Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

With the awareness of staying healthy, lots of people around the world are looking to reduce their weight with the help of a protein shake diet. Check around grocery stores you will see lots of these proteins shake diet which gives us the opportunity to replace some certain meals that comes with high calories easily.

We can see these proteins shake diets in powdered form, drinks, and some great mixes. And they have now become a great alternative that could replace some food we eat.

In this article, you’d understand what these proteins shake diets are. Whether you can reduce your weight with them and what could be the best meal replacement shake for weight loss.


What is a protein shake diet?

As a human, we need protein because this it helps our very body system to easily repair and build tissues. The same protein can as well help our hair and nails to look healthy and fresh.

Not only that protein has been used to make body chemicals, but it has also served as an important class of food that our body needs to function properly.

The protein shake diet can be able to help you replace up to two meals on a single day. By purchasing and consuming these proteins shake diet, it can help you cut down on your calories and still help you feel full.

These protein shakes can also be prepared at home and most times it’s usually with soy-based milk or some protein powders which liquid like water is mixed for consumption.


Can You Lose Weight with a Protein Shake Diet?

The answer is yes. You can definitely lose weight with this protein shakes diet. This diet can aid in the reduction of your daily calories that you take and this will, however, help you to lose down excess accumulated fats in your body.

Weight watchers who realize the need to stay healthy are adopting protein shake as their very diet to replace up to 2 meals on a single day.

In as much as you can take these protein shakes diet, it will always help you to increase your protein intake and in turn, gets to help your body in terms of building strong muscles and looking healthy too.

If you start taking this protein shake diets, you will realize it will always keep you full to makes you satisfied.



The Top 5 Protein Shake Diet

The truth is that when you head to the market or any grocery store, you will see so many protein shake diet staring at you. It’s exciting because it gives you the edge to select the best protein shake diet that will help you achieve your aim.

With a closer look, you will see that some of these protein shake diets contain some high sugar levels, some fillers and as well as artificial sweeteners in it. This is the very reason you ought to pay great attention by studying the ingredients so that it could help you to choose the best protein powders.

As long as you are looking to cut down your weight, it’s essential for you to look out for a protein shake diet that has no added sugar. Try to avoid protein powders that also come with some artificial flavors, some heavy preservatives and also coloring too. We will emphasize on the 5 best protein shake diet to get.


1. Pea Powder

This powder is made through the extraction of proteins from yellow peas. The pea powder is known to be highly proteinous and also a great powder for iron. This powder works with so many great diets and has great nutritional benefits that can help your health.

Most of its benefits include;

  • Lower calories
  • Up to 15 grams of protein
  • Low carbs
  • Low fats
  • Sodium
  • Source for iron


However, it has few side effects which includes;

  • High in sodium
  • Contains low fiber


2. Whey protein

Whey protein has been a great supplementation used by people who look to cut down their excess weight. This protein shake diet also helps to build up great muscles, has some anti-cancer properties and comes with lower cholesterol.

With further research, we could see that the whey protein could also help children with asthma and also help patients with HIV to lose weight too.


Nevertheless, consuming high dosage could lead to;

  • Stomach pains
  • Cramps
  • Lowers your appetite
  • Slight headache

For nutritional benefits, it’s one protein shake diet that can help your health and help aid weight loss.


3. Casein Protein Powder

This powder comes from milk sourced and this protein shake diet is said to produce slow amino acid which is vital in ensuring great muscle building. This has been the favorite of most bodybuilders as they get to take this protein diet during workout sessions.


Most of its benefits include;

  • Effective for muscle growth
  • Helps in fat loss
  • Helps reduce triglyceride level especially after a meal
  • Contains some antibacterial properties.


Users must also consider the few little side effects which are;

  • High intake can cause digestive symptoms like bloating.
  • Those with liver and kidney disease must look to limit their intake of this protein diet.


4. Hemp Protein Powder

When we talk about the hemp powder, it’s considered one of the best protein powders which also makes the list of the top 5 protein shake diets around. Hemp protein powder is usually made through the process of grinding hemp seeds into a polished powder form.

It’s also considered to be a high-quality protein powder that comes with all nine amino acids.


Most of its benefits include;

  • High Vegan protein
  • Easy digestion
  • Known to have a great source of fiber
  • Comes with Unsaturated fats


Users must also consider the side effects which are;

  • Bloating, which can arise due to high fiber when consumed much.
  • Some studies have suggested that it may not be good for pregnant and nursing women.



5. Brown Rice Protein

This brown rice protein made our top 5 list as it contains not only an astonishing 80 percent protein but can be said to be super soluble too. This product comes through mixes in a shaker bottle and it’s however made with brown rice. It is good to know it has great amino acid which is almost at par with mother’s milk.


Most of its benefits include;

  • Super soluble
  • High protein up to 80 percent which can aid muscle building
  • Easy to mix
  • Great Amino-Acid


Side effects:

  • There are doubts about being a complete protein



Bottom Line

I am sure after reading through this article, you would be able to make the best decision in choosing the best protein shake diet that could help you avoid taking food with high calories on a daily basis. Rather, you will be able to get full by taking any of these protein shake diet for the best meal replacement.

In the end, we need to live a healthy quality life by shedding excess weight through healthy meal plans and an appropriate exercise routine. This would help us stay fit and still give us every essential nutrient that could help our body feel great.

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