14 Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

Home office design ideas-Creating a home office may be the best way to get away from the stress of a 9-5 job routine. As a woman, it might be a little hard to come up with that design that suits your taste or worse still when you have limited space.

You are compelled to go for a compact décor pattern to accommodate the available limited space. In this case, you need a perfect home office design ideas to come out with the best home office of your choice.



One primary attribute of a home office is its the ability to be homely, yet retain that professional function it was created to serve.

Below, I have compiled some lists of really nice Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas that will stand as a perfect choice for your home office. They are stated thus:


Table by the Window Side

This is usually located by the side of the window, it comes with a mini-sized table, a chair, and a desktop computer. It also have a flower bouquet, a pen and pencil container, a drinking cup, and a hanger.

First, you have to paint the wall with pink or white paint or you can choose to use wallpapers (i recommend the pink or red flower design).

To start, shift your moderate-sized table to the extreme while facing the side of the wall with your chair in front of it. For a more loud outcome, I suggest you maintain a one-color design for both the table and the chair.

Now place your hanger behind the chair (not by the side). Sometimes people tend to assume that a hanger might not be relevant in a home office, but the point is that it can get all sweaty in the house and you need to pull off the jackets.

In situations like this, walking back to the room might be a tedious task to embark on hence the need for a hanger in your home office. Now it is time to add the cup, flower bouquet, pen/pencil container, Note pad, and other micro necessities.

But that these items mentioned must be sited by the side (Edge) of the table because you don’t want any of them to distract you while working.

The only thing that should occupy the center table should be your computer set while your lamp sits independently by the side of the table.


Face the Wall



This is the kind of home office where small tasks are carried out. But in creating this kind of office you need to create a provision for an increased workload (just in case your workload increases in future).

To create this kind of office space you need the majors. The table and the chair, then every other thing can follow. Now place the table to face the wall at your preferred location, make the chair fit in with it.

Place the reading lamp above the table by installing it on the wall or get a table lamp, but make sure it is long enough to attain an average height.

While I coming up with this kind of feminine home office idea I did not consider the computer because I only recommend this kind of design for women with a very small task to handle.

To create a space for feature workload I recommend that you install a shelf above the water table, just on the wall facing it. When you are done placing the major, it’s time to include the micro necessities like a trash bin, note paid e.t.c.

But note that things like a flower bouquet or other artifacts placed on the table for decoration purposes are not recommended in this case because of the minimal space on the worktable.


V-Shape Décor

This is one of the home office design ideas whose decoration comes with a V-shaped table design. Unlike some other designs for small offices, this requires a little bit more space to make it convenient.

To create this kind of office space first you need your white V-shaped working table with a two-step drawer meant to safe-keep important documents, your computer system, and strangely your mini make-up mirror strategically fixed on the wall. You will also be needing a wall art (or can still replace it with a photo from you).

While creating this kind of office, I do not recommend you use a hanging wall lamp. I suggest the use of a standing reading lamp (the bedroom size), that way, you will save more space both above and below the propose home office parameter.

To make this office look more feminine I recommend you paint the walls with azure blue paint, coupled with the all-white table and chair your office won’t be anything less than feminine classic.


All White Window Office



This type of office décor location should be strategically at the extreme of the sitting room, just in front of the window. Although some will still prefer to shift a bit to the edge just to get away from the distractions from the main sitting room.

To achieve this, you need a bigger center table, a floor mat (preferably white with a little touch of grey), a desktop computer system, a chair, surprisingly a couch and a make-up wall mirror.

Here, you have separate the color on the wall from your office space. I recommend an all-white working table and a pink color wall, that way you have to stay professional while you maintain your femininity.


A Window sight Office with a Glass Table

This type of decoration gives you a classy-looking workspace with a stand-by mini shelf to pack your files and other important documents. Still having the window as its best location, this kind of office décor blends well with all-round white wall paint and a glassworking table.

The recommended chair for this office décor will be a couch with a tall backrest. To avoid making this office look stuffy I wouldn’t recommend the use of a standing hanger or an extra chair.

This is because this décor’s design should be solitary. When you have a visitor you have to meet them in the sitting room, or better still book a meeting in any of the café.


All Classy Workspace

This is another all-face-the-wall office decoration. Here, you will be needing your work table, wall shelf, an artifact (or two), a wall make-up mirror, and a hanger.

I must state that the use of a wall shelf is solely optional because the work table should have at least 6 drawers; three on both sides.

The suggested wall paint for this kind of office is azure blue while the table should come with a brown color but with a little touch of azure blue while the table should come with brown color with a little touch of white.

Do not make the suppose artifacts on the wall to be too loud. Just one or two mini simple paintings are enough to create a feminine impact. For the chair, I recommend a black and white stripe sofa working chair, an azure-colored floor mat, and a black hanger.


