How to Increase Testosterone Naturally + 5 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally- Testosterone is mainly a male sex hormone. However, women also possess it in small quantity. As a steroid hormone, it is secreted in the man’s testicle and the ovary of the woman. The adrenal gland also produces it in small quantities.

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For boys, testosterone is a primary cause of physical changes during puberty. It causes changes in hair growth, deep voice, and improved muscle development.  It is also important to continually know how to increase testosterone naturally over the years.

This is because, for adults, a healthy level of testosterone works to reduce the risk of diseases, improve general health, sexual functioning, and every other body needs. This also creates an increase in the body’s testosterone level which causes an increase in muscle mass and vitality within weeks.

For women, the level of testosterone attains its peak while in their 20s and declines after this period. This testosterone drop can affect the balance between the level of estrogen and testosterone negatively. The drop results in slow metabolism, increased body fat, reduced strength, and bone mineral density. It also causes a difficulty in putting on more muscle.


Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Level

Before you think of how to increase testosterone naturally, you must have seen signs that indicate that your testosterone level is low. As earlier stated,  the level of testosterone reduces with age. This means that as you age, your body will present one or two of these range of symptoms:

  • Reduction in sex drive or libido that may include difficulty getting aroused or a lack of excitement for sex
  • Hair loss or thinning
  • Heightened irritability or depression
  • Reduced energy levels or exhaustion
  • Increased weight gain without changing your diet or inability to lose weight
  • Problem building and maintaining muscle mass or sagging in the upper arms.



How to Increase Testosterone Naturally


Because testosterone is essential for the body, it is necessary that it should be available in the required amount. Therefore, we have put together a list of how to increase testosterone naturally. These tips can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle to maintain or improve your body’s testosterone level.


1. Sleep Well



Our first recommended natural way to increase testosterone naturally is quality sleep. An article in the journal Current Opinion of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Obesity, opines that getting enough sleep at the right time is an efficient way to naturally increase testosterone.

Every night, the body’s circadian rhythm resets itself and releases chemicals like cortisol. Cortisol adds to the total balance of hormonal level and so prevents low T-levels. It has also been claimed that one hour of sleep between 10 pm and 2 am window has the same healing effect as two hours of sleep before and after this window.

Therefore, it is vital that you place priority on sleeping for about 7-8 hours every night. This might mean that you need to drop habits and rearrange schedules that stop you from getting this much sleep. Prioritize your rest as much as you do healthy diet and lifestyle. It is also crucial that you conform to the 10 p.m to 2 a.m time frame. If you have problems sleeping, please visit your doctor.


2. Intermittent Fasting

Our second recommendation to increase testosterone naturally is intermittent fasting. Fasting intermittently exhibits signs that it helps to boost testosterone by almost 200 percent or even up to 400 percent. Also, a study conducted by the University of Virginia Medical School found that growth hormone levels progressed up to 2,000 percent more than the average level in men who had no calories for 24 hours. The growth in hormone levels was associated with testosterone.

Simply put, intermittent fasting means that you skip a meal or eat meals closely together. That is you could decide to skip dinner daily or eat dinner before 6 pm every day to allow your organs rest. Such organs include the liver that is especially important for balancing hormones like testosterone naturally.


3. Embrace Cholesterol



Since testosterone a product of cholesterol, it is not surprising that a deficiency in consumption of cholesterol means that your testosterone level will also reduce.  Previous research shows that there exists an apparent connection between HDL cholesterol levels and free testosterone levels.

Since protein contains most testosterone in the body, bear in mind that unattached, or free, testosterone is considered bioavailable and easily accessible for tissue uptake.

Also, adding whole eggs to a reasonably carbohydrate-restricted diet can help to increase the lipoprotein profile (increased HDL cholesterol). The leading foods that contain cholesterol are usually the ones that provide saturated fat in high quantity. Such foods include egg yolks, red meat, and seafood such as shrimp, squid, and lobster.


