Relationship Reminders : My 10 Best Tips to Having Healthy Long Lasting Relationship

Relationship Reminders – In romantic relationships, it is often the little things that matter. An odd look here and a misspoken word there can cause feuds that if not checked may last for so long; while often overlooked gestures can keep the relationship fire burning.

Such insignificant gestures include offhand compliments, holding hands, maintaining eye contact, etc. Psychologists affirm that these little exhibits of affection and show of interest can be essential for building a healthy and long-lasting relationship than all the couple games the world and money spent on each other.

In every relationship, once the initial rush of emotions, lust, and romance simmers, you suddenly realize that your relationship is not in the proper place you thought it was.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this!

When the various commitments you have seem to be all you pay attention to, irrespective of how new your relationship is or how long you’ve been dating, it will bear the brunt of it.



This is because it is often easy to ignore your romantic relationship and slip into a lifeless routine lifestyle. Gradually, you begin to question the reason for a relationship in the first place or the essence of it at all.

In this article, you will find ten relationship reminders to help you get the best out of your love life. If you adhere to these tips, you are sure to have a healthy relationship that is firmly knitted in love and long-lasting.


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Relationship Reminders: My 10 Best Tips to Having Healthy Long Lasting Relationship

For any relationship, mutual love and understanding are an essential foundation. However, for a happy romantic relationship, this is even more important. If you are seeking to strengthen your relationship, you’ll find that these relationship reminders are golden.

Here are ten best tips for keeping your relationship healthy, with both partners satisfied, happy, and in love with each other.


1. Accept Your Partner The Way They Are & Appreciate Them For All That’s Good

Let me emphasize this right now. If you are already thinking of how to change your partner to conform to the image of perfection in your mind, drop that agenda!

If you are looking to enjoy a healthy and long-lasting relationship, it is crucial that you accept your partner for who they are and the way they are. Both of you must then work on building your relationship together despite your differences. Going to relationship counseling sessions can help you.

Also, while working to build a healthy relationship irrespective of your differences, it is vital that you don’t forget to appreciate one another for the things you love. This means you must be vocal about what good qualities your partner possesses and compliment them on it.

It does not matter how small it may be; this can go a long way to defining your relationship. Appreciate your partner for their love, attention, care, punctuality, help, and so on. Showing gratitude to your partner helps you retain the magic in your relationship.


2. Talk to Each Other Regularly



Although you’d expect that many couples should know this by now, the truth is that a lot of couples don’t stay connected to each other during the day. Maintaining regular dialogue during the day is vital for keeping each other in mind.

To avoid the absence of heart and mind, you need to talk to each other regularly during the day. Text each other in the morning and call as often as you can during the day.

If you are traveling for some time, have schedules for communication and do video calls as often as possible. Also, you both can keep each other updated about what you are doing with picture messages or videos documenting your activities.

Post simple love messages on each other’s social media pages and never forget to be in touch.

Another way to communicate well is to be a good listener and not break the communication channel. This means that even when you do not agree with what your partner is saying, you must look at issues from their point of view and profer solutions.

Bear in mind that many relationships breakdown due to lack of communication; meaning that listening and communication are essential for a healthy relationship.


3. Continue to Display Your Love

Next on our top 10 relationship reminders is never to stop displaying your love. This is important to make sure your “love spark” doesn’t run out. Even when you both have to stay away from each other for an extended period, you should find ways to keep showing how much you love one another.

You can keep showing how much you love each other by sending thoughtful mementos like greeting cards, delivering beautiful arrangements of flowers to them when you have to travel, leaving love notes where they least expect, and other creative ways you can come up with.

As earlier said, the most insignificant gestures can make a relationship last, so put on your originality cap!

Apart from material things, you can also show love to your partner by touching them.

A romantic touch on the shoulder, holding hands, kissing, hugging, or putting your arms around their waist can release “feel good” endorphins that help them de-stress, improves their mood, and reduces blood pressure levels.

No doubt, all of these positive feelings aid enhances the health of any relationship.


