5 Ways To Use Essential Oils In The Car To Make Journeys So Much Better (& Safer)

Studies have shown that an average American spends over an hour and a half in his car every day. Often, people are stuck in traffic and as a result, get irritated or angry. This is avoidable if people knew how to use essential oils in the car.

On its own, driving is a strenuous exercise and sometimes, listen to your favorite radio or song may do little for your mood. So, why not try out other natural ways to relax, avoid anger and control road rage.


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Essential oil as an option for use on the road can turn those frustrating periods on the way to a relaxing and refreshing experience. It is achievable through aromatherapy, a process that can have a range of physical and mental effect on users.

Essential oils carry biologically active volatile compounds of flowers and plants in a highly concentrated form. They are, in many ways, the essence of the plant and can provide therapeutic benefits in very small amounts.

The above quote is by Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician. This further proves that essential oil can bring down stress level while some can increase mental alertness and concentration. Therefore, the knowledge of how to use essential oils in the car can make driving safer.


How Essential Oils Affects Moods

Further studies have shown that smell can affect us based on previous experiences. That is, often, we connect scents with emotional experiences at the time.

This is because the olfactory bulbs have connections with the scenting process and the amygdala that appropriates emotions. Studies have also shown the prejudiced nature of associating scents with mood. However, essential oils differ in this regard.

Because these concentrated plant oils contain active bioactive substances, they elicit physiological actions. Diffused Essential oil reaches the respiratory system, and is instantly assimilated into the bloodstream. Although, response to the oil dispersed differs, they still affect us emotionally and physiologically.



Making A Choice Of  How to Use Essential Oils In The Car

It is not all essential oil that is safe for use in the car. The reason is that some oils can make you sleep off at the wheel. Lavender oil is an excellent example of oils that are calming and can make you over relaxed while driving. Another example of such oil is Chamomile oil.

In addition to this, some oils can make you reckless and has the potential to lead to road rage and over speeding. Eucalyptus oil for one is so intense that it can make you feel nervous or overactive.

Any fragrance you are choosing must be able to make you feel relaxed enough to concentrate, perceive threats and respond quickly while removing irritation and anxiety.


Essential Oils To Use In The Car


1. Peppermint Oil



Peppermint oil increases mental attentiveness. It should be used with care because it can affect children that are in the car with you. So, it is better used closer to the driver rather than dispersed throughout the vehicle. A drop on a handkerchief is enough to be inhaled if you feel hot or nauseous.


2. Rosemary Oil



This essential oil is perfect for drivers because it helps them stay alert and awake during driving. It boosts concentration and helps to avoid accidents quickly. A drop or two on tissue, tucked into your collar or shirt pocket is enough.


3. Cinnamon Oil



Cinnamon oil is an extract of the cinnamon tree. The tree primarily recognized for its sweet, spicy nature and so its oil helps you to stay alert and focused. Cinnamon oil extract also removes a headache and fatigue from long hours of driving.


4. Lemongrass Oil



This essential oil is a child-friendly alternative to peppermint oil. It is safe for children while helping you to focus better while driving. Lemongrass oil also helps to remove stuffy smells and can mask the strong odor of sweat and vomit.


5. Grapefruit Oil



Because of its citrus smell, grapefruit oil is uplifting and soothing. Grapefruit oil helps to alleviate the sluggishness during long hour drives. It also helps to remain alert and calm while driving. Apart from this, it relieves fatigue and headache.


How To Use Essential Oils In The Car To Make Car Safer


1. As Air Fresheners

An essential oil can be used to replicate air fresheners on the car. It is quite simple to create too.


  • Get a sheet of wool
  • Cut it to any shape of your choice and pierce a hole at one end
  • Attach a string to the hole and tie the ends into knots
  • Drop two to three drops of your chosen essential oil on the wool and hang it

Note: Hanging air fresheners on your rearview mirror can be a risk. It is better to hang them on the hook at the back of car seats instead.



2. Through Air Ventilators

A simple, gadget-free way that answers the question of how to use essential oils in the car is to place a few drops of oil on a cotton bud, attach to a safety pin and pin to car’s ventilation system.

Another alternative is to clip a flat piece of cork to air vents in the car or stick to the flat side of clothe’s clip and clip it on.

If you are unsure of its safety for your passengers, place the cotton ball in your pocket. If your passengers are pregnant women or children, this precaution is essential. Remember that not all essential oil is safe for use for children or pregnant women.


3. By Using Humidifiers

To diffuse essential oils in the car, humidifiers that are specially made for cars can be bought. These are powered by plugging it into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Diffusers that have plain reusable pads can be used with any essential oil you wish to use. Extensive range of car diffuser selection is available at local spiritual stores or online.


4. The Use Of Tissue Paper

Another simple, gadget-free way to diffuse essential oils in the car is to use place one or two drops of desired essential oil on a roll of tissue and then place on your dashboard. Diffusion occurs when the heat from your car engine heats up the tissue hence releasing the oil.



5. Use A Spritz Bottle

Using essential oils on long rides that are potentially tiring should be through spritz bottles. Especially on days that are hot, a few blasts is enough to pick up your mood. Just add about two to three drops of oil to water

Just add about two to three drops of essential oil like citrus or peppermint to water to enjoy the long ride. Nevertheless, you should take breaks in between along the way.

Where To Buy Essential Oils

As previously discussed, it is important to choose 100% pure essential oils, free of adulterants and additives. It is also advisable to opt for certified organic essential oils.

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When you are trying out an essential oil for the first time, remember that they are potent. It is vital that you take it slow by using only one or two drops at a time. Cars have insufficient space, so using too more at a time can be harmful enough to cause headaches and nausea. After use, if anyone in the car feels uncomfortable, please roll the window down to allow fresh air. Now, that’s how to use essential oils in the car.

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