Top 20 Most Expensive Essential Oils In The World

There is no doubt that people love their essential oils. The prices quoted to purchase these most expensive essential oils is a testament to this love. Essential oils are famous for their strong medicinal values and refreshing fragrance. It is interesting to note that some of these oils are available at thousands of dollars per ounce.



Nevertheless, when you take into account their healing wonders, you end up not minding the price. In fact, you probably have only seen a few of these expensive oils because some of these oils are pricey and rare. Only die-hard collectors of oils can desire to have these rare and most expensive essential oils in their collection.

In case you are wondering how far the expensive chart goes, we have put together a list of the twenty most expensive essential oils in the world. These oils are the best of essential oils that nature has to offer and we even try to see why they are so expensive.


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20 Most Expensive Essential Oils In The World

In no particular order, these are the top twenty most expensive essential oils in the world.


1. Neroli Oil



Also known as Orange Blossom oil,  Neroli essential oil is famous for its calming, soothing and stimulatory effects. Its source is the flowers of the bitter orange tree.

The soothing scent of neroli can be described as a refreshing, honey-like, entrancing and citrus-floral.  Neroli essential oil is not just extracted from a beautiful flower with a lovely fragrance, its oil contains powerful healing benefits. This includes disinfecting wounds, beautifying the skin, curing insomnia and treating depression.

Neroli oil is also a significant ingredient in cosmetic products because of its ability to improve skin elasticity. (where to get it)


2. Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. The Rose flower in itself is the most beautiful flower in the world, and it is a symbol of love and romance. The rose flower is a significant ingredient in the production of Rose oil.

This essential oil is expensive because it takes about four tons of rose flower to produce a single pound of its oil. Rose oil has a highly concentrated and potent odor. It is useful for the removal of leg and arm strains.  It is often found in high-end beauty products but you can make your own preservative-free, toxin-free personal products with organic rose oil.  It is mostly a Chinese product and has a magical effect on the skin. (where to get it)


3. Australian Sandalwood Oil

Australian Sandalwood oil is a product of the heartwood of mature Santalum spicatum trees.  Natively used in spiritual and religious ceremonies, sandalwood oil is famous for its soothing effects and its anti-microbial properties.

The cost of Australian sandalwood essential oil is partly due to its popularity and the difficulty in producing it. Sandalwood essential oil can only be collected from grown trees for about thirty years.Also, the tree must be felled to produce its oil. (where to get it)


4. Agarwood Essential Oil



Agarwood or Oud is one of the unique and most valuable essential oils. The trees of this oil are native to New Zealand, and some can be found in East Asia. However, the market for this oil is significantly increasing.

Agarwood oil is used by most of the leading brands in the perfume production industry as a result of its sweet scent. It is a product of the heartwood of agarwood tree. It comes with a history of medicinal use. The oil is viscous and dark brown, however, it is non-sticky. This makes it a prime candidate for use on skin. It is also a powerful mood lifter, reduces stress and removes anxiety.

Agarwood oil comes in different grades, but its purest and high-quality oil is the most expensive of categories available. (where to get it)


5. Violet Leaf Absolute

Commonly known as sweet violet or English violet, Violet Leaf Absolute oil gets distilled from the leaves of Viola odorata. However, the oil does not smell like violet flowers.  Instead, it holds a very green fragrance and is regularly used to diminish the cloying odors of different botanical oils.

This essential oil is highly priced because of the high demand for it. This is in addition to a large number of the Viola plant required to produce the oil. (where to get it)


6. Roman Chamomile Oil



While there are diverse kinds of chamomile essential oil, the Roman variety is the most prized and desired. As a result of its high demand, the price for it is quite high. Also, insufficient supplies cause a radical increase in the cost of the oil.