4. Maintain The Average Vitamin D Level

Vitamin D is arguably an essential vitamin when it comes to testosterone. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology examined the relationship between vitamin D supplementation and testosterone levels in men. The authors found that participants with higher levels of vitamin D had significantly higher levels of free testosterone compared to those with insufficient levels of vitamin D.8 Based on these study results, it appears vitamin D has a strong relationship with testosterone levels.

Vitamin D aids many bodily functions like keeping the sperm count and quality high. There is a close correlation between the Vitamin D level and the body’s testosterone level. The lower the Vitamin D level, the smaller the testosterone. The preferred way to maintain a decent Vitamin D level is by exposing yourself to 15-30 minutes of sunshine daily. The Sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D.

Any day that you don’t get 20 minutes of direct sunlight on your skin, you want to supplement with 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3. If you test your blood levels and you’re extremely low — below 50 IUs — you typically want to do 5,000 IUs twice a day for three months until you get those numbers up. You can do everything in the world, but if your vitamin D levels aren’t right, your testosterone levels will stay low.

A few other supplements that can help include adaptogenic herbs that lower cortisol, like ginseng. Ginseng benefits healthy testosterone levels. In fact, research from the University of Hong Kong unveiled that ginseng increased testosterone levels in rats, making it yet another natural testosterone booster.


5. Reduce Body Fat



Dr. Gary Wittert, head of University of Adelaide Australia’s School of Medicine asserts that

Weight loss has a predictable and linear relationship with increased testosterone naturally

When you examine the effects of insulin resistance and inadequate sleep on testosterone, you will find that it is correct to say that they are interconnected with obesity. It is vital to reduce the rate of consuming processed sugar as it has been reported to cause insomnia, obesity, diabetes and other hormonal imbalances.

Also, reduce the consumption of fructose such as milk and instead, go for plenty fruits and vegetables.


6. Exercise



One of the efficient ways to increase testosterone naturally is to engage actively in exercise. Exercise is also great for reducing the risks of several diseases that relate to lifestyle.

A review study affirms that people who do regular exercises have higher testosterone and that in elderly ones, testosterone levels and fitness can be improved through exercises. Also, new research in obese men proposes that an increase in physical activity is more advantageous than a weight loss diet that is for increasing testosterone levels.

In both long term and short term, the best type of exercise to help increase testosterone naturally is resistance training like weightlifting. HIIT is also extremely useful even though all kinds of exercise can go a long way in boosting it. When you combine caffeine and creatine monohydrate as supplements with a training program, it may further heighten your testosterone level.


5 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements


1. Vintage Boost



Vintage Boost is a potent natural testosterone booster that helps to boost strength, muscle, and energy. It does this by delivering a dose of needed pro-testosterone ingredients. It contains natural androgenic hormone amplifiers, which naturally improve libido and sexual health.Vintage boost is also useful for all ages and can be used without the risk of possible side effects.

Your body adapts to your dosage from week to week so that your body does not get immune to it. Vintage Boost contains a selection of crucial vitamins and minerals, along with pro-testosterone and anti-estrogen nutrients and compounds. It also provides D-aspartic acid which acts as a natural regulator of testosterone synthesis. It contains Prasterone which counteracts the impacts of aging-induced lower testosterone levels.


  • Made from purely natural ingredients
  • Absence of steroids
  • Contains pro-testosterone and anti-estrogen compounds
  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc
  • Contains vitamin B6 which promotes the synthesis of testosterone
  • Get results in just 2 to 3 weeks
  • 126 capsules.


2. Testofuel



Testofuel is one of the best supplements to increase testosterone naturally on the market. It uses all-natural ingredients and is, therefore, one of the safest supplement for men who are looking to improve muscle size and strength immediately. Apart from muscle gains, it provides the user with increased energy levels, improved mood, and sex drive.

