14 Weirdest, Coolest & Most Unique Himalayan Salt Lamps You Can Buy Right Now

Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to have numerous benefits and this is why people strive to have at least one in their homes. These lamps work by absorbing water properties from the air, this is why they get wet when they are not lit for quite a long period.

When lit, the water on the salt lamp dries up and the heat from the bulb releases negative ions into the air. As there are positive and negative ions in the air, these negative ions are healthy ions that help to clear the air we breathe.

Negative air ions are molecules of oxygen that have gained electron while positive ions are molecules of carbon dioxide with a lost electron. They absorb the pollutants in the air we breathe while giving them a negative charge.

And the negative charge given to them helps to make them harmless and purified to be inhaled. Often times, healthy negative ions are found in places like the waterfalls, showers and the oceans.



Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • helps to reduce allergies and improve breathing problems
  • makes it easy to sleep at night as it enhances good sleep
  • reduces stress and increases calmness and relaxation
  • reduces colds and flu in that it fights airborne viruses
  • helps to increase focus and concentration
  • increases energy and gives an overall feeling of health and wellbeing.

In addition to the above-listed benefits, Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful addition to the room. This post features 14 of the unique, beautiful, and innovatively shaped salt lamps you can buy for your home or gift to a loved one.


14 Weirdest, Coolest & Most Unique Himalayan Salt Lamps


1. The Spherical Himalayan Salt Lamp



2. Polished Pyramid Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



3. Dolphin Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



4. The Round- Pillar Himalayan Salt Lamp



5. The Rectangular Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



6. Dragon Egg Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



7. Heart-Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



8. Rabbit Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



9. Mushroom Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



10. Christmas-Tree Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



11. Bird Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



12. Flower Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



13. Portable Plug-In Himalayan Salt Lamp



14. Elephant Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp



Where Should You Place The Salt Lamps To Get The Most Benefit?

Ideally, Himalayan salt lamps should be placed close to where you sit, eat and spend most of your time. This is to ensure that you have direct access to inhale the purified air the salt lamp generates. Since it works by generating negative ions that will clean the air and make it safer to breathe.

You can place it in any of these places:

  • on your Television set,
  • your coffee table,
  • the desk where you work at home,
  • your office desk- if you feel like having one there.

You can also opt for the portable plug-in Himalayan salt lamp mentioned above because you will have access to clean air wherever you go. In addition to the exposure it gives to some negative ions and purification of air, it can help counteract electromagnetic radiation. Thereby giving off a beautiful, soothing and gentle pink glow.





While salt lamps cannot replace a quality air filter, they are a beautiful light source that holds many health benefits.

One of these benefits is that salt lamps offer the benefits of color therapy by ridding the air hygyroscopically and alleviating allergies. Also, they are a great dim light source for helping you and other members of your family sleep better.

Ultimately, having salt lamps in your home is a win-win!

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