20 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Find More Happiness

How To Find Happiness – Every day many people on earth think about how to find happiness because as humans, we understand the need to be happy. But the question here is how many of these people are happy?

People struggle every day to put food on their table but still not happy. Some are even working with their dream jobs, driving their dream cars, but always on the lookout for ways to find happiness.

If you are looking at how to find happiness, you will realize that satisfaction is something that most times your money cannot buy. The poor would tell you that what they need to become happy is to make money, while those who have tasted wealth will realize it takes much more than money to become happy.

If you are here, I guess it’s because you are on the lookout on how to find happiness to simplify your life. So, I am sure you will consider other things of life that would spring up your happiness as you read on.



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1.Know yourself

First, it will be challenging to find happiness when you don’t get to understand yourself.

You need to know what motivates you, what breaks you down, what gives you joy, and what inspires you. It’s when you realize all this that you can easily find happiness.

Many people don’t know themselves because they spend time trying to please everyone around them without understanding if they are happy within or not.

By understanding yourself, you wake up to chase what makes you happy and do your best to see you realize it. If you can understand yourself, you will know the kind of friends to keep, the type of music to play, the type of food to eat and so much that would make your life simple.


2. Make friends

After you understand yourself, you will realize the kind of friends you can keep and those you can’t. Naturally, humans always try to make friends that have the same lifestyle as theirs but ask yourself if this friend will improve me or not.

It’s necessary to make friends you can learn from. Friends that can motivate and challenge you, friends that understand your predicament and friends that will be there in times of need.

I believe this is one of the ways to find happiness because if you can improve with a great friend, life becomes simpler and understandable. So, look out to make great friends that can motivate you to grow and not those that would make you become confused about yourself.

3. Avoid unnecessary loans

A friend of mine would say no one is above debt, and that’s true. Those in power have configured the system in such a way that you must borrow to see to your needs.

This why you need to avoid unnecessary loans. Once the system traps you in with exciting offers that you can’t resist, then you will realize that the system has messed up your life with too many unnecessary loans.

In the Western world, it’s been configured in such a way that the more you borrow and pay up, the more you have a great credit score, which helps you have a bigger offer to borrow much more.

This way, we make the credit card companies richer as they are willing to lend you more money and to make you leave a life of huge debt.

So many people find themselves depressed because of too many loans and hope to find a partner to pass up their miserable loans. It’s frustrating indeed that the system has made it this way.

However,  it will do you good to keep a budget of your finances and borrow for the most necessity which you can afford to pay up.


4. Make Money

A man might say money is the root of all evil, but give the same man some money, he collects it.

The truth is that we can’t do most things without money and when money solves some of our problems, we become happy. Just imagine the happiness that you feel when you realized that you have the money to pay up your next month’s bills available somewhere.

It gives great fulfillment and drives to keep chasing money.

 The ability to make money is necessary for life because you would discover this is one of the essential needs which can help you find happiness. If you are jobless, it’s depressing to know you need money but have nothing to pay bills.

I suggest you keep pushing up by sending out those CVS, learn a skill that can make you independent. Also, work online for extra bucks and look out to make every penny that comes your way.


5. Avoid trouble

As a human, we might not entirely avoid trouble, but it will do us every good to stay out of trouble in every way.

Trouble can affect you psychologically by making you regret so many things you have done or said due to anger. By controlling yourself and staying out of trouble, you will be glad you did, and you find happiness by thanking yourself for avoiding problems around you.

Be matured in your way of life because a saying goes that if you can respect others, you have automatically bought your self-respect. This is a great way to find happiness.


6. Exercise regularly



 Good exercises help to relax the body, and sure it’s something that can help you on how to find happiness. Exercise helps your brain to act and function correctly, and by staying fit and healthy, you will be happy about your lifestyle.

Research has stated that those who exercise more have less to worry about.


7. Think about your pleasant past

This is a great way to find happiness with your past pleasant memories. Think about those times you were still a kid, what makes them memorable, and smile about it. You see, life is simple, but we humans have made it tough on ourselves.

Because of the need to chase money, we have forgotten so many things to do on our own to make us happy.

Sometimes, you could play some old music that you grew up with as I have realized it’s the fast way to remember past pleasant memories.


