10 Effective Calorie Blasting Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running!

Do you usually go for a run or a jog hoping to burn more fat so that you can get rid of love handles, flabby arms or jiggly thighs? Are you strict with your routine only to achieve minimal results? Then, this post is for you!

Running is ideal for our heart and lungs. It helps you to manage stress and brings your body to a meditative state. It is also considered a high-impact exercise because of the strain it puts on our thighs, knees, and feet.

However, according to Shape magazine, running may not be as efficient as you think it is on your fitness journey as you may only burn ten calories per minute while running.

This alone is enough reason to try a different workout move.

On its own, cardio can help you burn more fat while toning various muscles in the process. According to Coach Jeff on Running Connect, many runners do not fuel up adequately before or after their run.

This usually leads to taking in more calories than they burn, ultimately resulting in weight gain.  Also, Dr Axe points out that overtraining, which is typically an effect of running, can lead to intense cravings for salt and sugar.

Therefore, these ten intense but straightforward workout moves that burn more fat than running is a viable option to help you lose bodyweight quickly.


If you are one of those people who do not enjoy running for any reason, then, you are in for thrilling news!

Running is not the most efficient move for burning calories as you will only lose about ten calories per minute on average while running.

Find below healthy and productive alternatives to help you burn more fat than running.


1. Jump Rope



According to the Compendium of Physical Activities, moderate-intensity rope jumping from about 100 to 120 skips per minute can burn up to 13 calories per minute.

Jump rope is a cardio exercise that uses more muscle groups than running.

It also challenges your balance and coordination; especially if you practice drills that challenge extra hand and foot skills.

Jump rope is a simple exercise that burns calories fast and engages the whole body. The faster you jump, the higher the calorie burn.

An average 150-pound person burns 375 calories per 30 minutes of rope jumping.

This is an exercise that you can incorporate into intensity training by changing the rate of jumping. For best results, go hard for one minute then slow to a skip.


2. Rock Climbing



Although the adrenaline rush you will get from climbing rock is matchless, you do not have to live in mountainous or rocky areas to enjoy rock climbing.

Thanks to indoor rock gyms that are becoming increasingly popular, you can now enjoy a range of rock climbing experience ranging from beginner to advanced rock climbing.

With rock climbing, as long as you do not rest in between, you burn up to 15 calories per minute while improving your climbing skills.


3. Kettlebell Workouts



Kettlebells—iron or steel weights shaped object like a small bowling ball with a handle (to that allows swinging and ballistic movements) — are a fixture in every gym across the country nowadays, and deservedly so.

Miami-based fitness trainer and Pilates instructor Grace Albin explains that

The unique kettlebell shape creates instability which forces core muscle engagement than with a traditional dumbbell or barbell. By nature, kettlebell exercises work the back and abdominal muscles simultaneously with the arms or legs.

Calorie burn with kettlebells greatly depends on the level of exertion and the biological makeup of the person, but accepted guidelines expect 15 to 20 calories per minute because the exercise involves other large muscles throughout the body, not just the legs.


4. Indoor Cycling



Although it is more tempting to watch TV while on the bike at the gym, it is best to not succumb to such temptation. This is because you will not get enough fat burn as you desire in the process.

Instead, go for a spin class that includes speed and resistance variations. With indoor cycling, you can torch up to 10 calories per minute, and this move is easy on your joints than running.

Also, with the right instructor and class environment, you will have added energy and accountability which speeds up our weight loss process than when you are running solo.


5. Dancing



It is no longer surprising that aerobic dance classes have increased in popularity. This is because alongside learning new dance moves o sway your friends at the club, for every one minute you dance intensively, you burn up to 11 calories.

Also, because you are more likely o feel like you are at a party than at a gym, you enjoy your time more, and this helps to maintain your fat-burning potential over a more extended period.


6. Swimming



We’re not talking about leisure swimming here, but if you choose the right stroke, then maintain a high level of intensity, calories burned while swimming can be higher than that of running.

Dempsey Marks, fitness expert, and creator of the PreGame Fit fitness and lifestyle program reveals that

Swimming is one of my favorite exercises because it not only involves your entire body but also puts less stress on your joints. With each stroke, you must use your legs, arms, and core just to stay afloat.

That is a great start to calorie burn because of muscle recruitment.

Marks clearly recommends the butterfly stroke to maximize calorie burn saying an average 150-person person will burn 400 calories per half hour. She added that

A more popular stroke, such as the breaststroke, will burn 375 calories per 30 minutes. To add some resistance, swim in an ocean where a current will make you work harder and up the calorie burn.


7. Tabata Jump Squats



The Tabata jump squat is a four minutes drill that torches significant calories during and after a workout session.

An Auburn University at Montgomery study shows that

 participants who did eight rounds of all-out jump squats, which entails 20 seconds of hard work, separated by 10 seconds of rest, were able to burn off 13.4 calories per minute and also doubled their post-exercise metabolic rate for at least 30 minutes.


8. Fat Tyre Biking (FTB)

Next on our list of exercises that burn more fat than running is Fat Tire Biking. Fat tire biking is a new winter sport that can help you burn up to 1,500 calories per hour.

This means that each minute you are on the bike, you burn up to 25 calories which is more than double that of running!

The fat tire bike is designed to work well in winter terrain, and each move on the bike targets your lower belly region and burns fat stored in that area.

This is because of the extra resistance which the bike’s oversized and stout tires provide.

However, you do not have to wait for cold conditions to start working on the bike as you can also use it on the tarmac.


9. Burpees



According to exercise scientist and Spartan Coach Jeff Godin, A 180-pound person burns about 1.43 calories per burpee. Therefore, if you perform a least eight reps of burpees per minute, you will be burning up to 12 calories in that single minute.

However, if you can perform at least ten moves every minute, you will have burnt up to 14.3 calories per minute. At this rate, if you can complete 10 reps at a fast pace, your body’s rate of metabolism is revved up to as much as 30-seconds.

This makes the burpee move an impactful fat-burning move.


10. Do the HIIT



High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to burn more fat out there. Its routine usually entails bodyweight exercises, such as burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats among others.

For so long, it has been preferred among trainers and athletes for a good reason.

One such reason is that a single session of HIIT workout can burn up to 16 calories per minute. This is almost double the rate of calorie burn that running offers.

Also, HIIT is a total-body workout that strengthens every part of the body from legs to butt, shoulders to arms, core to back.




The exercises in this article not only help you burn more fat than running, but they are also a fun way to spend your time. All of these activities can be performed in groups, and so you do not have to leave your friends out.

Give these other moves a try, and you will get fat burn as a much-deserved reward.

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