Back the Window with a Chandelier

This sounds a bit luxurious, well that’s because it is. The unique home office design ideas look a little bit royal if you get it right. To start with, the suggested table for this décor is a V-shaped glass table, a floor mat, a hanging wall shelf, and of course a chandelier.

I suggest you make give the wall either white or an azure blue color. On the table, you have both your computer system and other necessary working materials to assume a particular position while you use the other remaining space to attend to other bigger tasks.

Please note that the hanging wall shelf arrangement should in such a way that the busier side of the V-shape glass table will face it. That way, you can also easily reach out for any document you need while working.


Side Window Office with Shimmering Light

This décor design somehow freaky probably because of the presence of tiny light décor that comes with it. This type of office décor is a recommendation for the basement due to its simplicity and freakiness yet feminine.

To recreate this kind of home office, all you need is just a table and a chair, your working desktop computer system, a one-step wall shelf, and a tiny set of party bulbs.

Arrange the chair in such a way that it will be backing the window while the table faces the wall with the one-step shelf strategically hanging by the side of the wall; just the same position with the working table. Here you do not need your floor mat because you need to maintain the all-brown office atmosphere.


Barbeque Office Décor

Well, this is a bit unconventional, this type of office décor doesn’t need a specific location. This kind of office is also known as an all wall fitted office space because of its ability to be fixed on the wall.

This is the kind of home office area you rarely find around many homes because of its weirdness, it doesn’t occupy much space, it is just a straight looking plank doing the work of a table.

To create this office décor, you need to construct a Barbeque-looking table on the wall, just like you are constructing a shelf on the wall. Create another three steps shelf by the side of the same wall but it should be 3 times shorter than the first.

The smaller plank is where you keep your working materials, printers, and pictures (if you have one). While the main plank should contain your computer system and other primary working equipment. Too bad there won’t be room for a makeup mirror because this type of décor pretends simplicity.


Basement Office by the Window



This kind of office’s location should be in the basement. The table will face the window while you have a three steps shelf by the side of the table.

I suggest the use of a hanging reading lamp instead of the normal table lamp. I suggest an all-white color work table and a long stood chair with a backrest for this kind of office.

The suggested color of the trash can would be brown (probably a native basket) and the floor mat should have the same color as the basket. And unfortunately (again) no makeup mirrors on the wall because the basement window has taken more space on the wall. 


Office by the Library Shelf



This kind of décor doesn’t need much to serve it’s purpose because the library shelf has done most of the job. In this case, all you will be needing is your wooden work table and a chair.

There will be a stainless trash can, a bouquet of rose flower, and a softwood gluing it to the wall in case you need to pin a reminder.

You can as well wish to include a floor mat if you wish to. As for the arrangement, the stainless trash bin should be under the table, while the bouquet should be at the edge of the working table.


All Exotic Home Office



This office décor has proved that you can create luxury out of the tiniest space, all you need do is to have the right concept and materials.

To start with you have to create an all brown office space, though it sounds a bit conversational and macho, the feminine part of it comes alive in the all-white plastic chair with a moderate level hand rest.

On the floor, just beside the white chair should be the soil container where you should plant your favorite plant(s). The crystal chandelier hanging upwards coupled with all-white wall paint will bring further that feminine texture.

Place two wall arts – one behind the chair and the other by the side of either of the walls, place the white trash bin by far-right (but not too far), place the white wall clock by the right of the wall and make sure the fails remain in the shelf behind the chair.

Keep it Scandinavian Style

Well it’s time you bring in a bit of class with a little touch of femininity, this style of office décor is most suitable in the basement but this time it has to follow the path of class.

To start with, you need a Swedish table style that comes with so much simplicity yet possess this classy outlook that comes in its carvings.

By the edge of the table be a bouquet of rose flowers while on the other edge is the reading lamp, other working materials should be by the side because the work computer should assume the center table.

The painting should be in white. Surprisingly, I do not recommend any form of wall paint or artifact of any kind.


All Girly Office



This is one of the home office design ideas where you go all pink. It’s more like a freelance home office décor because it doesn’t necessarily imply you situate it in a specific location in the house.

To create this office, you will be needing an all-white American style table with at least 3 serial drawers facing the window section of the house, a pink-colored cotton chair, a leg pink leather leg rest, and a pink single sitter sofa couch adorned with a single pink hand pillow.

First, the wall painting should be in white, while the sofa couch backs the window. Afterward, the white table accompanies the all-pink cotton chair.

There won’t need a separate shelf because the drawers on the table have already played that part, then, of course, a make-up mirror by the side of the wall.




We can’t overemphasis the benefit of creating an office somewhere around the house as it gives you that convenience you deserve, and with a little bit of feminism added to the décor, personalizes your sense of ownership. Check here for more home office decor.

With the home office design ideas above, be sure to enjoy a perfect working environment with a great feel.

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