Food Delivery Near Me: 10 Best Food Delivery Apps To Use Now!

Food Delivery Near Me – Thanks to the continuous innovations and massive technological developments, we can now do virtually anything from our smartphones.

You can do your grocery shopping, pay bills, buy nice things for yourself, make money, and even take live-changing courses with your smartphone. 

And even better is having your hunger cravings satiated with only a few taps on your smartphone. Yes, that’s right. Getting your food delivered right at your doorstep has become a lot easier than you imagine – thanks to the amazing smartphone apps that are available today. 

To start ordering your meals with your smartphone, download any one of the best food delivery app, select the restaurant of your choice, place your order, make the payment, then sit back and relax as your meal comes to you. You can also pay on delivery if you like.

This is a very convenient way to get food fast, and it’s as expensive as you may think. It’s quite the opposite because it can help you save some bucks.

Some deliveries cost as low as $2 while some may be up to $6. So which apps can you start using today to get food delivered to your doorstep, let’s find out…





UberEats is a food delivery app that is available in more than 1000 major cities in different countries around the world. They include the United States, Japan, Brazil, India, Mexico, etc.

UberEats gives you an array of food and restaurant choices and deliveries to you from local restaurants around you. This app is available for Android and iOS.  Depending on the distance from the restaurant, delivery can cost about $4.99.




Eat24 is another food delivery app that will bring you food from local restaurants. This app is powered by GrubHub and is available for android and iOS.

Eat24 partners with over 20,000 local restaurants in different cities and give you $10 off your order once you sign up for their newsletter.




Just as the name implies, it’s a seamless food delivery app. Seamless is a simple way to order food from different local restaurants and have your meals delivered to your doorstep within minutes.

This app is available for android and iOS. You can have access to exclusive deals and discounts from your favorite restaurants. Besides, it consistently updates the restaurant menu so you can see new dishes every day. Food delivery from the Seamless app will cost about $6.




GrubHub is another excellent food delivery app with over 50,000 restaurants in different cities in the US.

They don’t compromise on food quality or delivery time. The food company has been around since 2004, which gave it a headstart in the food delivery business, and it has since continued to grow.

It has a 24/7 customer service which manages orders and sends deliveries to different cities in record time.




If you’re looking for a super cheap food delivery app, then Postmates is for you, and it’s available in over 80 cities in the US. Deliveries from Postmates cost between $1.99 to $3.99 for partner merchants and $5.99 for other merchants.

Postmates deliver cooked meals to people. Also, they offer groceries and alcoholic beverages from local retailers to consumers. With a monthly subscription of $9.99, you can place orders and get them delivered without another charge.




Another popular food delivery app is German FoodPanda. Since 2017, FoodPanda has been available in about 43 countries and deliveries food locally to citizens.

FoodPanda currently partners with over 40,000 local restaurants in different cities to bring you any delicacy of your choice. Moreover, you can be sure of on-time delivery. You can pay for your deliveries either with your credit or debit cards or on delivery.




DoorDash is one of the leading food delivery companies in the US, and it has an app available for both android and iOS.

They specialize in delivering food to individuals from local restaurants and also in about 850 cities in the US. You can get cooked meals from your favorite restaurants and alcoholic beverages delivered to you from local retailers. Every delivery will cost you about $5.99. 




Zomato was established in 2008 as an online platform for searching for restaurants. The company gradually expanded to include food delivery services in the top cities of the world.

Currently, Zomato has android and iOS apps for delivering food in over 25 countries around the globe, including the United States, Australia, India, etc.

Zomato partners with top restaurants and provide users with an impressive list of restaurants to choose from. It also has a social networking platform where users can follow other users and see their reviews and experiences with different restaurants. This can act as a guide in your restaurant and food search. is one of the best delivery apps in the United States. Unlike other food delivery apps, goes beyond delivering food. It delivers laundry, groceries, gift items, alcoholic beverages from over 1200 merchants across the US.

The app is very intuitive with very simple features, and it’s delivery to about 100 in the US. Although it is still relatively new, it’s growing at a rapid rate.

Beyond Menu


Beyond Menu is another excellent food delivery, and it offers you a variety of exotic dishes from your favorite local restaurants.

In addition to delivering your orders to you, this app also allows you to make reservations at your favorite restaurants, this is an awesome way to save a spot in a restaurant, and it saves you time.

You can make your payments on the app by scanning your credit card or by using Apple pay.



Final Thoughts

Getting your food delivered right at your doorstep has become a lot easier than you’ve imagined. All thanks to the amazing smartphone apps available today.  Why wait? Satisfy your hunger cravings TODAY with only a few taps on your smartphone.

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