11 Homemade Body Wash Recipes You Have To Try

Homemade body wash recipes have made it easy to get good body wash. Generally, body wash is easier to make than it is to make soaps. It has also helped to simplify lifestyle while ridding your home products of chemicals.

Homemade body wash recipes are as important as choosing organically grown products over chemically boosted ones.



Just like eating fresh fruits instead of processed ones, using natural products for your body wash is more nutritious to the body when applied.

You must understand that to enjoy a natural and holistic lifestyle, you should use natural products.

In addition, using a homemade body wash helps you to reduce the body’s exposure to chemicals. The skin acts as a barrier for many things but can be penetrated by chemicals.

Such chemicals are usually contained in conventional bath and cleaning products that we use on the body.

For example, most products contain Sodium Sulfate which reduces the rate of mutation in the body, others contain Methylisothiazolinone which is suspected to cause cancer.

Also, homemade body wash recipes are easier to make. The ingredients are relatively cheap and a lot more can be made from the price of store-bought products.

This means that you can save more money while getting more for less amount. Apart from this, the wash can be used for various things like a facial wash, as a bubble foam for bath or as a shampoo. It is also great for kids and babies.


Basic Ingredients For Homemade Body Wash Recipes

1. Honey


Honey is an ingredient with diverse benefits for the body. It helps to keep your body moisturized and heals dry, damaged skin. Honey is great for all skin types and is safe even for kids.

Also, honey is popular for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The compound helps to disrupt the activities of microbes on the skin. Organic or Raw honey is best for use.


2. Castile Soap



Also known as vegetable soap, it is one of the gentlest soaps. Castile soap contains organic ingredients that are all-natural. The soap has no adverse effect on the skin and comes in liquid or bar form.

In its pure form, Castille soap is unscented and looks dull. However, you can also find scented ones.


3. Oils



In order for the body wash to be absorbed into the body, oils should be added to the mixture. No product can moisturize without having a base oil in it.

Oils like essential oils or Vitamin E oil is useful for creating a sensual body wash especially for you. Also, you need not use a moisturizer after a bath because of oil.

Vitamin E oil gives the body wash a longer shelf life while acting as an antioxidant for the body. Essential oils can add scents to your body wash. This is in addition to doing the work of soothing, repairing, healing and disinfecting that it does.


4. Vegetable Glycerin



This is a product of plant oils in carbohydrate form. It is often used in the food and skincare industry. This is because it can hold moisture, have a cooling effect and pulls oxygen to the skin.


11 Homemade Body Wash Recipes


1. Honey Body Wash Recipe




Half cup of raw honey
A half-cup of coconut oil
Twenty drops of your desired essential oil


How To:

Combine all ingredients together in a bowl
Mix together slowly
Pour into a spray or squeeze bottle.


2. Neem Body Wash Recipe

Apart from the basic body wash ingredients highlighted in this article, this recipe also uses neem and shea butter.

Neem can keep bacteria and viruses away while shea butter helps to keep your skin moisturized.


Ten drops of Neen extract
Six cups of distilled water
Half cup of coconut oil
Half bar of shea butter soap
One tbsp of bentonite clay
Fifteen drops of preferred essential oil

How To:

Chop soap bar into pieces and blend into a powder
Put distilled water and chopped soap in a large pot and allow to boil on the stove at medium heat
Wait for the soap to melt totally
Pour coconut oil and allow to melt too
Add clay; clay should be made into a paste first so that it can mix well
Then, pour into container of choice.


3. Coconut Milk Body Wash Recipe



This soothing body wash is especially good for moisturizing dry skin. It helps you to get rid of the parched and irritated skin.


A quarter of fat coconut milk cup
1/3 cup of liquid Castille soap
Ten to fifteen drops of essential oil

How To:

Pour ingredients in a bowl, then mix well
Transfer to a squeezer for use.

Note that the mixture may separate when left to sit for a long time. If this happens, just shake the bottle well before use.


