10 Best Essential Oil Blends To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Essential Oils For Fall- Autumn, also known as fall, is that season in the year that marks a transition from summer to winter. During this time, the light of the day is shorter, and the temperature is colder. It is often characterized by leaves dropping from trees that have a short lifespan. Hence, the name fall.

Fall or Autumn is that time when you can hang out with family and friends. Lazying about all day is one of the reasons why a lot of people look forward to fall season. Fall is the moment of relaxation, and sometimes, it just seems to leave almost too rapidly.

Lovers of fall can make the feeling of fall last for as long as possible. This is possible by decorating your home with warm colors and keeping the house cozy with fall scents. Probably the best way to keep fall lingering in the home is by blending essential oils for fall.

At that moment, when you cannot keep your doors and windows open because of dryness, it is vital to expel the not so pleasant scents in the home. Diffusing a blend of essential oils for fall can help you get this done.

Here, we have compiled 10 of the best blends of essential oils that can help you keep the spirit of fall alive in your home for as long as you please. These mixtures can either be diffused or blended. Some can also be used while cleaning the apartment.


1. Apple Pie Diffuser Essential oil Blend

As the name implies, this blend is meant to be diffused. In diffusion, not only does your home smell right, but you also get to walk into a comfortable environment. This is because diffusing essential oils help to balance your hormones and your mood.


  • Two drops of Clove oil
  • Two drops of Ginger oil
  • One drop of Nutmeg essential oil (optional)
  • Two drops of Cinnamon bark essential oil

2. Morning Frost Essential Oil Blend

Inspired by late November moments spent in log cabins, this blend is an excellent way to keep up the fall atmosphere in your home.


  • A single drop of Cedarwood oil
  • Two wintergreen oil drops
  • Five drops of Fir Needle oil
  • One drop of Rosemary oil
  • Two drops of Cajeput

3. Walk Through The Yard Essential Oil Blend

If you covet the feeling of walking through the yards, this blend is excellent for you. They invoke the sense and smell of the woods while you are sitting cozy and warm in your home.


  • Two drops of Bergamot oil
  • Three drops of Fir essential oil
  • Two drops of Juniper Berry essential oil
  • Three drops of Frankincense oil

4. Cinnamon Spice Essential Oil Blend

This blend is so soothing it makes me think of lattes. Its vanilla constituent mixes so well with cinnamon; it is such a delight!


  • Five drops of Vanilla oil
  • One drop of Clove oil
  • Two drops of Orange oil
  • One drop of Cinnamon oil
  • A drop of Nutmeg (Optional)

5. Warm Citrus Essential Oil Blend

This mixture is mostly citrus spiced. Its smell is more earthly and is best mixed with patchouli to achieve a lingering fall scent.


  • Four drops of Orange oil
  • A single drop of Patchouli oil
  • Two drops of Ginger oil

6. Sunrise in Autumn Essential Oil Blend

If you need an essential oil blend that can help you start your day on a high note, you found it! This blend can even boost your immune system while clearing your nose and preventing cold.


  • Two drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • A drop of Cinnamon oil
  • Two drops of Rosemary oil
  • Two drops of Orange oil
  • One drop of clove oil
  • Two drops of Ginger oil

7. Autumn Air Essential Oil Blend

This recipe contains citrus, which is an energizing oil. It also can help boost your mood.


  • Three drops of Fir essential oil
  • Four drops of Orange essential oil
  • Three drops of Lemon essential oil

8. Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend

This oil blend can make your room smell like fall. It is best used as a room spray.


  • A cup of distilled water
  • 1/4 cup of witch hazel
  • Ten drops of Clove oil
  • Five drops of Cardamom oil
  • Fifteen drops of Cinnamon oil
  • Ten drops of Ginger oil
  • Ten drops of wild orange oil

Note: Witch hazel is an essential part of this mixture. It allows the oil to blend well with water.

9. Pumpkin Pie Essential Oil Blend

Pumpkin pie makes fall feel like heaven! A slice of pumpkin pie during fall can uplift your mood. This recipe also can do that. It is perfect for ending the day on a refreshing note, especially if you are doing that with a loved one that you can cozy up to.


  • Two drops of Cardamom oil
  • One drop of Clove oil
  • Two drops of Ginger oil
  • One drop of Vanilla oil
  • Two drops of Cassia oil

10.  Linen Spray Essential oil Blend

Another way to keep the fall atmosphere going in your home is to spray your essential oils for fall mixture on linens that you sleep on. You can go ahead to spread these linens on sofas, chairs, and any other surface you choose.


  • Twenty-five drops of Wild Orange oil
  • Five drops of Clove oil
  • Fifteen drops of Juniper Berry oil
  • Five drops of Ginger oil
  • Two cups of Vodka

Note: Vodka is a compulsory constituent of this blend. This is because its alcohol constituent cleans clothes well. In addition to stopping mildew on linens because alcohol evaporated faster and easier than water. You must do a patch test on a discreet corner of the cloth.

Where To Buy Essential Oils

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Essential oils are natural wonders and have been proven to be highly beneficial to health in several ways. Filling your house with the unique scents of these oils is a step to healthy living.

Try out any of those DIY essential oil blends for scents in your house this fall and be a testimony to the greatness of essential oils.

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