Spotless Skin with 7 Essential Oils for Acne Scars

As I type this, I have some acne scars on my cheeks. I am working to heal and fade them faster using natural remedies. I have discovered that one of the best natural remedies you can use to treat acne is essential oils for acne scars!

Essential oils are very potent oils that contain no additives. They work effectively in healing and fading away old and new acne scars. You can start using these essential oils on your acne as well to heal the acne scars before they even show up on your skin!

Here are the seven best acne scars that I want to share with you:



1. Helichrysum Essential Oil



Helichrysum essential oil is the best essential oil for acne scars and scars in general.

Obtained from its vibrant sunset-colored flowers, Helichrysum is also known as the ‘Everlasting’ and ‘Immortelle’ because of its unique ability to retain its original color even when the petals are dried.

This essential oil is suitable for clearing of scars found on the body because of its high content of diketones. This helps to accelerate the healing of scar tissue and promote the growth of new tissue.

Healing Helichrysum Scar Treatment: Use any carrier oil of choice to make this scar treatment, but safflower oil works best. Add 12 drops of helichrysum essential oil in a 2oz amber glass-dropper bottle containing 1 oz safflower oil and stir well.

Apply twice a day on the acne scars with a q-tip.

2. Neroli Essential Oil



One of the best essential oils for acne scars, neroli essential oil, stimulates cell growth and cellular activity. It also has skin regenerating properties that make it potent for treating and preventing scarring & stretch marks.

It’s also great for acne because of the astringent and antibacterial properties that make it a miracle-worker!

Here’s how to make it:

  • Into a Magic Bullet, add 2 oz of softened shea butter, 1/2 tsp vitamin E oil, and seven drops of pure neroli essential oil. For more skin-nourishing effects, add 1/2 tsp of raw honey.
  • Blend for a few seconds till creamy.
  • Transfer into a 4 oz amber glass jar.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of this cream all over your face, or only on the acne scars every night before bed. You can also apply this under makeup in the morning.

3. Lavender Essential Oil



The lavender essential oil has a fresh aroma that no one can resist. It’s also got powerful anti-scarring properties that make it an ideal essential oil for acne scars.

In addition to preventing acne scars, you can also use it to get rid of them! Its cicatrisant properties speed up scar healing while its cytophylactic features help prevent scarring after the acne episode.

It can also be used to create a potent shea balm. The lavender and shea butter combination smell pleasant, and it has powerful scar fading properties since shea butter is potent against scars and stretch marks.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Melt 2 oz of shea butter in a double boiler. Let it cool down then pour it into a 2 oz amber glass jar.
  • Stir in 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Let it set into a balm in the refrigerator before use.

It can be used on the acne scars alone (I tend to get big ones on my cheeks) or your whole face without worrying about clogged pores since both ingredients are well-tolerated by acne-prone skin.

4. Bergamot Essential Oil

With its clean, fresh, and citrus fragrance, bergamot is from the citrus fruits family, and it’s about the size of an orange, has the color of a lemon, and tastes like a lemon but not as sour.

Bergamot essential oil is a natural astringent and antiseptic, which makes it an excellent essential oil for acne and blackheads.

It is well-known for its scar healing & skin regenerating properties that can help fade away new scars as well as old ones! Bergamot essential oil also helps regulate the skin’s natural pigment melanin, thereby evening out discoloration and dark spots.

Only use bergamot at night time because it is a citrus oil, and citrus essential oils are photosensitive. This means you shouldn’t expose your skin to sunlight when you’ve applied bergamot. You can use it by adding a few drops to your night cream/serum.

5. Vetiver Essential Oil



Vetiver root, also known as vetivert and khus khus, is extracted from the Vetiveria zizanoides plant and is native to India, where it has been used for its many skin & hair healing properties.

Its roots have a most beautiful refreshing fragrance that’s a bit like incense.

The scent makes me feel energized and refreshed! The essential oil is obtained through steam distillation of the sweet-scented roots and rootlets. Vetiver essential oil has tissue regenerating properties that make it an excellent essential oil for acne scars.

It’s also perfect for dehydrated, dry and withered looking skin due to its nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Vetiver is cooling when applied on the skin, so I find it refreshing when added to face wash. If you use a face wash in a pump bottle, then yay! Open the pump top then add five drops of vetiver essential oil.

Vetiver oil is thick, so you can even carefully remove the orifice reducer then transfer the drops using a glass pipette. Replace the pump top and shake your face wash very well before use.

6. Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Being the best essential oil for sun-damaged &mature skin, the carrot seed oil is rich in beta carotene, that has skin healing and rejuvenating properties.

Rosehip oil is another fantastic plant oil good for acne scars. It’s a carrier oil and not an essential oil, so it acts as an excellent base ingredient for a scar fading serum.

When mixed with helichrysum essential oil in a base oil, you can make a potent anti-acne scar serum, which will heal your acne scars fast!

7. Sandalwood Essential Oil



Sandalwood essential oil is very effective against acne due to its potent antibacterial properties, but it doesn’t stop there – sandalwood essential oil also helps heal and fade acne scars fast.

In India, people have been using sandalwood powder to make a paste that is applied on dull & spotty skin to lighten it, so using imagine how potent the essential oil of sandalwood is for acne scars!

Sandalwood is a great essential oil for sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin, and acne scar-filled skin, so make the serum below because it’s very versatile!

How To Make Sandalwood Serum:

  • Fill a 2oz amber glass dropper bottle almost to the top with skin lightening argan oil.
  • Then add 12 drops of sandalwood essential oil.
  • Cap the bottle tightly and roll the bottle between your palms to gently blend up the oils without creating air bubbles.
  • Use as a facial oil, makeup primer, or night serum.

Precaution When Using These Essential Oils For Acne Scars

  • First, check with your doctor to see if essential oils are okay to be used by you if you suffer from hypertension, skin allergies, and other medical conditions.
  • Always use 100% pure and high-quality essential oils. I like essential oils from Plant Therapy, Majestic Pure, Rocky Mountain Oils, and Radha Beauty.
  • Never use essential oils ‘neat’ onto your skin. Always dilute first with a carrier oil. The rule of thumb is to dilute just two drops of essential oil in 1 tsp of carrier oil. For more info read: How to Dilute Essential Oils
  • If you are pregnant or lactating and would like to use essential oils for nail growth, please first consult your doctor as most essential oils are not safe to use for pregnancy/lactating women.



Even if these scars do not disappear completely, they are going to become less obvious with the consistent use of essential oils.

Also, do not expect to see a drastic change as it will take a while for scars to disappear; especially if they are large scars or scars from a surgical procedure.

To get which oil works best for you, you need to experiment with all the essential oils for acne scars listed above. You may also discover that the aromatic qualities of these oils are beneficial to your overall well being.

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