How to Lose Weight if You’re Over 200 Lbs : Effective Steps

How To Lose Weight- My neighbor, Stacy, weighs over 200 lbs. Last year, she confirmed that the last time she checked, she was about 350 pounds.

I was shocked! I heard a silent scream in my head: “How will she shed off so much fat?”.

Stacy continually sought different sources to know how to lose weight. Unfortunately, she tried many approaches: quick-fix diet scheme, exercises, and weight-loss pills, but none of it helped her keep the weight off long term.

Trust me; this could be a very depressing situation for anyone, especially when you have tried all you could to lose weight.

Stacy spent most of her time indoors because she grew uncomfortable with her stature.

As I was concerned for her, I had to work with her with some helpful tips that finally helped her to shed weight. Read on to know how to lose weight even if you weigh 200 pounds and above.



Losing weight isn’t about just trying out anything; you need to be ready to do the right things. If you’re over 200 lbs, shedding weight might not be as difficult as you expect as these tips simplify it!


1. Eat More Fiber



How does fiber help you to lose weight? Foods rich in fiber are naturally filling and satisfying. In that, they keep you full for a very long time reducing your cravings for excessive eating.

You can simply eat soluble fiber like oatmeal as breakfast. When you take a bowl of cereal, you are not likely to feel very hungry for food until very much later in the day.


2. Add Protein to Your Diet



Proteins are essential food sources that aid fast weight loss. This is because diets rich in protein provides you with a powerful boost of body metabolism that helps you burn enough calories daily.

Proteins also take quite a lot of time to digest in the gut, making you eat less and feel satisfied for longer.

This is why you could also take protein-rich breakfast to curb your feeding. Diets for weight loss should have protein because they help to build muscles.

The building of body muscles is a way of burning body fats, and you can only do this by eating more proteins.


3. Reduce Sugar Intake



When weight loss becomes an urgent need, a first step to take is to cut down on your calorie consumption daily.

One sure way to do that is by reducing sugar intake. Processed sugar is a dangerous body calorie builder you should avoid as much as possible.

Sugar also spikes insulin, which influences the rate at which the body stores fat. For a healthier alternative, replace sugar with honey if you cannot do without food sweetener.


4. Drink More Water



The best weight loss drink ever is water. You need to ditch soda drinks, juice, beverages, alcohol, or carbonated drinks because they all add up to your body calorie.

You need to drink water as much as possible to avoid taking processed drinks.

Water should be your favorite drink if you want to lose weight fast. This is because it contains low calories and no sugar content.

You can also take enough water before taking any meal. This will help you consume less.

Water also helps to achieve weight loss by keeping you hydrated always. When you’re thirsty, the brain may interpret wrongly to mean hunger, which is why you need to take enough water.

When you keep yourself hydrated, the feeling of hungry to consume more may subside.


5. Take Detox Drinks



Many people find it annoying to keep up with drinking plain water. Detox water is a way to up your water intake and purify your body system.

Detox drinks for weight loss majorly contain water infused with natural fat-burning ingredients. A quick weight loss can be obtained not only by using water but also detox water.


6. Stop Drinking Alcohol



Alcohol has the same number of calories as fat but without any nutritional value.

If you’re an addict, this is a great sacrifice you need to make to get back in shape. It shouldn’t be too much to do to gain your confidence and self-esteem, right?


7. Sleep Well



Adequate sleep can help you lose weight as good rest favors the proper function of your hormones when you don’t sleep well; body fat-reducing hormones like insulin malfunction.

With well-functioning insulin, fat cells remove fatty acids and lipids from your bloodstream and prevent storage.

Hormonal disorder due to lack of rest may make you become more insulin resistant. Then, fats (lipids) circulate in your blood and results in a rapid pump of insulin.

Eventually, this excess insulin ends up storing fat in all the wrong places, such as tissues like your liver. And this is how you become fat and suffer from diseases, e.g., diabetes.

Lack of enough rest also increases your cravings for food and making you hungry. More stress, lack of sleep makes you eat more and gain excessive weight.

It is advisable to sleep for 6-8 hours during the night. This will improve the functioning of your body organs and reduce stress.

If you want to lose your body fat quickly, you need to stop staying up late into the night to watch TV, read novels or play video games.

Try to get enough hours of rest every day because your body naturally loses some calories when in a state of rest.


8. Go For a One Month Carb Detox

Overweight people are likely to have insulin resistance. This is a contributory factor to the storage of excess fat in the body.

Eliminating carbs will help to lower your insulin levels and consequently boost your fat loss.

