25 Amazing Eye Makeup Tips To Take You From Beginner To Pro

Eye Makeup Tips- Eye makeup can be very tricky, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the game of makeup for long or you’re just a beginner. The whole business with mascaras, liners, brow definers, eyeshadows, contours, and highlighters can get very confusing.

And this is why you need to have some tricks up your sleeve to keep you in line while making things seem a lot easier than they are. There are several ways to define your eyes and make them pop, and to keep track of all of them is daunting, but do you have to?

With the right eye makeup tips and tricks, you can completely transform your face from bland and dull to gorgeous and captivating in just a few minutes.

This magical transformation is only possible when you’re equipped with the right eye makeup tips and tricks, and sincerely the eyes are usually the center of attention on the face. Still, unfortunately, they are also the most challenging facial features to beautify perfectly.

This is why we’re put together 25 of the easier eye makeup tips to get you started on the right path. From eyebrows, eyeshadows to eyeliner and mascara, we’ve got you covered.

With these tips and tricks, expect to see your face look completely different and beautiful, and hope to get many admiring gazes as you step out in style. To make your eyes and your entire face stand out, here’s what you should do, one trick at a time.



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1) To avoid over-plucking your eyebrows, fill your brows with a brow pencil before you pluck

Plucking your eyebrows to give them that perfect shape can be a bit tricky, but with this tip, you can do this without over-plucking and making them look awkward.

First, make the outlying hairs evident by using a bright pencil color before plucking, when you’re done, you can easily wipe it off with makeup remover when you’re done. Stand back from your mirror to see the whole picture.

After plucking, use a spoolie brush to brush up your brows, then use a small scissors to trim any hairs that stick up above the brow line. When you’re done, you can apply witch hazel to soothe any red or irritated skin.


2) Make sure your brow head (where the brows start) aligns with your nostrils

While defining your eyebrows, it’s important to remember to make the head align with your nostrils; this will give them a very natural look.

If you’re using a pencil to fill our brow, use short, hair-like strokes to mimic the natural look of your brow. Also, make sure you blend the product out properly to avoid any harsh lines.


3) Don’t get caught up on Symmetry

Don’t focus too much on making your brows the same. Eyebrows aren’t meant to be identical twins; there are sisters, so a little bit of difference in the arch and length is normal.

Trying so hard to make them match perfectly will make you over pluck and ruin them.


4) Highlight your brow for an instant eye lift

Using a subtle or white highlighter right beneath the brow, under your arch, will show off the shape and add height to your brows, giving you an eye lift.

Then, line below and above your eyebrows with a thick white liner, and smudge it out with a smudge brush to define your brows.

You can also get fancy by using a lighter brow color at the head and a darker color at the arch. It’s like contouring for your brows, and when done right, it comes out perfect.


5) Choose the right color for you

Choosing the right color for your brow can be the defining point, but you don’t want a color that exactly matches your hair color.

For the perfect brow color, follow the guidelines below; if your hair is light, you should make your eyebrows one shade darker. If your hair is dark, go one shade lighter.

Perhaps your hair is red, use a light to medium neutral brown. And if your hair is black, try using a very dark gray or brown instead of jet black.


6) Tame stubborn eyebrows with a brow gel

If your eyebrows tend to get out of control, then you need to use an eyebrow gel to keep them in place. When grooming with a little gel, eyebrows tend to look a lot better.


7) Brighten and even out your eyelids with concealer

If your eyelids tend to look a little reddish or veiny, smoothen, and even out your complexion with a quick application of concealer, this is a way to prep for eyeshadow.

Begin by applying concealer (using an angled brush) on your eyelid, then extend it by drawing from the outer corner of your eye (up at an angle) toward the tail end of your brow.

You can as well apply the concealer from the inner corner of your eye up towards the beginning of your eyebrow. This is to help brighten and enlarge the eye area, or use some concealer to define the edges of your eyeshadow.


8) Add water to eyeshadow to make the color more intense

If you want to intensify your eyeshadow color, dip a small eyeshadow brush into your eyeshadow palette and collect some eyeshadow colors you wish to use, then mist it with water or facial mist before applying it to your eye.

This simple trick will deepen the pigment and help the eyeshadow set, and once it sets, you can blend it anymore. Make sure you don’t dip your brush with mist into the palette, this can create a film on your shadows.


9) Perfectly blend in your eyeshadow

Blending your eyeshadow correctly can make or break your entire makeup, and you can’t do this without the right brushes. Once you have the right brushes, you can use the tips below to perfect your blending technique;

To find the perfect eyeshadow mix that’ll blend in seamlessly, mix, and match eyeshadow colors with your brush. And make sure you tap off any excess pigment before you apply it to your eyelid to reduce fall out.

To blend perfectly for an even base, use a dense brush and pick up the product, then blend it out using back and forth motions, the same movement as your windshield wipes.

Drag the eyeshadow a bit outwards and up, towards the tail of the brow. This will lift your eyes, creating a subtle cat-eye effect even without a winged liner.


10) Use Eyeliner To Create A Quick Smokey Eye

This is another of the eye makeup tips. Smokey eye look great, right? But how do you get it perfectly with little time and effort? Here’s how, by using an eyeliner instead of eyeshadow, you can do much more easily.

Swipe an eyeliner along both the top and bottom of your eyelash line. This will change your look, and you’ll have beautiful smokey eyes.


11) Draw A Slanted Hashtag To Create The Perfect Smokey Eye

If you want an easy way to create a gorgeous smokey eye look, try drawing a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelid with an eyeliner.

