8 Best Yoga Exercises for Knee Joint Pain Relief At Home

Everyone experiencing a level of pain in the knee wants to be free from the pain at all costs. This is why we search for knee joint pain relief.

Our knee joint is a common site of chronic joint injury which may significantly alter our normal activities. This is because the knee joint plays an integral role in maintaining smooth limb mobility.

Acute knee pain may be a consequence of moderate to severe injury to the knee capsule, ligaments, muscles, joint cavity, or other connective tissue elements.

Several medical studies and scientific surveys suggest that the most common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis (and less commonly other inflammatory conditions of the bones and joints).

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the entire world as it combines a variety of different benefits and can serve a huge range of different purposes.

The strength you can gain from yoga is also complemented by the flexibility you can gain from doing any of the millions of available yoga poses and techniques that are available. (This is why many consider yoga to be priceless!)

The knee joint pain relief exercise is helpful in helping to recover from injury, easing the pain in the body, etc.

Knees are one of the most common places for people to get injured, and as such, there has been a lot of yoga poses found to help deal with any form of pain that can be developed within the knee.




8 Best Yoga Exercises for Knee Joint Pain Relief

There are only three basic pieces of equipment you’ll need for Yoga Exercises.

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1. Veerasana



This is one of the most effective yoga exercises for knee joint pain relief.

This works effectively for chronic knee pain as it directly works on stretching out the area around the joint and, therefore, shouldn’t be attempted by those who have inflammation in the area.


How To:

  • Place both your knees and both your hands on the ground (also known as cat pose as shown in the picture)
  • Now, slowly try to sit on your back and fold your legs inwards
  • Fold your hands and position the wrists along your stomach
  • Now breathe deeply and relax your muscles, joints, and ligaments

Note: You shouldn’t do this exercise immediately. And you should do the stretch in the basic form for a while. This is to ensure that you won’t do any further damage to your knee by overstretching it.


2. The Triangle Pose



A lot of people suffer from knee pain with old age as the cause. Using yoga for knee joint pain relief in old age can be a great tool to deal with the pain.

The triangle pose helps to strengthen the outer part of the quadriceps, which is a very common cause of knee pain among older people.


How To:

  • Stand straight and extend your legs as shown in the picture
  • Balance your body by stabilizing your muscles and joints
  • Now stretch your right arm in the air, while at the same time trying to touch the ground with your left hand
  • Hold your body in this posture for a few seconds and release gently
  • Repeat the pose with right hand on the ground and left arm in the air


3. Supported Half Moon Pose



The benefits of strengthening the hamstring without straining them are numerous. One of them is that you can prevent the knees from obtaining further injuries thanks to having weak hamstrings.

That is what the Half-moon pose seeks to achieve.

Since Yoga therapy for knee pain is one of the most common treatments that are prescribed, this pose is one of the most popular poses given the strength that it can give to the lower body.

How To:

Note: This is one of the yoga exercises for knee joint pain relief that requires some balance!

  • Stand on one leg and with your arms straight out
  • Then bend down at the hips to try and reach the floor.


4. The Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

The mountain pose helps with the alignment of the entire lower body and increase your ability to be constantly stable and balanced. This yoga therapy for joint pain is often recommended for beginners due to its simplicity.


How To :

  • This is one of the most simple yoga exercises for knee pain and joint as you simply have to stand as straight as possible and clench your lower-body muscles to work on their strength.


5. The Warrior Pose

Using yoga for joint pain and stiffness often means working the muscles which support the joint, and this stretch is one of the best for this as it targets several of the areas which are vulnerable to under development.

This exercise is responsible for increasing the amount of strength in both the body’s core and the inner quadriceps.


How To:

  • Stretch out to the side with one leg bent and the other straight to work the muscles on the straight side
  • Then, repeat the movement on the other side of the body.


6. King Arthur’s Pose

This is one of the best stretches available in the whole range of using Bikram yoga for knee pain. It provides incredible work and stretching for the quadriceps, which are the muscles used to extend the knee.


How To:

  • Bend one knee 90 degrees in front of you,
  • Then place the other knee joint directly on the floor and stretch it behind your body to work the quadriceps muscles harder than most of the other yoga exercises.


7. Reclining knee bent twist



How To:

  • Lie straight on your back and bend your knees so that your feet rest comfortably on the floor
  • If this position is not comfortable for your head or upper chest, you can always use a folded blanket or pillow for support
  • Now slowly and gently roll the left lower limbs towards the right side of the body
  • Make sure to gently stretch your knees while rolling and hold the pose for a few seconds
  • Release and repeat the same pose with right limbs


8. Camel Pose



How To:

  • Kneel down on the floor in such a way that both your thighs are perpendicular to the floor
  • Rest your shins on the floor and slowly approach your pelvis with both your hands
  • Lean backward and slip your hand to hold your heels as shown in the photo below
  • Maintain the posture for a few seconds and release




To know the benefits of yoga poses for chronic knee pain relief, Sharon L. Kolasinski conducted a study in which participants practiced modified yoga poses for 90 minutes (once a week) for 8 weeks.

After the 8 weeks, the author concluded that:

Yoga may provide a feasible treatment option for previously yoga-naive, obese patients more than 50 years of age and offers potential reductions in pain and disability caused by knee OA.

There are two major keys to finding the right yoga pose for each person. The first is the yoga experience of the person in question. Because of each person’s different level of experience, the exercise they will be able to do will be different. The second is the severity of the knee joint pain. Find the one(s) that works best for you!

Start with the relatively simple ones, then work up to some of the more experienced ones. Do this as your confidence and knee strength increases as there are many yoga exercises for knee joint pain relief that are available to more advanced yoga practitioners.

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