8. Believe in something

Believing in something motivates you when you are down and feel like the world is against you. This why many around the world have always believed in something bigger than what they are.

And thereby hope it’s the only thing that can help them pass through any situation. You might call it your religion or anything, but as long as you believe in something more powerful than you, you can see it as your hope to overcome.


9. Have fun

They said that life is too short so it’s necessary to enjoy the best of your life. At a point, we all will say goodbye to mother earth, and it will be very well-fulfilling to see we enjoyed our very life.

So, we must have fun in so many ways. Go to the beach, make friends, eat your favorite meals, party, and feel happy.

10. Travel

I bet you there is no experience greater than traveling. Traveling exposes you to so much that no one can ever teach you. You can choose places in Africa to travel and go out there to see uphill mountains, animals, rivers and a new culture.

This is a way to live longer because you see the world out there; they don’t show you on televisions, and you will appreciate what the world has to offer.


11. Have a pet

For pet lovers, you will agree that to have a pet gives great joy. Our pets are adorable and loyal to us even till death. Pets are awesome, lovable, and they can make you feel loved and happy.

They understand when you are not happy and relate to your mood at any given time. You can buy some pet cameras to watch them even if you are not around and provide them with the impression you are there.


12. Help people

There is joy in helping people in need and seeing them smile. Helping people is one of the best ways to find happiness because you become fulfilled inside to see another be happy for your sake.

People do these often by visiting the motherless homes, helping the poor, pay for the project, and much more. Happiness is what we deserve, so we must try to make someone else find happiness.


13. Pay your debt

There is great happiness in paying up your debt. When you make up that money, try as much to offset your debts and enjoy the happiness that comes been free. We don’t like been embarrassed just because of debt.

That’s why you have to make sure you borrow what you can pay up and work to pay up your debt.

14. Find a partner

They say love is a beautiful thing, and we all can agree to that. By finding your very own partner, there is a great connection that flows by being in love. We all deserve love, and this is a good way on how to find happiness.

Once you meet that person your heart can melt for, you can create a great relationship and become happy. Love is sweet, and every person wants to feel loved.

15. Do things you love

Understanding and doing things you love is essential for your happiness. It could be dancing, playing music, going to the beach, traveling, games or anything else.

If you learn to do things you love, you will simplify your life and find happiness. By doing what makes you happy, you are living the life you have always wanted, and it’s great.


16. Be goal-oriented

Create a target in your life and map out strategies to meet them. Our goals would be achieved through that way, and if we become motivated to strive hard, there is nothing we can’t possibly gain.

First, we must try to know what we want in life and then set up measures to meet those goals. We won’t find it easy, but as long as we not distracted, our goals would be achieved, and we can, however, find happiness.


17. Plan

When you plan your way out, you will surely have a strategy to win always. If you must gain happiness, then learn to plan your life in the way it can help you live healthily.

Plans are essential in everything, and that’s why we must learn to plan on our happiness. Once we carry out our plans and strategies, we can sure be happy when it’s achieved.

18. Connect with friends



We make great friends, but these days we lack connection. With the help of Social media, it has been easy for us to find and connect with our friends. 

However, these days, even with the connection we have made with friends through this platform, we find ourselves hardly keeping a private relationship with them.

A connection is a great way to keep tabs with your friends. Once a friend decides to check you out by having conversations with you, you feel appreciated that they still care about you. This is a good way to stay happy as long as great connection flows.


19. Spend time with kids

Kids are special and can remind us, too, when we are once like them. Kids have no worries and can say things that can make you smile.

Spending time with kids is a sure way to stay happy and can also get you to engage by keeping attention to the details of their lives. Once you are close to them, they tend to love you and would always come around you.


20. Understand life

In general, if you must stay happy, you must understand life. Life itself is misery, but you can simplify life by making it count. If you know that we are just opportune to live here in a short time, then you will make your life count.

We don’t know what happens in the afterlife, and the best we can do is to appreciate our existence and find ways to derive happiness for ourselves.


Final words

We can understand that people spend time on how to find happiness. It’s a great thing to become happy because happiness comes with fulfillment.

I am sure with these 20 ways to simplify your life and find more happiness; you will start building on your way to find one. By staying happy, we get to live a healthy life.

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