12 Best Organic Makeup Brands – Natural, Non Toxic and Safe

Since natural makeup is the new cool, organic makeup brands have also become popular. The advent of organic make up is based on research and discoveries that have proven that particular contents of inorganic makeup are poisonous to the skin.

This is especially confronting because the skin soaks in at least 60% of whatever is applied to it, hence the risk of absorbing these harmful products.

The new understanding of how the skin functions reveal possible long-term effects of inorganic makeup products. This is due to the combination of chemicals in its production, also called chemical cocktail effect.

Most of the chemicals used in popular cosmetics products are skin irritant that is synthetic or petroleum based. Avoiding these substances, therefore, decreases the exposure of the skin to harmful makeup or cosmetic ingredients.


Organic beauty ingredients are produced without the use of as many artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or other synthetic chemicals as conventional beauty ingredients; making it safe for the skin to absorb.

Ensure that ingredients in cosmetics are not treated with some synthetic pesticides or fertilizers by using organic makeup. In this article, we will be talking about the best natural makeup brands available for you.



12 Best Organic Makeup Brands


These organic makeup brands use pure, earth-friendly ingredients. Importantly, they do not test their cosmetics on animals.

1. RMS Beauty

This brand is strictly natural and organic. RMS beauty products have food-based organic products as their ingredients. Their best products are their cover-up concealer and foundation for lighter skin tones.

Each product illuminates and hydrates the skin. They also work to promote anti-aging benefits that ensure long-term beauty. According to the company’s website, their products ensure that women’s make up is nontoxic. Products from this brand heal and nourish the skin.

Prices range from $15 to $36. You can find them here.


2. Elate Cosmetics

Best known for its highly pigmented eyeshadow, elate cosmetic brand is a purely natural brand. It abides by the strictest vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free code for the production of its cosmetic products.

Elate cosmetic brand products do not compromise your skin or lifestyle. Particularly relevant is that the brand pays attention to beautiful colors, skin-friendly ingredients, and sustainable packaging.

Their products usually range between $16 for eyeshadow to $20 for bronzer.


3. Gabriel Cosmetics

Another best organic makeup brand is the Gabriel cosmetic brand. The name started with a vision of natural beauty, which has evolved over the years to include vegan and gluten-free cosmetics.

Magnifying a woman’s natural beauty is their chief aim. Products price is between $7.50 for sheet mask and $30 for their foundation. You can shop for them on Amazon.


4. ILIA Beauty



ILIA Beauty is also one of the best organic makeup brands. The tinted lip conditioner and lipstick are their leading product. ILLIA Beauty brand makes use of cruelty-free, certified bioactive natural ingredients in preparing products.

It is also eco-friendly in that it makes use of recycled aluminum packaging. Little wonder their lab holds certifications with gluten-free, USDA Organic, and Leaping Bunny.

Their products can be found here from $24 to $42


5. Alima Pure

In addition to being organic, the Alima Pure makeup brand is packaged with soy-based inks on recycled paper. The brand is most famous for its powder foundation for all skin tones.

They believe in the concept of minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Alima uses the highest quality and purest ingredients. Also, they do not use synthetic dyes neither do they test on animals.

Shop Alima Pure from $14 for their eyeshadow to $270 for their brush set here.


6. Au Naturale

Au Naturale organic makeup brand is vegan, cruelty, and gluten-free. The company is an ethically sourced cosmetic company in the US. Their bold lip color products are their favorite product.

They also have a recycling rewards program that allows you to send back components for reuse to earn credits. These credits influence future sales in your favor.

Their product price ranges from $15 Lipstick to $38 Creme Foundation.


7. Lotus Bio-Mineral



Furthermore, on our list, we have the Lotus Bio-Mineral brand. Lotus brand commits to research and developing organic products that are safe, healthy, and efficient.

This brand makes use of 100% pure bio-mineral ingredients for the production of its cosmetic products. Their products are also cruelty-free. Also, the brand is most famous for its natural lipsticks.

They create all natural skincare and cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips, and body with prices ranging from $13 to $36.


8. Afterglow Cosmetics

With concealer and blush products as Afterglow’s most acknowledged products, it was the first makeup line to be certified gluten-free. It offers a broad range of color cosmetics that have prices ranging from $18 to $ 36.

Also, the Afterglow brand is eco-friendly in that it uses recycled packaging. Furthermore, it is certified to be soy-free with some of its products vegan.


9. Vapour Organic Beauty

Due to its organic status, this brand makes it to our list of best organic makeup brands. Vapour Organic Beauty is a favorite for its multi-use products. The brand is also certified cruelty-free.

Vapour Organic beauty products contain only natural, healthy, minimally processed ingredients. The brand is eco-friendly in that it uses recycled packaging and a wind-powered factory in its production process.

Lastly, it costs between $20 for its highlighter and $125 for its Advanced Solution Serum. Check here for product sales.


10. Jane Iredale



Committed to enhancing beauty through natural products that nurture the skin, each of their product is multifunctional. Also, their mineral powder serves as a foundation, concealer, powder, and sunscreen all in one.

However, they are best known for their BB creams and powders. The Jane Iredale cosmetic line is certified cruelty-free with some of their products vegan. Jane Iredale products make use of recycled packaging; hence, they are eco-friendly.

You can get their products here on Amazon with prices ranging from $15-$55.


11. Nudus Organic Lipstick

This brand specializes in organic lipsticks that are 100% natural and is COSMOS Certified organic to the highest standard. Nudus is popular because of their highly pigmented lipsticks.

In addition to their glowing credentials, they are Australian certified cruelty and gluten-free. Their lipstick goes for $42 on their official website.


12. Biba Lips

Finally, on our list of best organic makeup brands is the Biba Lips brand. Its lip creme is its famous product. The Biba Lips brand makes use of eco-friendly packaging and is cruelty-free. In addition, Biba Lips produce products that are entire with food-grade ingredients.

Biba nourishes your lips and to make them feel like silk. You can find their Lip Creme products for as low as $38 on the company’s website.




Therefore, with the varieties of organic products in this article, transitioning from inorganic cosmetics to organic cosmetic should not be a tricky thing to do anymore.

If you are still in doubt, consider the adverse and possibly long-term effect of inorganic cosmetics on your skin, and you will realize that your best option is to switch to healthier organic makeup brands.

We would love to hear from you. Are there any other organic products that you use? You can drop them in the comment section.

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