The flowers used in producing this oil only grows in certain parts of Europe. Also, they are just fit for picking for a short time span of the year. The flower leaves only produce about .4% to 1.0% oil. So many flowers to create such little amount of oil. However, most die-hard collectors of essential oils don’t care for the high prices because the oil has a fantastic odor, a calming and soothing effect. The oil is also useful for healing the skin and preventing the outbreak of skin conditions. (where to get it)


7. Elecampane Essential Oil

Also known as wild sunflower, yellow starwort and velvet dock, Elecampane essential oil is native to certain European islands. However, it is now being grown in certain parts of the world like Asia and Australia.

It is known for having a sweet floral aroma and is distilled from its flowers. Elecampane essential oil works sensationally for various respiratory diseases. This includes a cough, bronchitis, colds and flu and lung infections. It’s also useful for promoting cardiovascular wellness and acts as a digestive stimulant. (where to get it)


8. Cannabis Flower Oil



Hemp essential or cannabis flower essential oil is one of the most expensive essential oils. Not only is it an ingredient in fragrances due to its scent, but it is also useful as a food item. Also, cannabis oil is used medicinally for curing different diseases.

The flower is particularly unique for being the only flower in the world with white crystals on it. It is also used to create soaps, cosmetics, candles, perfumes, and beverages. To distill about 1.3 liters of oil, you must have had up to one ton of the cannabis flower oil. (where to get it)


9. Seaweed Absolute Oil

This essential oil is made specifically from the species of seaweed called Fucus vesiculosus. It is otherwise known as rockweed, bladder fucus or by the somewhat repulsive name bladderwrack. Seaweed absolute is highly prized for its unique fresh off the beach aroma and because of its skin healing qualities. It is actually used in many perfumes, especially masculine scents for its ocean-breeze scent

While Fucus vesiculosus is a widespread species of seaweed, the oil produced from it is quite limited and very rare. It is mainly priced high because of its rareness, unique aroma and health benefits. (where to get it)


10. Tuberose Absolute Essential Oil



Tuberose Absolute is one of the most aromatic of all flowers. It not only expensive but is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. It is also probably the most desired oil in the world.

The lily-like and smooth white flowers blossoms with sweet smelling intoxicating florals and honey. It is primarily used to induce relaxation and to offer fragrance in the atmosphere. In East India, the flower is known as ‘Mistress of The Night’ and as ‘King of Fragrance’ in China. This is due to its delightful aroma which makes it prime for a romantic experience.

Because it looks like ordinary flowers, the flowers are tough to spot. This induces a hike in the price of its oil production and selling. (where to get it)


11. Champaca Absolute Essential Oil

Champaca is one of the most effective remedies for treating depression. The oil is extracted from fragrant flowers of a highly important Hindu tree. In Indian history, Champaca is probably the most revered and sacred tree in the history of India. This in itself is an essential reason for it being one of the most expensive essential oils in the world.

The oil has pleasant and calming impressions, which makes it ideal for making blue feelings disappear; signaling an end to depression. Also, the Champaca Absolute oil possesses over ten specialties and is regarded as light essential oil because it is one of the most potent oil on the earth. (where to get it)


12. St. John’s Wort Oil



St. John’s wort is derived from the popular Hypericum perforatum herb. In most parts of the world, it is considered to be a weed of the invasive species. It is a popular and potent herbal treatment for depression.

It is useful for combating pain, tension, and inflammation that is caused by migraines and tension headaches. When blended, St John’s Wort oil is helpful for soothing pain from sprains, bruises and muscle cramps. When diluted with wintergreen or birch oil, St. John’s wort is a powerful treatment for gout indications. (where to get it)


13. Cannabis Flower Oil

It is a much-regulated flower from which we obtain the oil. Not only is it expensive, but it is also popular. The oil can be used for cooking and as part of perfume ingredients. Useful for easing tension and cause relaxation of the body, it is also beneficial for the medical treatment of different diseases.

