Salt Water Flush Recipe For a Safe Colon Cleansing

Colon cleanse is a widespread phenomenon. Even if you’ve never tried it, you should have heard of it.  However, did you know that using salt water flush recipe is a safe, inexpensive, simple, and effective way to detoxify the body and cleanse your colon at home?



Some studies have suggested that

Doing a salt water flush can help with the release of accumulated body fluids, assist in weight loss, balance hormones, and improved digestion. 

Although the body can clean itself, using salt water flush for detox and colon cleansing is a healthy way to do so. However, you must consult a doctor before embarking on this colon cleanse recipe as it may be harmful to people with existing medical conditions.

Keep reading this article for more on salt water flush, why you should do it, and how to do it. 


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What Is Salt Water Flush?

Also known as “master cleanse” or “salt water cleanse,” the salt water flush helps to clean your colon and digestive system by inducing bowel movements.



This method has become increasingly popular as a way to promote digestion, and a total body cleanse. It works as the intake of salt water kickstarts a natural detoxification and waste cleansing process that is healthy for your digestive system.

This leaves you feeling sharper, less sluggish, and less bloated.

On its own, salt is necessary for diverse biochemical processes. These include absorption of nutrients, stimulation of nerves, adrenal/thyroid gland functioning, balancing of the body’s pH levels, and so on.


Why You Should Do It

If you are wondering why you should use salt for colon cleanse and detox, this is for you.

The average human, especially those who eat poor diet ingests toxins, metals, and waste in the body. These wastes then accumulate in the colon as a result of infrequent bowel movement.

This further causes digestive issues, inflammation, bloating, reduced energy, and sometimes diseases. Studies have shown that almost 20 per cent of the American adult population suffers from regular constipation bouts; putting them at health risk.

Although many of these adults go for a herbal laxative option such as detox tea, using salt water flush is a more accessible, inexpensive, yet effective way to relieve the body of toxins and waste.

Other health benefits of this method include:

  • Reduced pain as a result of inflammation.’
  • Hormone balancing
  • Improved metabolic process
  • Relieves sore throat pain
  • Contracts muscles present in the digestive tract
  • Reduces water retention
  • Balances electrolytes and mineral levels in the body
  • Balances pH level
  • Flushes toxins and cleanse the colon
  • It relieves digestive problems.


Salt Water Flush Recipe For a Safe Colon Cleansing

There is no official medical guidelines or restriction to using this recipe. However, people with a preexisting medical condition should speak with a doctor before doing so.



This recipe can be incorporated as part of a detox diet or detox drink.

To prepare the salt water flush, you will need:

  • Two teaspoons of non-iodized salt. Pink Himalayan sea salt is a healthy option.
  • Four cups of warm water.
  • Lemon juice for taste

Do this:

  • In the cups of warm water, dissolve salt by mixing it in.
  • Then, add lemon to taste.
  • Drink the mix on an empty stomach for best results.
  • Ensure that you are around the restroom or toilet as this drink is sure to induce bowel movement.


  • A salt water flush should be done upon waking, i.e. first thing in the morning or a few hours after your last meal of the day.
  • Do not exercise or run errands for a few hours after doing this flush. This is likely to cause multiple, urgent bowel movements.
  • Do not stray too far from a toilet after using this flush recipe.


Possible Side Effects Of Using Salt Water Flush For Colon Cleansing

Although many advocates of the salt water flush claim that it has little to no side effect, there are some risks to using it that you should be aware of.

The popular ones are vomiting, general weakness, and nausea. It is also possible to cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, which leads to conditions like:

  • weakness
  • numbness in certain body areas
  • twitching
  • muscle spasms
  • seizures
  • convulsion
  • confusion
  • feeling sluggish
  • heart problems like a spike in blood pressure, etc.

Additionally, people with existing conditions like high blood pressure, kidney or heart diseases, digestive issues, and other severe conditions should avoid doing the salt water flush. 

Using this colon cleanse method is also unsafe for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children. 


Healthy Alternatives To Salt Water Flush Method

Using detox teas and doing juice fasts are a healthy alternative for cleansing the colon.

However, while they may induce a rapid bowel movement, there are no real scientific pieces of evidence that they remove toxins or relieve constipation over a long period. They may also be dangerous to some people.



Hence, the best way to improve colon cleanse and body detox is to support the body organs responsible for detox. These are the liver and kidneys.

The liver and kidney work to remove toxins from your body and blood, and these wastes are passed out through the bowels and kidneys. You can improve them by:

  • drinking a lot of water
  • eating a healthy and balanced diet
  • reducing the consumption of alcohol
  • not smoking
  • taking prescription drugs
  • regular exercising
  • managing your blood pressure
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • increasing the intake of soluble and insoluble fiber.




Today, salt water flushes are increasingly popular for their relieving effect on constipation, bloating, and other digestive problems. They are also safe to use.

Unless you have an existing medical severe condition, a salt water flush will cause quick bowel movement and colon cleanse. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t do the flush often.

This is because, despite many good reviews, the flush can be unpredictable. Therefore, it is best to use healthy alternatives for achieving clean colon and detoxing the body. Hence, the need to speak with a medical doctor before doing the flush.

Have you used the flush before? Let us know in the comment section how it worked for you.

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