How to lose lower belly fat in 1 week- Top 5 Fat Blasting Exercises

How to Lose Lower Belly Fat – A weight-loss challenge never feels complete with a bulging stomach. Belly fat is one of the most stubborn body fat that could be quite difficult to lose.

Lower belly fat, love handles or belly pouch gives you a body shape not so pleasing even if you have the prettiest face. Once upon a time, I went on the flat tummy quest and guess how it turned out! Keep reading to hear my story on how to lose lower belly fat in 1 week.

It is never easy on the plus-size beauty, you know? First, we’ve got to deal with the pressure we get from people. Comments, side talks, confrontations, and even nasty jokes about how big or fat the size is.

It is also a whole different and painful case when this hits our psychology. We get to feel low self-esteem, scared to talk to slim people because of the fear of being called FAT. Trust me; it takes a whole lot of determination and readiness to push through the phase of being fat to being slim.



While making efforts to lose weight, many people get it wrong with losing belly fat. Why does this happen? An average man would think that the low-carb weight loss diet, adjusted lifestyle, and some weight loss exercises could be sufficient to lose fat all over the body.

Yes! That assumption might be correct but it is not absolute. Although you might lose some weight in the visceral and abdominal region, it is also essential to adapt some belly toning exercises to your routine for a more prominent result.

Exercises that focus on the abdominal area will specifically help to tone your abs reflecting a sexy and flat tummy.

If you want to lose lower belly fat in 1 week, get to know something! Know that you have to be committed to the workout. Also, remember that nothing good comes so quickly. The journey might be rough, but it will surely come to an end. As tedious as it may seem at the beginning, you should know that there will always be a flat tummy to show for it later.

Let’s see how to lose lower belly fat in 1 week using some fat-blasting exercises.


How to Lose Lower Belly Fat in 1 week With Exercises

There are lots of exercises for a flat belly. They are so many that you may be in a dilemma of your choices. But there is no cause for alarm. Any abdominal exercise would do just fine to help you reduce lower belly fat.

In this post, I would share with you the top 5 fat-blasting exercises to lose lower belly fat in 1 week. Do any of these consistently and religiously for one week, and you will feel the shrink in your belly.


1. Classic Crunches



Just as it sounds, you need to “crunch” those belly fats. Classic crunches are the regular moves of crunch exercises.

This workout has several other fun variations that work amazingly well on the abdominal fat. When you rise every morning, rise to get some crunch, and you will sure bid pesky belly fat goodbye in one week.

This is how to lose lower belly fat in 1 week with the crunch exercise. See how to get into your crunch position!

How To Do

  • Lie down flat on a mat
  • Bend your knees and place your feet on the ground
  • Place your hands behind your head
  • Breathe in deeply to lift your upper torso off the floor and then exhale
  • Inhale again while going down back and exhale as you lift your body up
  • And then continue the rise-fall motion ten times and do 2-3 sets daily


2. Bicycle Exercise


Don’t think about a bicycle because you do not need one. It is only the motion in which you cycle your legs while doing this exercise that got the move such name.

Indeed, you roll your legs up and down just as if you’re pedaling a bicycle. As you do this, you put extraordinary pressure on your abdominal muscles.

This exercise is perfect for melting stubborn lower belly fat.

How To Do

  • Lie down flat on the floor with your back
  • Place your hands behind your head
  • Raise both legs off the ground and bend your knees
  • Move your right knee close to your chest, keeping your left leg hanging
  • Then take your right leg away and move your left leg close to your chest.
  • Keep doing this alternate motion for as long as you can.


3. Twist Crunches



If you’re perfect with your basic crunch exercise, it may get boring or less challenging. At that moment, when you feel a need for a little switch to your classic crunches, get on the twist variation.

Twist crunches put even harder pressure on your stomach. This crunch variation is one of the most effective tummy exercises to get rid of love handles. Whether the regular crunch, or the twist variation, all that needs to be achieved is a flat tummy. So, Go for it!

How To Do

  • Lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head.
  • Bend your knees just as it is in crunches, keeping your feet on the floor.
  • Lift your upper torso to your right and tilt your shoulder towards the left, leaving the left side of your torso on the ground.
  • Then, change sides and tilt your left shoulder towards the right, keeping the right side of your torso on the ground.
  • Make this alternate motion 10 times.


4. Mountain Climbers


Serious about melting accumulated fat in your lower abdomen? You should add this move to your workout arsenal. Mountain climbers exercise keeps you in a posture that makes it seem like you’re mountaineering.

The movement of your lower limbs stretches the lower abdomen. This exercise is also a good one to tone belly fat in the fastest possible time.

How To Do 

  • Begin in a plank position.
  • Place your hands under the shoulders and weight on just your toes.
  • Tighten your core and bring your right knee forward under your chest, with the toes just off the ground.
  • Return to your basic plank.
  • Then change legs, bringing the left knee forward.
  • Continue switching legs and begin to increase the pace until it feels a little like running in place in a plank position.
  • Keep moving at a fast pace for one minute.


5. Russian Twist



The Russian twist is another type of exercise that is used to work the abdominal muscles by performing a twisting motion on the abdomen. This twisting exercise is superb for your stomach workouts every morning.

You won’t only lose some fat; this move will also help you to carve out your abs and shape your sext and flat tummy. If you desire, you can do this exercise using dumbbells, medicine balls, or kettlebells.

How to Do

  • Lie down on the floor placing your feet firmly rooted on the ground
  • Bend your legs at the knees.
  • Raise your upper body to give a  V-shape with your thighs.
  • Extend your arms  in front of you  making it perpendicular to your torso
  • Clasp your hands or hold any weight of your choice. This is the starting position.
  • Then, twist your torso to the right side until your arms are parallel with the floor.
  • Pause for a second and get back to the starting position
  • So, you can now change sides repeating the same move on the opposite side.
  • Do 10-20 repetitions.




It is incredible to know how to lose lower belly fat in 1 week. But, it is best also to know how to keep your melting fat from coming back.

With the right mix of diet, healthy habits, and appropriate exercises, you will be okay. Try to stay away from high fat and sugar diet. Sleep well, stress less and keep a healthy life.

Also, there is one more thing! Always remember that only consistency can make exercises work well. You have to stay true to your belly workouts for maximum results.

I wish you the best in your quest for a flat tummy. Mine was successful; you can share your success story with us too.

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