6 Best Workout Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

There is indeed nothing wrong with well-known basic work out tools. A robust training program should include these and other tried-and-true mass builders. However, you should understand that variety is the key to making tangible progress in the gym. So, you need to use a wide range of best workout tools to hit muscles from different angles to keep them growing.

Therefore, when you have exhausted your armory of workout tools for the major muscle groups, pull out these six best workout tools. They help to kick-start some new level of workout intensity.




6 Best Workout Tools That Are Unheard Of

If you find yourself stuck at some point, or get bored using the same tools repeatedly, it is not a bad idea to try these best workout tools. It can be fun trying out these new, amazingly cool tools because they are mostly portable and you can take them along wherever you go.


1. TRX Suspension Trainer



It is no news that gymnasts are arguably some of the fittest people in the world. So, think of the TRX Suspension Trainer like having a portable gymnast ring.

Think of the many incline pushups, single leg squats, chest flys, hamstring curls, and back rows that you can pull off with it. All of these are bodyweight exercises that pose a unique challenge but causes defining results.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is also easy to use at home or outdoors. Playgrounds are also not exempted. With the right amount of imagination and vision, you can enjoy your workout routine more.

You can also use other notable workout tools like medicine balls, stabilizer balls, and kettlebells to enhance your workout results by bringing the needed resistance. Amazon offers some of the best TRX Suspension Trainer.


2. Kamagon Ball



If you think Kettlebell workouts are rough, then you will find that Kamagon Ball workouts are devastating in the right way! This is why it makes it to our list of best workout tools that are unheard of.

Kamagon balls are unique because they contain water. Imagine doing weighted jack-knifes or weighted burpees with the weight shifting every which way due to the water flowing freely inside the ball.

It is not an easy task to perform! Building up the strength to stabilize the weight requires a lot of control at the core.

You can add more water if you need to and this also makes it easy to travel with, since it can be deflated. If you already are a Kettlebell fan, you can incorporate the same moves with the Kamagon Ball.

This brings you one step closer to achieving a stronger body. Check out this super cool ball on Amazon now.


3. Define Bottle



Although the define bottle is not exactly a workout tool, it is handy while working out to help you stay hydrated! Water is always refreshing, but having some fruit to toss in can help to add some extra zest to your quench.

Think of different options of fruits that you can add: cucumbers, pineapples, lemons, mango, and so much more. You also have the option of adding berries such as strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries.

With this bottle, there are various options available to spice up your water drinking experience and leave you refreshed after a workout.

Because bottles with straws are not appealing and drinking from a bottle and having the fruit block the water flow ruins the experience, the define bottle ensures that water is infused with the flavor of fruits you add to it while also keeping the fruits away when you open the bottle to take a sip.

Think of it as your natural juice bottle, which will also help you to keep away from soda and so many other unnatural and unhealthy juices. Check for it Here.


4. SKLZ Mini Bands



SKL Mini Bands embody a full workout routine in one package. This includes warm-up, resistance training, agility, stability, and muscle activation. These portable lightweight bands can bring your fitness to a new level.

What makes these resistance bands so unique is their universal ability to target all muscle groups. Being lightweight and portable also allows you to take your workout tool with you anywhere.

These bands are sturdy and compact enough that they can also be used for separate motions that work specific muscles groups that require more attention. They work on stretching, strengthening, and stabilizing such muscle groups.

The bands also come in three levels of resistance, so you can keep working on building and strengthening those muscles as your strength increases. Buy it on Amazon now.


5. Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch



This is hands down one of the best timers you can find! The Gymboss interval timer and stopwatch is small and securely stays on wherever you need it to. It also vibrates strongly to alert you to when it is time to stop or change your current workout move.

One of our favorite workout styles is Tabata. Although numbers may differ, the original premise for a Tabata workout is a 4-minute workout, including 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. We have found that a perfect term for the Tabata workout is the Gymboss interval timer.

To use, you can clip it to your waist and start your first round.  It vibrates to let you know when to rest and vibrates again to alert you when your rest is over. Most importantly, with this tool, you can set the number of rounds you want to achieve.

Although eight is the standard, you can always push yourself to do more rounds, more seconds of work, and fewer seconds of rest.

The timer has easy button control with instructions on the clip so that you can always stay in control of your workout. Get it here.


6. Power Systems Dot Drill Mat



If you ever played hopscotch as a kid, then you will enjoy this tool. Particularly great for the legs, the Dot Drill Mat, is hopscotch with a twist for adults. It is such fun to do and is great for outdoors.

It also works you well enough to get you into shape. If you play sports, run, do martial arts or spin, the Dot Drill Mat can bring a different boost to your routine.

The mat focuses on agility, which is an essential aspect of footwork. From stronger legs, quicker reaction time, to faster foot speed, you will notice the difference as soon as you do a few rounds with this easy to use and fun tool. To get one, check Amazon now for cool deals.




Workouts can be exciting and entrailing if you get the right set of tools. The tools listed in this post are guaranteed to turn your workout routine around.

Get off the boring cycle and make the best of your workout by introducing these amazing tools right away.

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