Ketosis Signs : 7 Symptoms You Might Be in Ketosis When On Ketogenic Diet

Ketosis Signs-The ketogenic diet is one of the low-carb diet plans for weight loss. Losing weight on this diet is subject to whether you’re doing it right or otherwise. Don’t give up on your keto plan just yet. Know about some ketosis signs that will make you know you’re getting the keto life right.

The goal of a keto diet is to force your body to burn fat naturally. This happens when ketones are produced in the liver as a result of a low intake of carbs.

Right! A low carb diet will get your body into ketosis, but it might be challenging to know if you have assumed the ketosis stage or not.




Here are a few ketosis signs you can look out for to be sure that you will lose weight. For Keto diet beginners, you might wonder if truly the keto diet you’ve subscribed to is effective or not.

To make matters worse, you might notice some strange changes in your body, which could be quite discouraging. But trust me! It’s nothing to worry about because those signs are proof that your keto diet is working.

Be on alert for any of the following ketosis signs to be sure you’re doing your keto right. These symptoms are like rays of hope that you’re some weeks away from weight loss.


1. Appetite Suppression

A keto diet is high in healthy fat and protein with a meager amount of carbs. The increased intake of fat and protein is satiating and will naturally keep you full for a more extended period.

Apart from what makes up your diet, when your body has gone into ketosis, you are likely to feel less hungry. Unlike the norms, you may not feel a ravaging hunger that will prompt you to overeat.

Instead, you will feel satisfied with the small necessary meal you have to take and move on with your day. This is because your body when on a keto diet,  regulates the hormones that signal hunger to your brain.

So, a ketogenic diet can cause appetite and hunger-reduction. If you feel full and don’t need to eat as often as before, that could be a sign that you’re in ketosis.


2. Short-Term Fatigue

Giving up on carbs suddenly comes with consequences. It may not go down well with your body system as you will feel tired and exhausted easily. This symptom of increased fatigue and exhaustion is commonly called keto flu.

It is one of the ketosis signs that you notice at the onset of your diet plan. For keto starters, before the liver increases and stabilizes the production of ketones, one of the symptoms you will likely notice is a decrease in physical and mental performance.

The good news is that this feeling only lasts for a few weeks till your body gets adjusted to surviving on fat-burning for energy.


3. Increased Focus & Energy

This may seem like an irony. When you eat less energy-giving foods, how do you expect an increased level of energy?

This is how it works: when you increase protein in your diet, the body produces ketones to burn stored body fat for energy.

After undergoing the keto flu phase, your body adapts to carb restriction and ketone burning. This will help to sustain your energy and clarity.

Once your body starts burning more ketones for fuel, you will need fewer carbs, and your energy levels will be more stable throughout the day. Thus, with the keto diet, your body will be trained to survive on ketones burning fat to produce energy.

You will not need to think of afternoon cupcakes, pizza, and burgers because of your high energy levels and reduced hunger.

So, if you feel you are not getting tired as you used to before commencing keto, your energy boost is a sign that your keto diet is working.


4. Digestive Problems



You shouldn’t let this scare you out of your keto plan. When you start your keto diet, It is normal for you to get some changes in the way your digestive system works.

Most often, some people experience indigestion, and this may be as a result of minimal consumption of fiber associated with low-carb diets.

To supplement your fiber requirements, you can eat low-carb vegetables with good fiber content like broccoli, bell peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, etc. Another common digestive issue that may come up when you are in ketosis could be diarrhea.

Limited carbs consumption and ketones production can indirectly lead to more water loss through your intestines, which leads to diarrhea.

And for the lucky one, they don’t even experience anything of such. These changes in your digestive system are common symptoms at your first attempt with a ketogenic diet, and it will pass with time. They’re just another sign your body is adapting.

However, it seems like you do not notice any improvement, you can check your keto food list and observe the specific food causing the problem. You can strike the food out of your diet.


5. Insomnia



Don’t think every symptom is a negative one. It is a normal process for our body system to respond to a sudden change in diet. So, in the early weeks of your keto diet, you might have some trouble sleeping.

This doesn’t mean a red card for rather, you should consider it as some of the signs that introduce you to ketosis. On a good note, most keto dieters in the long-term have given testimonies of good sleep and rest.

They, however, experienced the sleepless nights when they started their keto diet plan. So, there is nothing to worry about if you think you’re not sleeping. It is a sign you’re in ketosis. Just be patient, and your sound sleep is guaranteed afterward.


6. Bad Breath



As bad as it might sounds, it is actually one of the signs you should expect when you reach ketosis fully. Most people get pissed off with the smelling breath.

When you reach ketosis fully, increased ketone levels are released via breath and urine. So, you get a fruity smell coming out of your mouth.

But, it is nothing to worry about. Brushing your teeth as often as possible during the day is an excellent way to deal with the bad breath. Also, you could get some sugar-free gum to solve the issue. Usually, the bad breath goes away after some time.


7. Weight Loss

Losing some pesky fat is an ultimate sign that you have reached ketosis. You will notice a significant shed in total body weight in the first weeks of your keto diet.

First, there is a drop in water weight before you start to notice a gradually shed in body fat. But in all, any signal of bodyweight reduction of any for is a sign if successful ketogenic diet.




Before we call it a quit, these ketosis signs are not meant to scare you away from the ketogenic diet if you’re yet to start. They are simply indications that you might get if you reach ketosis. Most of these signs do not last for long.

Amazingly! Some lucky individuals do not have some of these negative symptoms because our bodies respond differently to the ketogenic diet.

From now, be sure that you’re getting your keto diet right. Check for any of these ketosis signs and be sure that you will successfully lose weight with the ketogenic diet.

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