5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hot Yoga to Help You Lose Weight

Health Benefits Of Hot Yoga- Also known as Bikram Yoga, hot yoga is a great exercise that offers diverse benefits to those who practice it, i.e. the yogi. It was developed from traditional yoga poses by Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s and it comprises of 24 yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises that said to improve total body health and fitness.

The moves and breathing exercises are done in a room at 105 degrees Fahrenheit which is equal to 40 degrees Celcius. From here, the humidity of the room will be maintained at 40% which makes hot yoga a uniquely amazing workout experience.

It is no news that yoga has become increasingly popular in the western world. More knowledge of its practice and benefits for the mind and body has also increased over the years. However, what we do not know is the many amazing health benefits of doing hot yoga at increased temperatures.



Although many yogis have seen the effects of yoga moves on their body composition or on their friend’s, many have not tried hot yoga. Did you know that not only will you lose weight and achieve a well-toned doing hot yoga, it will also help you boost your body health, state of mind, and emotional health?

So, while practicing hot yoga, the increased room temperature affords your body a good environment to sweat, stretch, and accrue benefits of hot yoga. This article contains 5 of the most amazing health benefits of hot yoga that not only help you lose weight but also help you achieve a wholesome state of being.

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How Bikram Yoga Fits Into the Yoga World

If you regularly practice yoga, then you should try hot yoga. Although most beginners choose their preferred yoga style based on personal choice, philosophies, physical conditions, and goals, there is no doubt that doing yoga has real immense benefits; irrespective of choices.

Each yoga style emphasizes different aspects of fitness. While some require physical abilities, others focus on the spiritual. Some others also focus on breathing while others emphasize the poses. The best part is that there are yoga moves that emphasize all of these aspects of yoga.

This is where hot yoga comes in. Doing yoga moves in a room that is heated above normal body temperature makes you sweat and gives you a much satisfying experience. It gives you a unique experience and shows how your muscles and blood circulation work in an environment that is foreign. Hot yoga benefits abound and as such can be addicting.


How To Prepare For Hot Yoga

To prepare for hot yoga, drink a lot of fluids about 24 hours before your class. Fluids with electrolyte contents are an even better option. If you eat before classes, make sure there is at least a 2 hours window between then and when class starts.

This is to allow for proper digestion. Also, you should wear clothes that are made from breathable fabric and you can sweat in them comfortably.

Also, while doing hot yoga poses, you must pay attention to your body. Once you start feeling dizzy, make sure you stop doing whatever pose you are on and drink more water and electrolytes.


Risk Factors of Doing Hot Yoga

Yes, there are a diverse number of benefits that accompany doing hot yoga. However, it is also important that you don’t stay ignorant of the risk factors that may accompany doing hot yoga moves. These risks include:

  • Exhaustion

There is always the risk of exhaustion when doing hot yoga. This simply means that you can’t stand the risk of hot yoga and so your blood pressure drops, leaving you dizzy or nauseated. This is a reason you need to pay close attention to your body as the feeling comes unannounced. Beginners especially should pay keen attention to their body’s reaction to doing hot yoga.

  • Dehydration

As earlier said, there is a lot of sweating that happens during hot yoga. Therefore, you need to drink enough water before, during, and after each session to make up for the lost body fluid. Staying well hydrated can help prevent issues like fainting, nausea, and muscle cramps that may arise from exhaustion.

  • Injury

There is a possibility of overdoing yoga moves when during a session. This is because the poses increase the flexibility of body muscles. Hence, it is possible to overstretch yourself in executing a pose and not feel it until the session ends.

  • Hot Yoga Is Not For Everybody

As great as hot yoga is, it is not suitable for everyone. This is especially true for pregnant women, people with a heart condition or any other cardiovascular disease. If you belong to this category and will still like to do hot yoga, make sure to speak to a health practitioner before doing so. Asides the people in these categories, if you feel uncomfortable in a hot and humid room, you should not attempt Bikram yoga.


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Hot Yoga To Lose Weight

It’s no news that doing yoga is a unique form of exercise. While most exercises from the west involve running, push-ups, lifting a weight, and other physical tasking activities, yoga consists of minimal body moves; yet it yields high results. Here are five amazing health benefits of doing hot yoga.

