How To Lose Lower Belly Fat :15-Minutes Lower Belly Pooch Workouts

It is very important to figure out how to lose lower belly fat. Muffin top. Belly pooch, Belly fat. There are plenty of ways to describe extra belly fat, but all of them have less-than-desirable monikers.

A lower belly pouch can be a hindrance to wearing the outfits that you want. You may have to deal with the problem after having kids, eating lots of cupcakes or hitting menopause. Getting a flat belly can be quite difficult especially if you do not know how to go about it.



Doing a few sit-ups is not enough to get rid of the lower belly pouch and eliminate belly fat. You have to go the extra mile. If you want to lose fat it has to be all over and not only the stomach. Getting rid of belly fat and sculpting the muscles underneath requires both changing your diet and ramping up your workouts.

Luckily, we’ve got an intense 15-minute workout filled with moves to help you define the most important (and overlooked) muscles in your core, including the transverse abdominous and obliques.

Combined with our healthy eating and lifestyle tips, you’ll get rid of lower belly pooch for good. Additionally, you can tone up some areas of your body by doing specific exercises. You can do squats to tone your legs, buns, and thighs. The push-ups will help in toning your arms, back and shoulders.

Before you decide to incorporate the 15-minute workout, you need to do certain things such as being determined. Therefore, it is important to change your lifestyle. Through these workouts to lose weight, it will be a lot easier to get a flat belly.


How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Quickly and Naturally

Here is a 15-minute workout that will be of great help to lose lower belly fat. The 15-minute workout will tone muscles. To get faster results, you need to do the workout when you wake up in the morning. You need to do each workout for about one minute.


1. Oblique Burners

It is one of the workouts that you can do to tone your stomach muscles.



How To:

  • Stand up with your feet wide apart then bend your knees and place your hand on the back of your head.
  • Bend to the right side and place your right hand behind the leg.
  • Ensure that your spine is long and not bent. Go back to the center and repeat the same on the left side.


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2. Froggy Crunches




How To:

  • Lie on your mat.
  • Place your fingers behind your head. Your elbows should be pointed out.
  • Make sure that the soles of your feet are placed together, pointing the knees outwards.
  • Next, tilt your chin forward and squeeze the abdomen to ensure that your chest is lifted upward.

While during the exercise, you have to make sure that your neck and arms relaxed.


3. Side Plank Lift



How To:

  • Lie on your right side and place your forearm below your shoulder. Your body should be lifted.
  • Ensure that your body is straight throughout.
  • Your abs should be tight, and you should place your left hand on your hip.
  • Place your hands back down and lift back up using your muscles and core.


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4. Sweeping Scissors




How To:

  • Begin by lying on the mat and place your arms over your head.
  • Sweep your arms to your side and bring the neck, head, and shoulder to reach to your arms.
  • Roll your back and lower your leg and repeat the exercise with the other side.



5. Crossing Climber



The crossing climber is also another workout to help you to lose the extra pounds.

How To:

  • You need to be in the plank position.
  • Your feet should be wide apart.
  • Make sure that you bend one knee to your opposite elbow.
  • You should switch legs quickly. You need to do three sets of this exercise.



6. 180 Squat Jump



How To:

  • Stand and pale your feet wide apart.
  • You should perform this workout when you are squatting.
  • Turn your body into an angle of 180 degrees.
  • Swing your arms in front of your body while doing this workout. Do it in three sets.


7. Ab Reverse Curl



The ab reverse will also give the flat belly you desire fast if undertaken consistently. It is one of the best exercises for eliminating belly fat on this list.

How To:

  • Lie on your mat and ensure that your legs are facing the ceiling.
  • Tighten your belly so that your fee remains straight up in the air.
  • Make sure that your hips are not touching the mat.


8. Criss Cross:



How To:

  • Lie straight on the mat. Place the palms below the head with shoulders wide apart.
  • Bent the knees and pull it up to the sheets.
  • Pull up your head and shoulders up from the mat to the base of your shoulder blades as you exhale.
  • Now inhale and exhale as you spread your left leg out and twist your torso toward the right as if to touch the right knee with your left elbow.
  • Then inhale as you straighten your body and switch legs, exhale as you spread out the right leg, and twist your torso towards the left as if to touch the left knee with the right elbow.
  • Repeat the set 10 times and gradually increase it.


Lower Belly Pooch Before and After

While it takes different kinds of exercises to burn the Lower belly fat in your body and achieve that desired tight tummy and strengthen your core. The result and health benefits are worth every effort undertaken.



These are some of the 15-minute workouts that you should do if you want to get rid of lower belly fat and eliminate belly pooch quickly and naturally. They are simple exercises, and you just need to spend 15 minutes of your day doing them. If you do these exercises on daily basis, then you will get results in a short time.





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