blazing lights against the skin, Jawbone utilizes bioimpedance innovation that measures the resistance of body tissue to modest electric current.


  • Has a good design
  • Comes with great coaching functions


  • It has a loose grip
  • Not easy to switch modes.

5. Garmin Forerunner 35



Get the Garmin Forerunner 35 on Amazon here.

The forerunner 35 is the budget model of the Garmin series of fitness trackers. Garmin has started fitting the optical heart rate monitors to even it’s lower budget models, which is quite commendable.

The devices are getting upgraded and are absolutely the best to use. With the stunning designs that Garmin has to offer, we can say that the forerunner 35 is the best fitness tracker for a budget model of Garmin. This is also one of the best fitness trackers that Garmin has to offer.

We have to say one thing that this is not such appealing wearable designs of the forerunner family. Having a small plastic case with a thick black bezel all around the watch with a not so brilliant 128×128 display, adding that there is no touchscreen on it.

These are the things that we could come up with you that might not be up to the mark for the users. You gotta admit the good side of it as well, for example, in the running mode, you will see that there are two display data screens on it.

It is easy to switch between them to your preferences. You can also view the distance, time, and pace of yourself on the first screen. And on the second one, you can see the heart rate, the current heart rate, and the number of calories you’ve burnt.


  • Has a long battery life with music control
  • Has a GPS control
  • The heart rate sensors are present on display always.


  • The design is not as beautiful as the other brands of fitness trackers available
  • The different screens can be a bit complicated for some people.




When you think of buying a fitness tracker, you have to keep one thing in mind. Your health! Since your health is involved, would you instead go for a sub-standard model?

Of course, you probably wouldn’t. That is why this review of the tested and trusted best fitness trackers could be a useful guide for you.

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