3 days Carb Detox Plan: Best Detox Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Does it seem like you’ve tried all you could to lose weight, but none seems to work? Have you checked if your carb overload is a major hindrance? A number one ticket for weight loss is CARB DETOX! You know why? Unused carbs add up naturally in your body as fat.

Yes, carbs are indeed vital energy food sources for the body. But it becomes a problem when you have too many carbs lurking in your body system. When you consume carbs excessively, some part of it is used while the rest store up as body fat.

Too much of carbs in your body system is detrimental to your health. So, you need to flush them out! If you are ready for a thorough body carb detox, stay with me on this! But, before I dig in, let’s get to see how important it is to consider a detox today.




Is a Carb Detox Necessary?

Oh Yes! It is. If you still want to keep the sexy bikini shape, slip easily into your slim jean and get rid of love handles. Anyways, it is always not just about the weight, your health matters too. But what does detox really mean?

No thanks to our day-to-day activities, we overcharge our bodies with things we do not need. Not only that, we do not need them, they are toxins which could be harmful to our health.

Unhealthy food consumption and adverse environmental toxins may cause some of the body organs not to function at their optimal capacity.

Toxin overload in the body may cause excess toxins in the body are fatigue, excessive weight gain, skin reactions (rashes and acne), constipation, and bad breath.

Hence, it’s essential to flush these toxins out of the body regularly to make sure that the body’s systems are running correctly. Some of the toxical elements that go into our system daily include pesticides, carbon monoxide, and digested foods and drinks.

So, this is where detox comes in!

A detox is simply a way to get the toxins out of the body. This can be done through dieting, exercise, inhaling the fresh air, and consuming more water, fruits, and vegetables.

When we talk of carb detox, we refer to how to cut out sugars, dangerous energy drinks, and some high-carb foods in your diet to replace them with water, vegetables, and fresh fruits.


Benefits of Detoxification

Here are some benefits to having a detox.

  • Energy Boost: Getting rid of some toxins and rendering your body system pure will sure boost your energy levels. No matter your age, you wake up every morning being vibrant, active, energetic
  • Improves mental clarity: Many a time, we lose focus and concentration at the early hours of the day when there still seems to be a lot on the table. There is a sudden brain fog to hinders your speed. It’s not always the stress factor. The food factor also has a part to play. Get a detox from sugar and fatty foods for a clearer thinking, better focus and an improved mood
  • Fortifies the immune system
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Don’t forget your appearance! A carb detox gives you a wow look, especially if it helping you watch your weight a lot.
  • Detox keeps your sugar and carb cravings in check
  • Improves digestive health
  • Restores balance to the body’s systems: A detox will help get rid of harmful toxins in your body and bring balance back to your overall system, making it feel like you’re in a brand new body!


3-Day Carb Detox Plan

It’s not a joke lovelies! For real, you can detox your body system of excess carbs in just three days. It’s good to have a quick flush in three days more once in a while to keep you bustling. Brain fog? Fatigue? Constipation? Overweight?

This 3-day detox plan might be all you need to do.


DAY 1- Intermittent Fasting



Don’t think of pulling out straight from the start because of the fast. Trust me, it’s not as bad as you think. For the first day on the plan, you have to go on a 24-hour intermittent fast. Don’t be scared! It doesn’t mean you won’t take anything at all!

Although it is quite a challenging stride, you only have to stay strong, believing that it is just for one day. So this is how it goes! If you eat at 4 pm today, then you don’t eat again until 4 pm tomorrow.

You can take some low-calorie drinks to keep you energized and hydrated. You can have apple cider vinegar detox drink, lemon water, matcha green tea, or black coffee.


What Happens After 24 hours of No-Food?

Food is what comes up next! Yes< you can have something to eat but not just anything would do for a meal. After the fast, you are only allowed to eat foods rich in proteins and low-carb vegetables. Some of the good proteins you can stick to are:

  • Whey protein
  • Lean chicken breast
  • Grass-fed, lean beef
  • Whole eggs
  • Salmon
  • Cod
  • Turkey

And for the low-Carb vegetables, you can have any of the following:

  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Beets
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Peppers
  • Onions
  • Squash

You can prepare your proteins any way you like but do not deep fry. For your veggies, you can take them raw, steam, microwave, or boil. Vegetable salad dressing with virgin olive oil or coconut oil is allowed.


DAY 2: Vegetables



The fasting is over now! Just that you can only have vegetables on the second day. Strictly vegetables! Low-carb vegetables will be the order of the day. To make this fun, you can get delicious salad recipes you can make with those veggies.

You are also free to take some of the sugar-free drinks you had on the first day.


DAY 3: Protein



On this day, you are going back to the protein that you had on day 1. The goal here is to have two meals with 25g of protein in it. If you are doing four meals a day, then meals 1 and 3 can have the protein.

It’s your call. Just make sure you get the recommended 25g of protein in you. Several different apps can help you make sure you are getting the protein that you need.

That’s it! It is a straightforward plan, and it what you can often do to keep your system clean. All you’ve got to do is fill up your kitchen with some low-carb veggies that proteins to get you through the 3 days.


Few Tips to Follow When On This Detox Plan

  • Stay away from processed foods and drinks
  • Keep yourself hydrated. You can take simply water or some other detox drink
  • No Cheating! You have to avoid indiscriminate snacking
  • Seek a doctor’s advice to know if you are fit to go on this diet.




A quick detox in 3 days is will make you stay away from carbs in those few days. And also, the flushing of your system is guaranteed. But, nothing can be compared to staying on a healthy diet for life.

The mistake most people make is that they switch back almost immediately to their sugar-laden foods rendering useless the effort thrown into detox.

Make a lifetime healthy eating habit an obligation, not an option. Short-term detox plans could be a springboard for you to take off into a healthier life.


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