4. Coconut Oil Body Wash Recipe

Coconut oil is especially useful for dry skin. Apart from moisturizing, it also protects the skin from infection and disorder.

This recipe can also work as a face wash because it is gentle on the skin.


Three tbsps of melted coconut oil
Two cups of unscented Castile soap
Fifteen to twenty drops of essential oil
One cup of rose water

How To:

In a container, mix ingredients together until well blended
Pour into a jar or squeeze bottle

Always remember to shake well before use.


5. Castile Body Wash Recipe




1/3 Cup of castile soap
Raw Honey- 1/3 cup
1/3 cup of olive or jojoba oil
Thirty to Sixty drops of essential oil of choice (Optional)

How To:

Pour all ingredients together in a bowl and mix until smoothly blended
Pour into a squeeze top container to use

Note: If you want to use this recipe with kids, use child-friendly essential oils like orange oil, vanilla or lavender oil.


6. Orange Body Wash Recipe



Using orange body wash leaves your body smelling good. Either orange or citrus essential oil will do for this recipe.


Twenty drops of sweet orange oil
Half a cup of castile soap
1/4 cup of honey
Ten drops of rose oil

How To:

Add ingredients together in a bottle
Shake bottle well


7. Essential Oil Body Wash Recipe

Next, on our list of homemade body wash recipes is this really cool blend of essential oils. This recipe uses different essential oils in making it.


1/4 cup of coconut oil
Fifteen drops of eucalyptus essential oil
Ten drops of lemon or grapefruit oil
Ten drops of sweet orange oil
One tbsp of vitamin E
Half cup of pure liquid castile soap
1/4 raw honey

How To:

Melt coconut oil in a microwave on medium setting heat for 30 seconds
Add honey, oils and vitamin E then mix well
Pour castile soap slowly and stir gently to avoid clumps
Pour into a bottle
And always remember to shake well before use.


8. Shower Gel Body Wash Recipe


One tbsp of raw honey
Half cup of Castile oil
Two tsp of vegetable glycerin
One tsp of olive or jojoba oil
Ten drops of desired essential oil
One tsp of vitamin E oil

How To:

In a bowl, mix ingredients together
Pour into a spray or pump bottle.


9. Almond Body Wash Recipe

This body wash recipe is unique in that it does not remove natural moisturizers from the skin. It only pampers the skin with the refreshing goodness of honey and almond.


Two teaspoons of almond oil
Three cups of liquid castile soap
A quarter of a cup of honey
Fifty drops of lavender essential oil

How To:

Pour ingredients directly into a bottle
Shake bottle well till ingredients is well mixed
Apply directly to the body.


10. Body Wash With Bar Soap Recipe

This recipe is fun and beneficial for you if you have squirmy little toddlers to take care of. It might be a bit strenuous because of the grating process involved.

If you are careful enough, you can do this recipe with your kids.


A Castile bar soap
About three cups of warm water
About ten to fifteen drops of essential oil

How To:

Grate your bar of soap with a cheese grater
Place grated soap in a pot and add warm water
Stir over medium heat until soap dissolves
Add more water until you achieve desired consistency
Add essential oil
Allow mixture to cool for an hour
Pour mix into a squeeze bottle and use.


11. Aloe Vera Body Wash Recipe



This body wash, amazingly, acts as a great cleaner while generally helping the skin feel better.


1/4 cup of Aloe Vera
1 bar of castile soap
One teaspoon of vitamin E oil
Twenty-five drops of a single essential oil or blend

How To:

Blend Aloe vera with soap thoroughly
Add drops of oil
Pour into a container of choice.




Are you still looking for a body wash? With the over ten homemade bodywash recipes above be sure to have a clearer, glowing and radiant skin. With the help of the chemical-free product, your skin will look just the way you want.

Have you ever tried any homemade body wash recipe? If yes, share your experience in the comment section and let’s keep the conversation going.

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