9 Surprising Ways To Use Himalayan Salt You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Throughout history, salt keeps proving priceless. It was so valuable in the 1800s that it was worth four times as much as beef. Besides its several uses that do not in any way relate to the kitchen, we always use it in several ways in the kitchen as well.

We all add salt to foods (and even sometimes drinks). Now, there’s an even better way to get the benefits and flavor of salt. Himalayan Salt  Blocks!


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Himalayan Crystal Salt is by far the purest salt on the planet – it contains no pollutants, toxins or chemicals. It also has a unique flavor and a wealth of health benefits, as it contains the same 84 natural minerals and other elements found in the human body – and, as the minerals exist in colloidal form, that means they’re tiny enough for the cells to absorb easily.

This pink-hued salt, of course, got its name from where its derived from, the Himalayan mountains, the tallest mountains in the world. Some 250 million years ago, in the same place, these very peaks now stand, there was a primordial sea.

In that ancient body of water was a pristine ecosystem, and as the Earth’s plates moved over the millennia, it pushed the mountains high into the sky, while the sea evaporated and left its life-sustaining minerals crystallized in the heat of the sun, forming what we now know as Himalayan pink salt.

As a result, it’s pure, having spent many thousands of years maturing under extreme tectonic pressure, far away from impurities, which means it’s not polluted with the heavy metals and industrial toxins of today. And it’s hand-mined, hand-washed, and minimally processed.



9 Surprising Ways to Use Himalayan Salt


I’ve always loved Himalayan Salt. In fact, in the past few months, I’ve come to love cooking with a Himalayan salt block.


1. Himalayan Salt Block



The Himalayan salt block can help you make healthier and tastier dishes. They also beautify your kitchen. Not only can you cook on it, but you can also use it to serve and display foods. Its crystalline structure, makes heat spread evenly through the entire block rather than radiating from the middle.

Thus, the food prepared on it will cook at the same pace in all the edges as in the center. It also helps food retain their temperature, whether it’s hot or cold. This means you can leave your food on the salt block without having to worry about it while you finish up with other things.

Cooking on a salt block not only helps to impart its delicious taste but its many health benefits too.


2. Himalayan Salt Foot Tiles



Although it might seem strange, Himalayan salt can help re-energize your sore, tired feet at the end of a long day in the form of foot tiles. Commonly used in spas, you just heat the tiles up in a 350-degree oven for five minutes and then place them on a cotton towel, where you can rest your feet, allowing the salt to draw out toxins and impurities.


3. Himalayan Salt Bowl

A Himalayan Salt Bowl is both attractive and durable, making it another ideal addition to your kitchen. Some people simply enjoy looking at it on a shelf, but it can do more than just that.

Because it can withstand very high temperatures, you can use it as both a baking dish and a serving dish. It can also withstand freezing temperatures, so you can use it to put together a frozen custard, or, as it retains both hot and cold temps evenly, and for long periods of time, you can use it to keep fruits and other items crisp and cool throughout a dinner party.


4. Himalayan Salt Lamps



Himalayan Salt Lamps offer a soothing glow. They help as well to improve air quality. This they do by attracting pollutants and helping to neutralize the effects of electronics.  Thus, they are ideal for use at home and in offices.

There is the belief that having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in a room you spend much time helps boost one’s energy level, focus, and mood. The soft-orange colored hues are noted for their especially soothing, relaxing nature.

There are some negative ions it emits, which on reaching the bloodstream, produce biochemical reactions that raise levels of serotonin. The serotonin, also known as the “happy hormone,”  can alleviate depression as well as relieve stress.


5. Himalayan Salt Ball



Himalayan Salt Balls offer antibacterial properties that can help prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming. Therefore it is ideal for use as a deodorant as well as a body cleanser. Pure Himalayan salt, helps to balance the pH of the skin without stripping natural oils.

The minerals present in it also nourishes the skin and also heals and prevents dry skin. Some also claim that it helps to heal certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis too.

To use it, you simply wet the salt ball with water and then rub it between your hands to apply the salt to anywhere you tend to experience sweating and odor, like the underarms and feet.


6. Bath salts

Bath salts are excellent to soak in. Even the ancient Greeks recommended seaside health resorts to help cure skin diseases.

Paracelsus (a 16th-century physician and alchemist) declared that having a salt bath was “better than all the health spas arising out of nature.”

It’s many health benefits (which are well-documented) has shown how valuable salt baths are. Himalayan salt bath even takes the healing powers of a salt bath to a whole new level. It gives your bath a beautiful pink-hue, thereby creating an amazing at-home spa treatment.


7. Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle



Himalayan salt mortar and pestle are just ideal for grinding up herbs and spices. You can use it to grind herbs and spices, to crush garlic, or even make up a chunky sauce like pesto or guacamole. Your foods will not only have added flavor and texture, but you’ll enjoy the health benefits of Himalayan salt too.

Again, because it is naturally anti-microbial, to clean it up is as simple as wiping down the interior with a damp cloth.


8. Himalayan Salt Inhaler



The same idea behind a Neti pot is the same idea a Himalayan Salt Inhaler runs on. It helps to eradicate any bacteria stuck in the nasal cavities as a result of breathing polluted air.

The benefits are several. It includes reducing inflammation in the lungs, relieving the symptoms of asthma, colds, allergies, hay fever and sinus congestion. This is possible, because of the salt’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re made to spend time in an environment lit with smoke, smog, pet dander or dust, using a Himalayan salt inhaler may be your best bet to reduce the effects.


So, what is the best Himalayan salt lamp?

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9. Himalayan Salt Sole – The ultimate sports drink

With Himalayan Pink Salt, you can make your perfect sports drink. When consuming a solution of water saturated with Himalayan Pink Salt, you’re fuelling your body with electrolytes. These electrolytes help regulate hydration.

Taking a look at the ingredients of a sports drink, you’ll see electrolytes, like magnesium (Mg2+), sodium (Na+), calcium (Ca2+), potassium (K+), and chloride (Cl−). It’s so because the body absorbs electrolytes quicker than if you drink just the water alone. 

When combined, the body takes in the water and electrolytes together for faster hydration. The problem with sports drinks bought in stores is that they’re both expensive and filled with sugar and chemical preservatives. These substances do more harm than good to the body.

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