4. Focus On Each Other

When you are with your partner, make sure you focus on them and ignore whatever is going on around you. This means that when you are with your partner, you should be fully present and committed to whatever you are doing at that time.

This shows that you are in tune with them and care about what you are doing and by extension, the relationship. Do not allow distractions from work or phones into space you share with who you love.



If you find it hard to ignore distractions when you are with your partner, we recommend the “5-minute rule.” This means that when any of you needs time with the other, he/she can ask for five minutes, and during this time, no one or anything is allowed to distract both.

After 5 minutes, you both can go back to what you were doing or mutually agree to continue paying attention to just yourselves. Always remember that spending 5 minutes with your focus solely on your partner is better than spending 30 distracted minutes with them.


5. Start Thinking In Terms Of ‘We’

This is another important tip on our list of relationship reminders. For however long you were single, it was only healthy to think of yourself alone. Yet, now that you are in a relationship, you have to start replacing the “I” and “Me” with “We” and the “Mine” for “Ours.”

A long-lasting and healthy relationship demands that you pay adequate reverence to both of you. It also requires that you begin to have a collaborative outlook about things. Although this change might seem minute, you will find that it will help your love grow and improve your commitment to each other with little to no effort.


6. Travel With Your Partner



As often as possible, both of you should pack your bags and get on the road together. When you have a collaborative mindset, you can pull resources together to achieve this. If you travel often, you can also suggest places for your partner to visit as this gives the feel of going to those places together.

You can also meet up after a workday to commute back home together. A romantic weekend getaway will also help.

When your budget and schedules work, take journeys together, and create memories that last. Apart from being able to relax, you both also get to bond and know more about yourselves in a new environment. Even a work-related traveling can be turned into a romantic getaway when you want it to.


7. Use Technology To Your Advantage

Although the addiction to developing technologies has proven to be a distraction preventing real-life relationships, technology can be a useful tool for bonding. When tactfully used, technology can help to enhance a healthy relationship between you and your partner.

Here are a few ways to use technological gadgets to your advantage:

  • Set alarms or reminders on your smartphone to remind you of when to call or text each other.
  • Download Skype or Google Hangout for personalized video calls.
  • Gift each other with something special from their favorite online stores and add a personalized note.
  • Send pictures or videos via social media platforms to keep up with each other.


8. Keep The Novelty And Fun In Your Relationship Alive At All Times

In any relationship, the passage of time often causes a familiarity between partners. Usually, this familiarity raises a sense of staleness that can make the relationship feel dragged. Hence, next on our list of relationship reminders is to keep the novelty and playfulness in your relationship alive.



Truthfully, there are different opinions for keeping your relationship healthy. However, it is well agreed that humans love playfulness, spontaneity, and the excitement that comes with uncertainty.

This is why if you want a healthy relationship, you should inject some playfulness and excitement into your relationship as often as possible. No matter how long you’ve been together, don’t stop playing together.

As a couple, have enough fun and never stop!


9. Respect And Honesty

For a healthy and long relationship, it is essential to show your partner how much you respect him/her and also. Also, show them that you don’t take them for granted. When you do this, you are likely to get the same measure of respect back; or more.

Many relationship counseling sessions often prove that the lack of respect is a significant cause of many avoidable conflicts between couples. This shows that respect is a vital part of any relationship.

It is important to emphasize that honesty is another essential tip to cultivating a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Couples must relate to each other with sincere honesty. This is a way to make the relationship happy.

If there is mistrust between couples, no relationship tip or counseling session can help the relationship.


10. Seek Help When You Consider It Necessary



In your relationship, if the same difference or disagreement keeps coming up in your discussion with your partner, it is often best to seek help and go for professional relationship counseling sessions.




Apart from the relationship reminders listed above, couples must also learn to keep their anger under control and avoid resorting to personal criticism or yelling to get their point across.

Also, ensure you keep your partner’s emotional need in mind daily. This helps to keep your relationship healthy.

Although sticking to all these relationship reminders may prove impossible for some people, we advise that you start doing one or two of them before gradually moving on to all of them or as many as you can follow.

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