It is set apart from other products of its kind by the manufacturer’s constant researching and updating of ingredients. Therefore, you can be sure that each product you get conforms to the latest clinical study available. This is unlike some other manufacturers that formulate a product and do not update it for a long time or at all.

Also, each ingredient is researched extensively and carefully tested and measured to be highly efficient. Its main components D­-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, and Oyster Extract are clinically proven to boost testosterone levels.


  • Result is almost instantaneous
  • Develops muscle mass & strength
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Speeds up recovery rate
  • Enhances Sex Drive


3. BoostULTIMATE Testosterone Booster



BoostULTIMATE is one of the best supplements to increase testosterone naturally. It comes highly praised by satisfied users. It is a potent testosterone enhancer that can help you get bigger and stronger instantly. BoostULTIMATE is made from a broad variety of ingredients that are popular for their ability to help boost the level of testosterone and treat the consequences of erectile dysfunction. Its components include Pumpkin Seed, Ginseng, Maca, L-Aganine, Catuaba Bark, Licorice, and Tribulus Terrestris.

BoostULTIMATE ensures positive results by using a diverse range of ingredients. Apart from increasing testosterone levels, it also lowers stress and anxiety. For increased libido and sex drive, BoostULTIMATE is a reliable choice. Taking two capsules of it every day places you on the track towards an overall improvement in health.


  • Contains a wide range of natural ingredients
  • Increases energy and endurance within hours of taking a capsule
  • Naturally increases testosterone levels
  • Lowers stress levels and increases endurance rate
  • Increase sex drive and libido
  • Strengthens your blood vessels which prevent erectile dysfunction and improves cardiovascular health.
  • Guarantees permanent results if you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • 60 capsules (30-day supply).


4. Test Booster 1.0 by Blade Nutrition



Blade Nutrition Test Booster 1.0 is a perfect T-booster to ensure your body is increasingly producing testosterone while burning fat and building muscle. It increases your energy level both within and outside the gym. The booster is a product of entirely natural ingredients to increase your energy level or maintain them at the highest.

It is also made to support your body’s anabolic system without affecting natural production. Test Booster 1.0 works with your body to increase your natural test levels, support muscle density, and balance metabolism level.

Its primary ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid which has been clinically shown to assist the body in the release and production luteinizing hormone. It also boosts the level of endogenous testosterone during training. As a metabolic support, D-Aspartic Acid can cause an increase in the size of muscle and boost natural fat burning processes.


  • Supports growth of strength and muscle
  • Has an estrogen management system to boost free testosterone effectiveness
  • Multi-Pathway testosterone supporting capabilities.


5. BRI Nutrition Tribulus Terrestris



Last on our list is BRI Nutrition Tribulus Terrestris. It is another best testosterone booster that is strong and effective. It contains Steroidal saponins compound that is extracted from the Tribulus plant and then packed into an easy to swallow capsule. Each dose of this booster contains 45% steroidal saponins which is more than any other Tribulus product on the market.

BRI Nutrition Tribulus Terrestris possesses a potent dose of steroidal saponins compounds that offer a quick and effective boost to your testosterone levels. It also increases the level of endurance and heightens the rate of muscle recovery. If you are looking to build muscles or lose weight, it is one of the best boosters that guarantee a fast result. Also, it can help to treat erectile dysfunction by improving your libido.


  • Ingredients are 100% safe and natural
  • Contains the highest concentration of Bulgarian Tribulus available
  • Increases testosterone level naturally
  • Improves endurance, mental focus, and libido
  • Reduces stress levels and promote weight loss
  • Each bottle contains a 90-day supply.



Unlikely as it may sound, a healthy level of testosterone is essential for overall health and wellness. The testosterone hormone in a man’s body drives manliness in him. If you have a low testosterone level, you should ensure you take good care of your body by taking those supplements.

It is often said that health is wealth. Paying attention to one’s lifestyle and habits is a must. Now that you know how you can increase testosterone naturally, do so and do it quick. Healthy living is paramount, take steps now.


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