12 Effective Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat Burning and Flat Belly

Fat burning goes beyond, making us look good to make us healthy. If you let your body store a lot of unneeded fat and do nothing about reducing your fat belly, then you are simply endangering your health.

You can burn all the fat your body needs to burn even if you are not disposed to hit the gym. You can perform cardio workouts at home to burn fat and get a flat belly. Implementing an efficient cardio workout at home will help improve your cardiovascular health.

It will also facilitate fat burning and flat belly. In this article, I shall describe 12 effective cardio workouts at home for fat burning and flat belly. As a way to start, let us understand what cardio workouts are.



What are cardio workouts?

A cardio workout refers to any exercise that ramps up your heart rate. And with an increase in your heart rate, you burn more calories and fat.

The importance of cardio workouts in your overall well being cannot be overemphasized. This is because the presence of unneeded fat in the body and fat belly is related to the risk of diabetes, insulin resistance, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Hence, engaging in cardio workouts will not only help you burn fat and get flat belly; it will also have a positive impact on your health. And since you can perform cardio workouts in the comfort of your home, what is to stop you from getting healthier?

I hope that you are now willing to begin cardio workouts at home. Let us then look at the 12 cardio exercises that you can do at home to meet your target.


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12 Effective Cardio Workouts at Home for Fat-Burning and Flat Belly


1. Jumping Ropes




As playful as it looks, jumping ropes can keep your heart rate rising throughout the session. It is an effective cardio workout that you can do at home to burn fat and get a flat belly.

Jumping rope is so effective that many athletes use this workout for cross-training. All you need is a simple jump rope and a good space. 

Jumping the rope for 20 minutes is a good start to meet your target. You can then gradually increase the session for better outcomes.


2. Jumping Jacks


This exercise will return the fun of your childhood days. It warms you up and lightens your mood while activating different muscles in your body to burn fat. It boosts your metabolism and also gets your heart rate up. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Start by standing tall with your feet together and your arms by your sides
  2. Next, you jump and spread your legs, sending your hands overhead
  3. Then return to start position to complete one rep.
  4. Repeat the moves for 60 seconds for one set.

This is a clearer picture of the jumping jacks cardio workout:


3. Squat Jumps




This is another effective cardio workout to burn fat and get a flat belly. It has its great impact on your knees, though, so caution is needed to avoid injuries.

However, it will strengthen your entire lower back and increase your heart rate to burn significant calories. You will also feel the impact of the workout on quads and calves. This is how to do it: 

  1. Start by assuming a squat position with your hands in a praying form. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart
  2. Then, you tighten your core and jump up! Try to go as high as possible and spread your hands.
  3. Now land and return to a squat and fold your hands also. Then jump again
  4. Continue for at least two minutes

View the clip  above to understand the moves better

4. Burpees


The fourth cardio workout on our list is the popular Burpees. This is one perfect cardio workout that you can perform within a short period and feel the impact. It engages all the muscle groups in your body to burn fat.

This workout does not require equipment; all you need is a good space. Take the following steps to do it:

  1. Fall into a plank position
  2. Do a push-up
  3. Transcend into a squat
  4. Then stand and do a quick jump
  5. Go back to a squat
  6. Then return to a plank. This is 1 rep
  7. Now repeat the moves again for about 60 seconds to complete 1 set.

You can start slow and work your way up to 10 minutes. Note that your back must be straight as you alternate positions while doing burpees. Watch this clip above to see a clearer picture.


5. Kickboxing




For our fifth cardio workout that you can do at home to burn fat and get a flat belly, we have the kickboxing. This workout is a combination of karate and boxing, making it perfect for both cardio and strength training.

This workout may require some equipment; you will need to find something you can punch (winks). So you can get a punching bag or something similar. You are to do this boxing for a minimum of 10 minutes to burn around 100 calories. Kickboxing will also help you get rid of stress and aggression.


6. Dancing

Dancing passes for a very effective cardio workout, and I mean it. Moving your entire body to the sound of music gets your heart rate up and keeps those unneeded fats away. So what are you waiting for? Turn on the music, and start burning the fats.

You can even build some muscles in the process. Just a little tip here, you can watch structured dance lesson videos and tag along.


7. Running the Stairs

For the seventh workout on our list, we have: running the stairs. I want to assume you have a staircase at home, and if you do not, well, that is not good. This cardio workout is very effective in meeting your target.

Running the stairs will get your heart rate up and burn off those fats standing in the way.

It will also help you build strength and muscle. You can challenge yourself to alternate between the sideways stairs and a regular stair to burn more calories. I also advise that you wear the right workout shoe for this workout to avoid injuries.

And then if you do not have access to a stair, you can perform simple single stair exercises like stair pushup and stair hops with a nearby raised height. Another option is to invest in a special stepping stool, which you can use at your convenience at home.

The longer you last during these workouts, the greater you will feel the impact. Run you and down the stairs for a minimum of 10 minutes for desired outcomes.


