10 Reasons To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

Himalayan salt is a rock of salt from the Punjabi region of Pakistan. Himalayan salt is similar to conventional salt and other mineral impurities like zinc. But, the salt is not suitable for food or industrial purposes without refining and purification due to impurities. All sort of claims has gained grounds concerning the Himalayan salt lamp. The most prominent being that it is an excellent generator of negative ions.

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Himalayan salt rocks produce Himalayan salt lamps. A light source, such as a bulb or candle is placed inside the stone to create the lamp feature. Salt lamps are great for decorating. They are also an alternative source of light. However, beyond their aesthetic qualities, they also contribute to general health and wellness for the house and its inhabitants.

The heat from the source of light in the lamps warms it up to release negative ions. In the process, boosting health. These days, alternative medical practices have shown interest in the use of salt lamps for health. Based on the belief that the mind is the first call for sicknesses, there is a clamor for a healthy environment to live in to prevent illness.

These salt lamps are beneficial in this regard because they help to de-stress. They are also not as risky as the chemical composition of most western drugs because some of the minerals found in the Himalayan salt lamp are already in the body. Example of such minerals is potassium, calcium, and magnesium.



10 Reasons To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room


Specialists in holistic medicine have advised that each room in the home should have a Himalayan salt lamp. This is because of its overall health benefit. Salt lamps come in orange or pink color and a rare white color.  If you do buy one, here are the benefits of  these unique lamps:


1. Counterbalances Electromagnetic Radiation



Due to the significant growth in technology, everyone owns at least one electronic device in their home. Electronic devices, however, release electromagnetic radiation and positive ions into the atmosphere. These ions can affect one’s health if exposure is consistent over a long time.

Since radiation is invisible, there is a tendency to overlook it. Thereby allowing their effects to linger on. The activities of these ions cause nervousness, fatigue and poor quality of sleep which can compromise the immune system.

This is where our salt lamp comes to play. Because it releases negative ions, they combat the activities of the positive ions. However, the extent to which it neutralizes these positive ions is unknown.

Although, there are claims that placing the lamp beside electrical objects can reduce the rate of electromagnetic wave it releases. Proper studies are ongoing in this regard.


2. Increases Energy Level

It is a widely accepted fact that positive ions can sap the body of energy. Often, we feel tired after activities like watching Tv because it brings us in contact with positive ions. Positive ions cause fatigue. We most times attribute it to something else entirely.

Staying in a house with negative ions being released into the air can increase your energy level high. If you feel tired regularly at home, keep a Himalayan salt lamp in the rooms where you spend most of your time. Research states that negative ions which salt lamps emit offer a similar feeling of being surrounded by nature, energizing the body.


3. Enhances Sleep Pattern

Irregular sleeping patterns can develop as a result of overexposure to positive ions. This occurs because overexposure reduces the brain’s blood and oxygen supply. It is known that poor sleep patterns can be linked to dust and toxic particles in the air.

A delicate oxygenation process also causes more stress which can affect the brain’s long-term health. Also, sleep might be hindered if a source of light is on in the room or some cases absent. Here, you will find your salt lamp to be helpful.

Apart from its positive ions that reduce exposure to positive ions, hence improving the brain’s blood and oxygen supply, it also clears the air of dust and toxic materials so that you can sleep well. Also, the lamp provides a weak source of light so you can rest without getting disturbed. As such, there is illumination, yet the rays of light are not too intense. In spite of its colors, the lamp light is dim enough. The light soothes insomnia, according to some chromotherapy circles.


4. Alleviates Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Himalayan salt can absorb water. The lamp can absorb directly from the air along with dust particles that cause allergic reactions. In most severe asthma cases, the Himalayan salt lamp can create a noticeable change within weeks of buying it. In fact, we now have Himalayan inhalers as a result of the influence of the lamps.


5. Improves Mood



Himalayan Salt lamps are excellent for improving your mood. They naturally enhance moods, induces relaxation and increase concentration. Again, this is a result of the negative ion they release.

These ions increase blood and oxygen supply to the brain and boost the secretion of serotonin glands which is responsible for feeling happy. People who suffer from depression and anxiety have a lot to gain from getting these natural salt lamps.


6. Purifies The Air



This salt lamp is especially hygroscopic. That is to say; it attracts water molecules from the air along with any other compound they contain. Salt lamps absorb such compounds like dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere of the home.

More importantly, the lamp absorbs water molecules and releases clean water back into the air through the process of evaporation, trapping the remaining components.

The method of evaporation is done while the lamp heats up as a result of the light source in it. For a thorough purification, it is advised to place more than one salt Lamp in your home and at strategic places.


7. Improves Respiratory Health

In clearing the air, Himalayan salt lamps also absorb germs that can influence health, especially during winter. When the body is more prone to cold, the tiny contaminations in the air enter the respiratory system and cause cold symptoms like sneezing or coughing. It is better to keep them away from the lungs as exposure to them over time can cause pneumonia or other severe respiratory illness.

When there has been an overexposure to positive ions, the microscopic hairs lining the windpipe don’t work efficiently to keep contaminants out of the lungs. As the salt lamp absorbs water, it also reduces the activities of positive ions.

This helps to ensure that foreign particles are filtered away. The bulb inside heats up as well as the body of salt which releases negative ions along with evaporated water.


8. Improves Blood Flow

All organs in the body benefit from the release of negative ions. Blood flowing from the brain also carries the negative ions into other organs. Hence, it only follows that other organs like the lungs or kidney should experience the same health as the brain. This way, the blood vessels will enjoy good health with a lowered disease risk.


9. Environmentally-Friendly Light

Among its many other benefits, Himalayan salt lamps are also environmentally friendly. Himalayan salt is the raw product of, and it is not going to go into extinct anytime soon. The base of the salt lamp is carved from sustainable wood. Some salt lamps use low-watt bulbs while others are powered by candles.


10. Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder



Because of its naturally soft light, Himalayan Salt Lamps relieves the symptoms of a seasonal affective disorder. Apart from generative negative ions that are good for the general well-being, its soft light functions as light therapy to treat this disease. It is a right treatment because its soft glow is close to that of sunshine. Putting a few salt lamps in your house can help you feel better with the changing seasons.


So, what is the best Himalayan salt lamp?

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A natural lamp with benefits this much should be at every corner of your home. Himalayan salt lamps are endowed with unique pink beauty that gives every room in your home an outstanding look.

And apart from this beauty, it tremendously aids a healthy life. Getting a Himalayan lamp in your home is saying farewell to early morning tiredness, insomnia, nasal congestion, and lots more.

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