Head Lice Treatment: 11 Home Remedies for Head Lice That Really Work

Home Remedies For Head Lice- Head lice are parasites that exist on the scalp and hair shafts. While on the scalp, they are notorious for feasting on the blood of their hosts.

They are more common among children as compared to adults. Almost ten million school kids have been reported to have head lice every year.



Head lice usually spread through contact with an infected host or carrier. Contact with the host through clothing items, hairbrush, play, school or sports is often the leading cause of the transfer of head lice from one carrier to another.

Head lice can transfer by sleeping in the same bed as an infected person. It thrives in polluted atmospheres. Note that pets cannot transfer human lice.

The most common symptom of head lice infection is incessant itching of the scalp. Red bumps are the next popular symptoms of head lice. Head lice can cause a tickling sensation when the hair moves.

Often, you will see head lice or their eggs called ‘nits’ on the head. Sometimes, at night, you might feel irritable or have difficulty sleeping. This is because lice are usually active at night. Their activities usually heighten restlessness.

Also, scratching the head can cause sores to appear on the scalp.


Why You Should Use Home Remedies For Head Lice

Most of the hair kits and shampoos available in the market today are toxic and filled with chemicals. Even the ones said to work to remove lice have permethrin in them.

Permethrin is a poisonous and hazardous substance that should not be in contact with the scalp. It is especially harmful to children’s scalp.

Even popular brands of shampoo have this toxic chemical in them. Permethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that is full of synthetic chemicals.

Animal studies show that pyrethroids can cause can generate damage to the reproductive, immune and neurological system. Canadian research submits that pyrethroids can cause behavior problems in kids.

A 2014 study on lice sample from the US and Canada showed that 99.6 percent of lice had developed modifications that make them resistant to common counter lice shampoos.

All of these pieces of evidence prove that using home remedies for head lice is the best option.


11 Home Remedies for Head Lice That Really Work

Because head lice reproduce at a rapid rate, the chances of eradicating lice within a few days are slim.

Combing them out is perhaps the fastest way, but it is a stressful and frustrating method. Here are some home remedies for head lice that works well.


1. Wet Combing



Wet combing is best done by using a fine-tooth comb. It is a natural remedy for treating lice and it should be repeated every day for at least two weeks till you do not see lice

To use this method,

  • make sure that hair is completely wet
  • add some organic anti-lice conditioners
  • after, use a fine-tooth comb to comb entire scalp from scalp to hair ends
  • do this two times for each combing session.


2. Salt



Salt is used to destroy head lice by drying them up in the hair. Follow this process to apply salt:

  • Mix one-quarter of a cup of salt with another quarter cup of vinegar, make sure there are no clumps
  • Pour the solution inside a spray bottle, then shake well
  • Spray the solution into hair gently, until it is wet
  • Cover the hair with a towel or shower cap and leave it on for two hours
  • Wash and condition hair with purely organic products
  • Repeat with a three days interval for best results.


3. Alcohol



Alcohol of any brand is a good home remedy to get rid of hair lice. All you need is to pour any alcohol content on your head. Then, shampoo and rinse hair, after which you should comb hair thoroughly with a lice comb.


4. Tea Tree Oil



Naturally, tea tree oil is a potent insecticide. It is a potent way of getting rid of head lice.

In 2012, a study showed that one percent concentration of this powerful oil is what is needed to kill almost a hundred percent of lice in a thirty minutes window. While a two percent concentration can disrupt egg hatch up to about fifty percent in four days.

How To: 

  • Mix one tbsp of tea tree oil and one ounce of natural shampoo
  • Add about three tbsps of carrier oil of choice
  • Apply the solution to hair gently
  • Cover head with a towel or a shower cap for about an hour and a half
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with hot water
  • Comb hair while it is wet to remove the dead lice.

Note: Tea tree oil is strong and should not be applied directly to the scalp.


5. Mayonnaise



Mayonaise is as good a natural hair conditioner as it is a head lice killer. It also strengthens the hair while stifling head lice in the process.

How To Apply:

  • Cover hair with mayonnaise liberally
  • Use a plastic bag or shower cap to cover hair
  • Allow the mayonnaise to sit for about six hours
  • Shampoo hair and then blow-dry to kill off any lice that missed the mayonnaise treatment
  • Comb hair thoroughly with a nit comb
  • Repeat the process once weekly for two months.


6. Natural Anti-lice Products

Your choice of hair products for your children and yourself can affect your struggles to naturally get rid of lice. With an increasing frown at chemical-filled anti-lice products comes an increase in natural hair care awareness.

Today, there are anti-lice shampoos, conditioners, oils, conditioning hair-spray and much more that are chemical-free. These products are also readily available in stores and online sites.

Using them as part of your anti-lice treatment and prevention can help you speed getting rid of lice or prevent it altogether.


7. Garlic



Garlic has a strong aroma that can suffocate lice. This consequently results in their death.

How To:

  • Grind about 10 garlic cloves to make a paste
  • Mix with three tbsps of lime juice
  • Apply the mix to scalp
  • Leave on for about half an hour
  • Then, rinse thoroughly with hot water
  • Repeat the process weekly for one to two months.


8. Vacuum your Home

It is important to focus on the hair, it is also important to focus on the infected person’s environment. Any good head lice treatment must include a thorough vacuuming of the house during and after the lice outbreak.

The floors and furniture in the home should be vacuumed thoroughly. This is to remove any lice or lice egg that may be present in the home. Furniture can also be vacuumed to ensure that there are no hidden lice infestations.

It is better to cover your furniture with a plastic painter’s drop cloth after vacuuming. Doing this can ensure that lice infestation does not reoccur in your home.


9. Petroleum Jelly



Petroleum Jelly is one of the potent home remedies for head lice. The use of petroleum jelly on the hair can have a stifling effect on head lice heading in the hair. It is also readily available for sale.

To apply to hair;

  • apply a heavy layer of jelly to the scalp before bed
  • cover the head with a shower cap; you may use a scarf to hold it down tightly
  • when you wake up, use baby oil to remove the jelly
  • Comb hair to thoroughly eradicate lice
  • Do process repeatedly for several nights in a row.


10. Listerine



Listerine is not only for washing mouth, but it can also be one of the perfect home remedies for head lice. To use Listerine for hair, soak hair completely in Listerine and cover with a plastic bag or shower cap for four hours. Shampoo and comb hair as usual.


11. Sanitize Hair Tools

Combs and brushes that are used in taking care of a lice-ridden person’s hair should be paid attention to. This should be done before and after wet-combing to avoid a spread of infection.

To sanitize tools, use hot water to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit with soap. Afterward, they can soak them in alcohol for at least an hour. In cleaning these tools, you can include all hair objects to be extra safe.




Now, with the home remedies for head lice mentioned above, be ready to get rid of head lice in no time, No more itchy scalp and unnecessary scratching.

Have you ever tried any home remedy for head lice? Share your experience in the comment section and let’s keep it rolling.

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