10 Weight Loss Tips To Lose Weight Fast in a Week & Maintain It

How to Lose Weight Fast In A Week- Losing weight is one sure way to boost one’s confidence! This is because once you are toned and fit, you tend to switch up your attitude and confidence level.

To lose weight, you don’t have to put so much money into unproductive weight loss supplements or engage in rigorous workouts.

Also, you do not have to starve yourself in a bid to lose weight. At this point, I am sure you are thinking, ‘what exactly then should I do’?

Well, that is why this post is here for you. This post contains very detailed and flexible methods that answer the question of how you can lose weight fast in a week and keep it away for good!



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1. Eat Protein



Protein helps to guide against weight gain in that it reduces appetite, and it gives a feeling of fullness.

It is essential for the maintenance of weight gain because it increases the level of hormones that induce satiety in the body.

Alternatively, it reduces the number of your calorie intake, and this is an essential factor in keeping weight off.

The body requires a certain amount of energy to break it down, and this may increase the number of calories the body burns daily.


2. Use Vitamin D Supplement



Vitamin D has been said over time to help in weight loss.

A research discovered that people who began a weight loss program with high levels of vitamin D lost more weight than those that are deficient in vitamin D. 

Also, vitamin D helps to increase the effectiveness of leptin, which is a hormone that sends the signal of fullness to the brain.

Since it is not so easy to get vitamin D from foods, a vitamin D supplement might just come in handy here. For this supplement, however, a dosage of 1,000 international units is recommended for everyday dosage.


3. Put Your Weight In Check



Checking your weight on a weight scale regularly can also be helpful regarding putting the shed weight off permanently.

This is not to make you feel like you are not making progress (as the case may be) but to make you aware that you are making progress. If you are making progress, it will encourage you and help you make healthy weight control decisions.

One thing to note is that people who weigh themselves tend to consume fewer calories daily. And this can be very helpful if you are hoping to maintain weight loss.

You have a choice as to whether to weigh yourself daily, weekly, or monthly.


4. Increase The Volume Of Your Meals

Since we eat almost the same quantity of food daily, we must do this in moderation. This includes foods with lower calorie density per gram. F

or foods that have lower calorie density are high in water content, and they include fruits, vegetables, soup, and low-fat dairy. Also, they are high in fiber- beans, fruits, vegetables, and they are lower in fat.

Foods like crackers, dry and salty snacks, and dense baked foods are to be moderately consumed. This is because they are high in calorie density and can make it difficult to slim down.

To lose weight fast in a week, consume foods with lower calories and in high quantity.


5. Engage In ‘Out Of The Gym’ Exercise

Often, to successfully lose weight, the exercises might be strictly in the gym. In this case, you are trying to keep those weight off; that is why you need to think outside the gym at this point.

Getting a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises for at least five times a week is essential for burning off more calories. You can combine the cardiovascular exercise with strength training for at least twice-a-week.

Asides that, you can burn far more calories by increasing activities we do daily such as walking and standing.

You can decide to walk home from your bus stop or stand and walk around while you are talking to someone on the phone – these little activities count.

If you do this for 10 minutes every day at a three mph pace, you will burn up to 1,000 calories on a monthly basis, and this will amount to 3 pounds in a year.

Also, you can engage in more active activities such as dancing and going to the movies because they help to burn more calories.


6. Outsmart Your Appetite

It is normal for you to crave chocolates because our bodies are programmed in such a way that we have to want rich foods.

It gets worse when you can not do without it, or you start to overdose on icecreams, chocolates, cakes, and the likes.

The best thing you can do to lose weight is avoiding foods that make you go overboard. I know this is difficult to do, especially when you have ‘free’ people around you.

At this point, you need to adopt a technique called “mindful resistance.” This mindful resistance has to do with you, continually reminding yourself of the health benefits associated with weight loss.

Whenever you are tempted to have a cup of ice cream, instead of thinking about the taste, remind yourself how small you want your waist to be.

This technique will help boost and improve the area of your brain that enables you to resist things. And in return, the part that makes you see sweet things as a reward will be weakened.

Also, make sure you eat healthy foods all through the day, as this will keep you feeling good and energized. These foods will help boost your glucose level and will help you say NO to treats and the likes.


7. Watch Your Carb Intake



It is essential that you take the number of carbs you eat into consideration because reducing its consumption will help you lose weight.

If you are one person that likes to eat refined carbs- white pasta, white bread, and fruit juices, you will find it hard to slim down.

This is because these foods have been processed- stripped of their natural fiber, which helps to keep the stomach full.  These types of foods are known to cause excess weight gain, which leads to obesity.

Low-carb diets are necessary for weight maintenance because you tend to eat more calories than you burn.


8. Get Enough Sleep



Don’t be surprised to see sleep listed as one of the tips on low to lose weight fast. Lack of enough sleep is one of the factors that lead to weight gain in adults and can make it challenging to maintain weight.

This is because when you do not have enough sleep, the hormone ghrelin called the “hunger hormone” will be produced by the body in excess.

And when this hormone is produced, it increases the appetite, which makes you want to eat all day long.

Also, in people who do not sleep well, they tend to have lower levels of leptin. Leptin is a hormone responsible for appetite control- poor sleepers tend to eat without controlling themselves.

Lastly, poor sleepers are always tired, and this will make them eat anything because they have no motivation to workout and eat clean.

To lose weight in no time, and maintain overall health, have enough sleep for at least 8 hours every day.


9. Cut Down On Fat

Another tip on how to lose weight fast in a week is to reduce your fat intake. Like they say, “don’t eat fat if you don’t want to get fat’. However, not all fat is bad as there are fats that help you lose weight.

This is where unsaturated fats found in nuts, avocados, soymilk, tofu, fatty fish, and seeds come to play. Include any of the mentioned foods into your diet to lose weight and maintain the shed weight.


10. Eat Fruits, Fiber, And Veggies



The fact that you are reducing your calorie intake does not mean you should eat less food. You can go for foods high in fiber- vegetables, beans, and whole grain.

This is such that they take longer to digest- keep you feeling full for longer. Hence, you lose weight.

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables- raw or steamed, berries- blueberries, and strawberries as they contain more fiber. Above all, endeavor to eat clean and healthy-  control what you eat and how you eat.


Bonus Tips

  • Keep an exercise journal

Writing down your fitness achievements is a fabulous way to track your progress, give yourself positive feedback, and maintain focus on your goals.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is key to keeping weight off. Both consistency and dedication work hand in hand.

Instead of on-and-off dieting that ends with going back to old habits, it is best to stick with your new healthy diet and lifestyle for good.

And in the long run, you will begin to see the results of your clean and healthy living.

  • Drink More Water

Drink more water. We often confuse thirst with hunger. This is why you have to drink water so you can avoid extra calories.



The question of how to lose weight fast in a week is one that many people seek answers to daily.

In this post, we have added the best tips that answer this predominant question. You can use all at once or introduce them in stages.

While these tips are no magic potion, you are assured of obvious results in a week. Let us know in the comment section below which tip worked best for you and your results.

If you know other tips not mentioned here, please drop them in the comment section too!

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