17 Pro Makeup Tips You’ve Never Heard of Before

Pro Makeup Tips- I’d feel embarrassed as a lady to have my man complain about my makeup. While makeup is a thing for the female folk, our men love it when we get it right. That is why you always have to get it right.

Thus, your makeup has to be on point!  Now, how do you do that? There are simple beauty hacks you simply need to master.

Being a girl might not be easy but our makeup game should be easy and strong! In order to make the journey of being a girl easy and fun, I’ll be sharing with you 17 pro makeup tips you should know. Are you ready? Then let’s go!



1. Match foundation to your neck to get the perfect shade

There’s a lot of myth that says you should match foundations to your cheek in order to get your perfect shade. The right way to get your perfect foundation matches it to your neck and not your cheek.

This is because your neck is not as exposed to the sun as your face. Therefore, it is closest to your skin tone.


2. Use your finger

Having lipstick stains on the teeth can be quite embarrassing because you won’t know you have it there and you’ll walk around and smile confidently with a lipstick stain on your teeth.

To avoid getting lipstick stain on your teeth, dip in one finger into your mouth and slightly press your lips against it. Your finger will get the stain, not your teeth!  Remove your finger and wash off the stain.


3. Check the body of any makeup product for the shelf life

Some makeup products have their shelf-life written on their boxes or on the product itself. Make sure to check for how long it can stay so you will help yourself by getting rid of it in due time.

This is to avoid using expired products on the face as this can irritate the face and cause you to breakout.

Some products have “6M”, “9M’ and even “24M” written on them. The ‘M’ stands for months.


4. Use white liner



I got to know this beauty hack late because I always complained about one light pink eyeshadow I had. Whenever I used it, it never shows.

Unexpectedly, I bumped into NYX Jumbo pencil liner in milk and that was the end of my struggles. Use white liner as an eyeshadow base so as to make your not-so pigmented eyeshadow of any color pop immediately.


5.  Use a spoon to get the perfect winged liner

Hold the handle of a tablespoon against the outer corner of your eye.  Draw a straight line which is the first step for a cat-eye.

Flip the spoon so it is resting firmly on your eyelid and use the round outer edge to make a perfectly curved winged liner.


6. Revive your dry mascara



Although, mascara is not supposed to be kept any longer than three months. This is because, after the stipulated period, it can get infected with bacteria and can lead to serious eye infections.

However, if your mascara gets dry or flaky within those three months, make it reusable by following these steps.

You’ll need:

  • Contact lens solution or saline solution or a cup of hot water.

To Do:

  • Add a few drops of either saline solution to the mascara and it’s ready to be used.
  • You can also dip your mascara tube into a cup of hot water for similar effects.


7. Use highlighting powder



This is one of my favorite beauty hacks. Dust a little bit of highlighting powder on your forehead, nose, chin and down the bridge of the nose.

This is to light up the entire face and get more ‘dewy’ and shiny. You can also apply a bit on your cupids bow to accentuate your lips.


8. Dust a bit of translucent powder on your eyelashes in between mascara coats

The translucent powder helps to hold the mascara in between coats and this will leave you with fuller lashes.

Between each coat of mascara, dip a Q- tip in baby powder and dust on your eyelashes with a concentration on the tips.

The second coat will stick to the powder and it will make you look like you have falsies on.


9. Make your lipstick last all day!

This is another of my favorite. After you have applied your lipstick, lightly hold a tissue over it and dust translucent powder over the tissue to set it.

This is the easiest way to make a glossy lipstick matte and stay put all day.


10. For a dramatic winged liner, draw out the wing first before filling it in

This is to get a sharp-looking and precise winged liner.

  • Start by drawing the wing liner as long as you want to get that dramatic look you want.
  • Make dotted lines on your eyelid as straight as possible.
  • Connect the dotted lines in short like strokes and finally, connect it to the wing you have already drawn.


11. DIY lipgloss

If you have loose eyeshadows that you love so much and have imagined wearing it as a lipgloss, then this beauty hack is for you.

Mix or blend loose pigments with petroleum jelly for your DIY lipgloss. Swipe onto your lips and you’re good to go!


12. Get a perfect cupid’s bow

The cupid’s bow is an important part of having that beautiful pout. The best way is to create an “X” at the cupid’s bow using a lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick. Apply your lipstick normally as you would and there you have it- a perfect cupid’s bow.


13. Having problems getting a smokey eye?

If you’re having problems achieving the perfect smokey eye, worry no more. Get the perfect smokey eye by creating a “hashtag” on your upper lids. Do this with a gel liner, blend it out and voila!

This is perfect for those lasting coverage you want.


14. The right way to apply mascara

Another of the beauty hacks is applying mascara with a sweeping motion towards the nose and not to the temple. Lots of people are guilty of sweeping mascara on their lashes towards their temples.

Now you know!


15. DIY Gel Liner

Turn any pencil liner into an intense gel liner with these few steps.

You will need:

  • A pencil liner
  • A lighter, candle.

To Do:

  • Hold the pencil liner against the flame for 1 second
  • Leave to cool for 15 seconds.

And your intense-smudge gel liner is ready for use.


16. Apply your under-eye concealer by drawing a triangle

By drawing a triangle on the inner cheek instead of just smudging concealer under your eye, you can apply your under-eye concealer.

This is to prevent the under-eye from creasing due to the smudging when you can easily blend in when applied as a triangle.


17. Make your eyes brighter and noticeable

To make your eyes more noticeable even after applying eyeliner and mascara, use a shimmer eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes. This will open your eyes and add more ”humph” to your whole look.




With these pro makeup tips, going to work with a messy, not so perfect makeup should be a thing of the past. You wouldn’t have to go to the ‘ladies’ in public places to check out your makeup.

You can make it right from home and it stays just the way you want it.

Simply put into practice any of these pro makeup tips and you’d be good! Practice makes perfection, yeah?

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