1. Powerful, Flexible, and Balanced Body



On its own, regular yoga moves leave your body feeling flexible and powerful, now adding heat to it brings another dimension to yoga. This is because the heat relaxes your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and leaves them feeling flexible. The more flexible you are, the easier it is to get into a stretch.

Stretching is important for the body because it makes blood flow and circulation to the muscles easier. If your body is usually stiff, doing hot yoga will get you loosened up in no time.

For balance, a study on young adults who did Bikram sessions three times weekly for eight weeks showed an increase in balance and strength. Everyone who took part in the study showed an average 14% increase in strength and the ability to stand on one leg increased by 228%. This proves that heat also improves endurance.


2. It Blasts Body Fat



On its own, regular yoga does enough for losing fat. When heat is added to it, you lose a lot of body fat than you would during a regular yoga class. In a study published in the science journal of experimental physiology, a group of “lazy” adults aged between 40-60 years was studied.

A third of them were made to take regular yoga classes, another made to take a session of hot yoga three times weekly for 12 weeks, while the last third did nothing. In the end, it was realized that the yoga groups had increased heart health while those who did hot yoga lost more body fat than those who didn’t.

Some researchers believe that heat affects metabolism. Generally, any activity that increases your heart rate will help torch calories, burn fat, and boost weight loss. With Bikram yoga, even though minimal body movement is required, you lose fat because of the heat.


3. Improved Skin Health



As earlier stated, hot yoga sessions involve more heat and humidity that can be up to 40% sometimes. This means you are working out in a steamy, subtropical environment without leaving a room. As a result of the heat, you sweat a lot and sweat has a lot of advantage to your skin.

Sweat detoxifies the skin while also keeping it hydrated. In addition, sweating increases blood circulation and this ensures every part of your boy gets necessary nutrients to help you stay young, firm, and graceful.

However, there is also a need for caution, seeing as too much heat or sweat on the skin can cause problems like dryness or breakouts. Always remember to wear comfortable, breathable clothes and do not go for sessions with a load of makeup on your face. Also, ensure that your skin is freshly washed before going for sessions. Also, wash your skin and moisturize immediately after to lock the hydration.


4. A Strong Mind

When doing hot yoga, it needs a lot of determination and focus to stay in a position without falling while you are sweating. The sense of achievement you feel after doing this is inexplicable. What do I mean?



While doing Bikram yoga, your body feels like it’s fading away from the heat and is possible to suffer dehydration. This is one of the challenges of doing hot yoga. Getting your mind off the faint feeling and making it stay focused.

When you do it for the first time, you will be looking to drink a lot of water and cut class quick because you want to live. However, if you keep your determination, you will overcome the feeling soon and enjoy your sessions.

This means that over time, you would have learned to cope in adverse conditions and learn to manage stress. This is usually by taking deep breaths and learning to calm your mind. Some psychologists have referred to this as a form of stress prevention training. It has also been shown to be an effective treatment for PTSD. Hot yoga can help you stay in tune with your weight loss goal.


5. Improves Heart Health



On its own, regular yoga does not get the heart racing a lot. Add heat to it and you will get your heart doing more work than usual to keep in a position. So, not only does hot yoga helps you achieve stronger limbs, but it also helps to exercise your arteries and get the blood flowing.

A study has shown that young and satisfactory healthy adults who took Bikram yoga classes at least thrice weekly showed a reduction in arterial stiffness. This means that the blood floor in their artery was easier.

It also showed a reduction in their blood pressure and cholesterol level; which is great for health. Also, seeing as the easier you breathe, the easier blood flows, Bikram Yoga does magic for heart health.




Hot yoga focuses on all aspects of physical fitness to achieve total wellbeing. Although it is not the easiest yoga path to follow, it is an effective way for both beginner and guru to enhance flexibility, muscular strength, and improve weight loss. It also assists in body detox and reduces the risk of injury since the body is more flexible. Only hot yoga does this and more!

Start doing hot yoga now for best results and you will see a change in no time! Leave a comment in the comment section below on how hot yoga has helped you.

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