7 Sure Signs That Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is A Fake

A lot of people are now getting, even more, knowledge of the several health benefits and uses of the Himalayan salt lamp. One of the several cons of this, beautiful as it is is the production of counterfeits.

The Himalayan pink salt lamp has quickly become our favorite natural health gadget of all time. With their rise in popularity, sales of Himalayan salt lamps have been growing!

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Regrettably, the increase in demand has also occasioned a perfect excuse for dubious individuals to profit by selling cheaply manufactured salt lamps. Although it is not immediately visible, there are signs to tell if the Himalayan Salt Lamp you are about to buy is fake.


7 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Fake


You can tell if your salt lamp with the following simple signs. While the signs do not necessarily mean that the product is fake, it simply means you should wait and check well before you proceed with the purchase.


1. If The Product Has a Poor or Non-Existence Return policy

Himalayan salt is a delicate substance and the producers and suppliers know this as well. As a result, Himalayan Salt Lamp merchants offer flexible and non-strict return policies.  If you want to buy a lamp and you notice that the supplier is not flexible with the return policy, you should be careful. It might just be a trick to make sure you are unable to return it by the time you find out.

Sometimes, the lamps get damaged during shipping (yeah, that’s how fragile the materials are!). So, even if the lamps are genuine, you should still be wary of any merchant who isn’t flexible about refunds or exchanges.


2. Cheap Lamps With White Crystal



Usually, Himalayan salt crystals display a warm pinkish or orange hue. Although white Himalayan salt exists, it is quite uncommon and highly sought after. As such, original white Himalayan salt lamps will definitely be more expensive than the common colored varieties.

If you find a lamp with white salt crystals, but the price isn’t significantly higher than other Himalayan pink salt lamps, It is a sure pointer to the fact that the lamp might not be genuine.


3. Extremely Durable Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

As noted, genuine Himalayan salt lamps are fragile and they can even get damaged during shipping. This is not always the case anyways but it can happen as a result of poor packaging or improper handling. By dropping or bumping your HPS lamp into another solid object is a sure way to ding or chip away pieces of the salt crystal.

If you have done any of these things (or anything that could damage a fragile chunk of Himalayan pink salt) and your lamp did not feel a thing. This might be another good sign that it is a fake.


4. Bright Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp



In color, Himalayan salt crystals range in color from medium pink to dark orange. Also, because the salt contains numerous distinct minerals, the light emanating from the lamp will be reduced and uneven. These are the reasons the salt lamp emits only a soft warm glow. If you have a small lamp yet it gives off enough light to fully illuminate the room where it is placed, it is a warning sign. Your lamp might just be fake!


5.  It Handles Moisture Exceptionally Well

Hygroscopy is the process whereby the Himalayan Salt Lamp cleanses the air around them. This it does by absorbing moisture and airborne particulate and evaporating pure water out to the surrounding environment. This is responsible for sweating- one of the most prevalent problems intrinsic to genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp.

So, if you stay in a region that is quite moist and your lamp has never done so, It is a good signal to the fact that your Himalayan Salt Lamp might be fake.


6. Country of Origin Isn’t Pakistan

Original Himalayan pink salt is gotten from deep underground in the mines of Khewra, Pakistan. The mine is on the western edge of the Himalayan mountains and is the only place where we can find true Himalayan pink salt. If you want to be sure about the authenticity of your lamp, find out the salt crystal’s country of origin.

Remember that some producers list country of origin as where the lamp was assembled, so be sure to specify.



7. You Don’t Experience Any Of The Health Benefits

There are several kinds of research of how Himalayan Salt Lamps have bettered the lives of people all over the world. Although there are still several skeptics out there. There’s a lot of benefits that the lamp has got to offer. It eases asthma and allergy symptoms, it increases energy and counteracts Seasonal Affective Disorder.

If you notice that your lamp is not supplying the health benefits as it ought to, It just might be fake.



So, what is the best Himalayan salt lamp?

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a Himalayan salt lamp you want to make sure the salt lamp you buy is real, safe and provides the promised benefits.

This Levoit 8-11 Lbs Himalayan Salt Lamp is, in our opinion, currently the best on the market. It’s a little more expensive than most other salt lamps, but that’s due to its extra design and safety features and premium quality.

For a start, it is made from hand-selected Himalayan salt crystals, it offers patented touch controlled dimmable lighting with a one year warranty, it has a unique stainless steel base that offers drainage control and it also arrives beautifully packaged – and if you’ve ever previously ordered a salt lamp online you know this is not normally the case.

The Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp is available in two sizes – this 8-11 lbs “Elora” Salt Lamp and this smaller 4.5-6.5 lbs “Kyra” Salt Lamp. The former is great for large living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms, while the latter is perfect for smaller rooms like offices and nurseries.

Or if these designs are a bit eccentric for you and your home, then this standard WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp available in a number of different sizes is widely regarded as the best available to buy.

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