The Perfect Baby-Safe Essential Oil Blend For Colds and Congestion

Essential Oil Blend For Colds- Babies are fragile and so cute to behold. Those tiny hands, feet and overall pink skin color is something I love most about them. If you have a baby, you surely have to keep him healthy, this can, however, be a difficult thing to do. The immune system of babies are not so strong so they are most vulnerable to the slightest illness.


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The most common types of illness for babies are cold and nasal congestion. Unlike adults, babies require adequate care for even the littlest sickness. An adult can easily take one of two spoons of cough syrup in a case of cold, cough or nasal congestion, babies can not just take any kind of medications.

Essential Oils help to heal grown-ups and babies, there is no doubt about that. Knowing the right oils and the quantity needed to take care of them can be a bit tricky. Essential oils are a totally concentrated extract from flowers or plants. This concentration, therefore, requires a lot of safety or precautions when handling them.

In this post, we will about essential oil blend for colds, suitable for treating cold and congestion in babies. The most important of all is that the oils should be diluted past half of their original state- to make it safer for use on and around children.


Before we start, note the following:

  • Do not use essential oils orally for babies or even children. This means that they should not swallow or ingest essential oils. Some essential oils are toxic when handled and can do more harm to the body when swallowed. This is why they say ‘keep all essential oils out of reach of children’.

In a case of accidental ingestion, visit a doctor and never force or induce vomiting.

  • Use one oil at a time- One oil in one day!

This is to check if your baby will react to the oil used on his body or that he inhaled. Use an essential oil one at a time and watch closely if he will have some allergy to it. And if he does not, give him some time to fully adjust to the essential oil. Reaction or allergies to oils take 15-3o minutes to be noticed.

  • Always remember to dilute!

To make an essential oil suitable for use on babies and children, always dilute! Dilution is necessary for all essential oils- you can dilute with a carrier oil or any other alternative.

Dilution alternative includes vegetable glycerine and pure organic honey.  This dilution is usually suitable if the essential oil is added to bath water as it can cause a reaction on the skin of the baby.

  • Don’t apply essential oils in or around the nose of babies and children.

It is advisable to rub the oils on their feet and not on their back or chest. This is safe and effective.



Perfect Baby-Safe Essential Oil Blend For Colds and Congestion

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The combination of the following essential oils makes a perfect baby safe essential oil blend for colds and nasal congestion.


1. Lavender Essential Oil



This oil is known to have a soothing and calming effect on the body, alongside its healing properties. It is gentle and safe for use around babies.It ensures overall rest and calmness.


2. Lemon Oil



Lemon oil is a natural disinfectant that helps to keep the home free from germs (when diffused). It has anti-bacterial properties and it helps to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.


3. Frankincense Oil



Frankincense oil helps to clear the sinuses, thereby treating and easing cold and congestion.

To Make The Blend;

  • Mix one to three drops of Lavender oil with
  • One to three drops of Lemon essential oil and
  • One to three drops of Frankincense essential oil together.

After mixing the three oils together,

  • Add the oils to your diffuser and leave it to diffuse in a less stuffy and open room.


Other Essential Oils That Are Safe To Use On Babies Include:

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil

This essential oil helps to calm the baby, enhances sleep and helps to relieve anxiety.

  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

It helps the rate at which food digests in babies, helps to enhance sleep, balances their emotions and calms the baby.

  • German Chamomile hydrosol

German chamomile oil helps to relieve anxiety in babies and helps to calm them.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

It disinfects, calms and aids digestion in babies.

  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil

It aids digestion, ensures proper sleep and reduces anxiety in babies.


Where To Buy Essential Oils

As previously discussed, it is important to choose 100% pure essential oils, free of adulterants and additives. It is also advisable to opt for certified organic essential oils.

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