Smudge the hashtag with a Smudger Brush, and then draw another hashtag. Continue drawing and smudging hashtags until your eyes have that perfect smokey look.


12) Use A Spoon To Draw Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Drawing perfect winged eyeliner can be very tricky, this especially so if you want both eyes to look just the same. But it can be done very easily, using a spoon. First, place the handle of the spoon against the corner of your eye and draw a line.

Then, turn the spoon over and place the curved portion of the spoon against your eye. Use the round edge of the spoon to draw the second line, which smoothly connects to the first line.

Then, remove the spoon and fill in the outline. And you have a perfect winged liner, do the same on the other eye.


13) To easily line your eyes with a straight line, first, make dots and then connect them

An easy way to draw a straight liner is by lining your eyes with dots first, and then connecting them. But please don’t make your dots too big. The dots should be the same size as you’d like the width of your line to be.


14) Want your lashes to look denser? Try tight-lining

Applying your eyeliner very close to your lash line makes your eyelashes look dense and fuller. The liner should blend in with your natural lash line. This trick is called tight-lining.


15) If you smudge your liner, fix it with a skin-colored eyeliner

If you mistakenly smudged your liner a bit too much, instead of wiping it off and starting over, draw over it with a skin-colored liner. This trick also works if you want to make the line very sharp.


16) Use a pencil liner as a guide for a smooth liquid liner

If you want to line your eyes with a liquid liner smoothly, first use a pencil liner to line your eyes, and then trace over it with liquid liner. You can as well use this trick to create a perfect winged liner.

Using a pencil liner, start on the lash line at the pupil and work your way towards the corners. Then trace it over with your liquid liner.


17) Don’t have an eyeliner? Use mascara as an eyeliner with a liner brush

If you just realized your eyeliner is finished, no need to fret. Use a liner brush to take some mascara from your mascara wand and line your eye with it.


18) Before you go in with mascara, curl your lashes first

Before you apply the mascara, always make sure to curl your lashes using a high-quality eyelash curler. When you curl, pinch your eyelash curler at the of your lashes, hold it tightly and rotate upwards.

To ensure the curl doesn’t go limp fast, hold the curler pinched on your lashes for about 8 to 10 seconds. You can also warm your curler for a good 20 seconds with your hairdryer before curling; this will give your lashes curls that stand out and last all day.


19) Too thick mascara? De-clump with a toothbrush

If you can’t seem to steady your hand while applying your mascara, then this hack is for you.

If you messed up your makeup by smudging your mascara or it went on a little (or a lot) clumpier than you want, don’t fret because you don’t need to start over, use a toothbrush to comb through lashes and fight that horrifying spider eyes.


20) For beautifully enhanced lashes, use two mascara formulas instead of just one

If you want to make your lashes genuinely stand out, use two mascara formulas: one volumizing mascara and one lengthening mascara.

First, go with the volumizing mascara, use the wand and brush the formula at the base of your lashes for thickness and volume from the root, then apply the lengthening mascara from the middle to the tips.

For extra flair, add a little more to the outer lashes.


21) Don’t pump your mascara wand, swirl instead

If you want to make your mascara formula last longer without drying, then don’t pump the wand while pulling it out, swirl it to prevent it from drying out.

Pumping your mascara wand may seem okay, but when you do this, you are sending air into the product, and this will dry the formula. Instead of pumping, pull the wand upward and gently swirl it to distribute the product evenly.


22) Hold your mascara wand the right way

The way you hold your mascara wand determines how your lashes come out.

To get thicker and fuller lashes, hold your wand horizontally and to get your lashes looking natural, especially the lower lashes, hold the wand vertically and wiggle it from lash line to tip to help hold up the curl.


23) For thicker and fuller lashes, dust some baby powder on them

You don’t need a special volumizing mascara to get the thickest lashes ever. Does that surprise you? Well, don’t be. This simple trick will get full lashes. First, apply a coat of mascara using the wand.

Then use a small shadow brush to dust your lashes with baby powder or translucent powder on the coat of mascara, now your lashes will look white and chalky, but you’re just getting started.

Next, apply another coat of mascara on your lashes and see how thick they have become.


24) Coat your mascara from different sides

If you want your lashes thick and dark, then coat then from different sides.

Start by swiping it as usual, then come at it from another direction, the part that’s above, and touches your eyelids. Use your wand to coat this other side of your lashes.

While doing this, carefully avoid smudging. You can use a business card or a spoon to cover your lid and prevent the formula from staining your eyelid while swiping.


25) Use Eye Contact Solution To Hydrate Your Mascara

If your mascara starts to dry out, you’ll notice that it’ll get clumpier and less smooth. To hydrate your mascara and make it smooth and easy to apply, add a few drops of eye contact solution or saline solution to it and mix with the wand.

But remember that mascaras, like all beauty products, have expiration dates. If your mascara has gone past its expiration, then it’s time to get a new one. Your mascara drying is a sign that it’s going bad.



Final Thoughts

And that’s the end of our eye makeup tips and tricks for beginners.

This list of very simple eye makeup tips and hacks for anyone who has been intimidated by the somewhat confusing and overwhelming world of makeup will clear things up and put you on the right track, so you can confidently pretty up yourself.

These tips include virtually everything you need to do for the perfect eye makeup, and hopefully, you take note of them and let them guide you the next time you find yourself in front of the mirror for a facial touch up.

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