It is a unique kind of flower which has white crystals on it and is the only flower of its type in the whole universe. It costs almost $946 per ounce. (where to get it)


14. Frangipani Absolute Essential Oil



This Oil has a very creamy texture with a fantastic scent. It is one of the most expensive oils not easily affordable for everyone. A single once can sell for as much as $1,482. The very rare flower only found on some islands of France, requires low heat for perfect growth. Because of its smell, perfume-makers use it quite often, and perfume lovers also love it. (where to get it)


15. Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

Jasmine absolute essential oil is from the beautiful and aromatic blossoms of Jasminum officinale. The oil gives such a fragrance like no other flower, little wonder both perfumeries and individuals cherish the oil. Many people consider it to be an aphrodisiac. Others know it for its ability to improve memory and concentration.

For all of these reasons and for the blossom to oil ratio required for its production – one of the highest of any flower at an incredible 125 pounds of petals per ounce of oil – jasmine absolute oil is one of the most expensive of the most expensive oils in the world!  It sells for $377.70/ounce. (where to get it)


16. Bulgarian Rose “Otto”

This is probably the most popular of all floral essential oils is that of Rosa x Damascena. Bulgarian Rose “Otto” improves circulation, as well as heart, liver and brain health. Many people also consider rose oil to be a powerful aphrodisiac due to its sensual aroma! The oil comes from the petals of the flower.

As with other floral oils, Bulgarian Rose essential oil owes its extreme price tag to the number of flowers required to distill it. Just one ounce of this most expensive of expensive essential oils requires around 500 pounds of rose petals!

Average price per ml: $31.63 ($948.90 / ounce). (where to get it)


17.  Angelica Root Essential Oil

Angelica Root essential oil comes from Angelica archangelica – the same herb which has gained recognition for its positive effect on the reproductive system. Essential oil of angelica root can be used to detoxify the body, boost the immune system and improve respiratory health.

The high cost of angelica root essential oil comes from the number of blossoms needed to produce it – over 30 pounds of flowers to make just 1 ounce of oil. The average price per ml is $5.57. (where to get it)




18. Hops Flower Essential Oil

As its name suggests, Hops Flower essential oil is distilled from the flowers Humulus lupulus – the same which are used to make beer. Best known for its ability to induce sleep in even the worst of insomniacs!  Hops flower oil can also be used to relieve tension, stress and anxiety, digestive distress and menstrual cramps.

(It should be noted that those suffering from depression should not use this oil)

As with other floral oils, the price of Hops flower oil comes from a large number of blossoms needed to make the oil. Also, seeing as how beer is so popular worldwide and the essential oil produced from hops is no so much, it is far more profitable for farmers to dedicate their crops of hops to brewing rather than distilling oil.

The oil sells for $6.71 per ml and $201.15/ounce. (where to get it)


19.  Moroccan Rose Absolute Oil



Moroccan rose absolute is distilled from the petals of Rosa x centifolia and has a slightly sweeter scent than other rose oils. Traditionally used in perfumery, rose oil is also highly sought after by individuals for its association with love and sensuality. Moroccan rose absolute also provides several health benefits – specifically promoting emotional and reproductive hormone health.

Average price per ml: $6.83 ($204.90 / ounce).

The high price of Moroccan rose absolute oil shouldn’t come as much of a surprise due to the immense popularity of the flower alone (not to mention a large number of flowers required to make the oil). (where to get it)


20. Helichrysum Essential Oil



Helichrysum essential oil is made from the blossoms of Helichrysum italicum, another member of the daisy family. The oil is popular for its ability to promote faster skin cell regeneration, making it ideal for wound healing anti-aging skin care blends.

Helichrysum is also anti-inflammatory oil which may be used to reduce swelling from burns, wounds, blemishes or other skin irritations, as well as to alleviate painful joint and muscle inflammation.

As with other floral oils, the price of Helichrysum is a direct result of the number of blossoms required to make it as well as the high demand for its powerful healing capabilities. (where to get it)

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