For you to go on a carb detox mission, you must remove fruit and high carbohydrate vegetables such as potatoes, Swedes, and parsnips from your diet.


9. Reduce Stress Levels

Hormonal imbalance ranks on the list of reasons for weight gain. The stress hormone called cortisol is one of the most significant problems for women trying to lose weight.

This is because an increase in cortisol encourages the conversion of blood sugar into fat.

Although there are several ways to beat stress-induced weight gain, you must keep your stress level down for fast weight loss.  Less stress can lead to less fat.


10. Avoid Processed Foods and Trans Fats



Now is the time to quit eating donuts, cupcakes, pizzas, fries, hamburgers, and so on. Processed foods and transfats are high in unhealthy fat and sugar.

These contribute to accumulating your calorie intake and increase body fat.

I know this might seem a bit difficult for people who eat out a lot. But you’ve got to do the right thing to lose those pounds.

To make things easier for you, I would suggest that you make a conscious effort to keep your refrigerator loaded with fruits and veggies.

You can also ensure that you stock your kitchen up with ingredients and kitchen appliances to make cooking at home easy and fun.


11. Eat When You’re Hungry

Losing weight doesn’t come by depriving yourself of food. It could make the situation worse. When you’re hungry, go and eat.

While striving to lose weight, you could have healthy snacks at intervals of the main meal to keep you full.

Protein shakes, and some other detox water recipes can be fixed easily into your diet for healthy weight loss.

Some people skip breakfast, take fruit for lunch because they want to lose weight. This isn’t the best approach. Do you know why?

Before the day runs out, they get so hungry that the shove quite too much of calories into their stomach just in one meal.

It is best to eat when you’re hungry provided that you eat healthily. Take healthy snacks, protein shakes, detox drinks, fruits, and vegetables. You could simply take a breakfast rich in protein and fiber.


12. Heal your Digestive Tract

This is how to lose weight fast if you weigh 200 lbs or more. The accumulation of toxic by-products of the food we eat in the body system translates to body fat.

Also, overeating may cause damage to the body’s gut bacteria and the ability to absorb nutrients.

So, even when you start to have your healthy diets to lose weight, the digestive tract isn’t in good condition to process the meals.

So, detoxification should be several considerations if you are searching for how to lose weight. This is because your healthy diet will only work in the body if you improve good gut bacteria.

Healing the digestive tract can be done using apple cider vinegar, detox drinks, and some probiotic supplements.


13. Don’t Make Exercise A Priority

Yes! I mean that. Don’t forget that you weigh over 200 pounds. Jumping straight into exercises and intense workouts may be too much of a stress on you.

Exercising at that weight will unnecessarily stress your joints and cause cravings.

When you put yourself through challenging workout sessions because you’re desperate to lose weight, you may end up being frustrated by the whole process and give up.

This is why you have to take one step at a time to get there. It is enough to start by making some lifestyle and dietary changes and get a balance before introducing workouts.

Rather than a first engagement in tedious exercises to lose weight, I would suggest a 30-60 minute walk daily. This won’t blast away the fat instantly, but it will help to boost metabolism, resulting in a clearer mind.

Once you’re comfortable with your eating routine and your body has adequately adjusted, then you can start to look into more intense workout plans and tackle them.


14. Patience

You probably come across different tips on how to lose weight regularly. It is quite easy to talk about losing weight like it’s a magical process.

But the reality is that weight loss isn’t magic. It’s your body responding to many strategies you’ve put in place for you to shed fat.

This is why you should always bear in mind that weight loss is a gradual process, and it doesn’t happen in just a twinkling of an eye.

I understand that you might desire to see visible results of your changed lifestyle and diet as fast as possible, but PATIENCE keeps you going.

Even when it seems it isn’t working so quickly, just be patient as your body will run its normal course to respond.


15. Don’t Give Up

When trying to lose weight, it’s one thing to be patient for results, and it is another thing to strive to continue at all costs.

Some people quickly give up the zeal to pursue their weight loss goals at some point.

This is because losing weight may not be so fun. It could be frustrating. But no matter how difficult the weight loss journey could be for you, it’s worthwhile if you end up victorious. So, DON’T GIVE UP!



On a final note, I would love to add that losing weight, especially when you weigh over 200 lbs, isn’t impossible. Before you make a move on shedding off pounds, you need to change your mindset about weight loss.

Regain your self-confidence at first, be ready to make people see you’re making an effort. All these will motivate you to keep on until you have your desired shape.

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