8. Jogging in Place


Though jogging in place may seem boring, it provides the same running benefits as jogging outdoor. So it is a perfect cardio workout that you can do at home to burn fat and get a flat belly.

If you have a treadmill at home, you can hop on it and jog away. If not, nothing has spoilt yet, pick a good spot, and do your thing. To make it more exciting, combine your jogging with other workouts like burpees, jump ropes, or jumping jacks.

Combining these workouts with your jogging for 20 to 30 minutes will increase your heart rate, burn off fat, and give you a flat belly. So long as you continue every other day. Remember that you have to be consistent in meeting your target. Be assured that you will also build muscles in the process.

Look at what jogging in place looks like above.


9. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are another cardio you can do at home to burn fat and get a flat belly. You will not require any equipment for this one; just find a good space, and you are set for mountain climbers workout.

This workout engages shoulders, arms, quads, and core to burn fat and build muscles. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Start by falling into a plank position. Ensure that your hands are directly under your shoulders. Your body should also be in a straight line from your neck to your ankles.
  2. Next, you lift your left foot and send your left knee to your chest.
  3. Now return it, and send your right knee to your chest.
  4. Continue switching sides for 30 seconds. All the while, your hips should be steady and your shoulders straight up from your wrists.

This is what the mountain climbers cardio workout looks like:




10. Bella jumps

This is another workout that will help you meet your target. It will also work with your glutes and hamstrings. This is how to it:

  1. Start by falling into a squat facing a particular direction.
  2. Now jump and quickly turn 180 degrees and fall to a squat facing the opposite direction.
  3. Then jump again and face the initial direction.
  4. Continue jumping and alternating sides for 30 seconds.

Try to be as fast as possible as you make the moves.


11. Bear crawls

Yes, you guessed right. You will crawl like a bear this time. It is fun to perform, so spread your mat in a good place and get to it. It will also work your major muscle groups to burn fat and get a flat belly. Moreover, it will help you build strength and endurance. Follow these steps to get it done:

  1. Begin by crouching with your hands in front of you.
  2. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart with your feet spread out behind you.
  3. Ensure your hips are up in the air and your eyes looking forward.
  4. Now crawl forward starting with your right hand and your left foot
  5. Your left hand and your right leg should follow suit.
  6. Take four steps more.
  7. Then turn, return your hands and stand up (like a bear)
  8. Fall to a crouch again and walk back.
  9. Do it for about 60 seconds. You can also incorporate other workouts mentioned earlier with this one.

Watch this to understand the steps better:




12. High Knees

We are now on the last cardio workout for this list, and it is the high knees cardio workout. The high knees is usually performed at a fast pace, but you can start slowly if this is your first attempt and then work your way up.

This workout increases your heart rate, engages your core, and strengthens your leg muscles. You can also incorporate it with other exercises. Follow these steps to perform the high knees cardio workout:

  1. Start by standing as tall as ever with your feet hip-width apart. With your arms by your sides, bring your hands elbow-length forward and face your palms down.
  2. Then, raise your left knee to touch your left palm.
  3. Immediately return it and use your right knee to touch your right palm.
  4. Continue that way for 30 seconds. And remember to do it as fast as possible.

This is a clearer picture of the high knees cardio workout:

As a way to give you an easy start, I prepared this 1-week sample cardio workout plan that you can use at home to burn fat and get a flat belly.


1 Week Sample Cardio Workout Plan to Burn Fat At Home

Day One

20 minutes Jumping the rope

10 minutes Mountain climbers

10 squat jumps


Day Two

20 minutes Jumping jacks

10 minutes Jogging in place

10 minutes Bear crawls


Day Three

20 minutes Dancing

10 minutes Burpees

5 minutes Bella jumps


Day Four

10 minutes High knees

10 minutes Running the stairs

5 minutes Kickboxing


Day Five

10 minutes Mountain climbers

10 Squat jumps

20 minutes Jumping the rope

10 Lunges


Day Six

20 minutes Jumping jacks

10 minutes Jogging in place

10 minutes Bear crawls

50 seconds Plank


Day Seven

20 minutes Dancing

10 minutes Burpees

5 minutes Bella jumps

5 Donkey kicks




You have now seen all the 12 effective cardio workouts you can do at home to burn fat and get a flat belly. The ball is now in your court, and I trust you to score goals.

Every slim person or six packed individuals you have ever admired does three things, namely: healthy eating, strength training, and cardio workouts. So you can begin with the sample cardio workout plan described above.

The cardio workouts listed above were carefully selected so that you can do them in the comfort of your home and meet your target. You will do well to adopt a healthy diet meal plan in addition to these cardio workouts to burn fat and get a flat belly.

You can invest in a trusted dietician to design a fat burning diet meal plan that will be suitable for you. Let me know if you need any further help in the comments section, and I will be more than glad to direct you. Go burn the fats!

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