13 Proven Hacks to Save Money on Groceries For Your Family

Grocery shopping can be a little bit stressful to do- walking around the stores, picking items from shelf to shelf, Ugh! Also, it can be challenging to save money on groceries because, after shelter, food is the second most important.

Try any of these hacks to save money on groceries when next you go grocery shopping.




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1. Make A List And Stick To It!



It is never advisable to go grocery shopping without having a list. Most especially, if you are like me, you will end up buying things you do not need and leaving the stuff you need out.

In other cases, those that go grocery shopping without a list either buy what they already have at home or buy expensive things they do not need while walking through the store.

The best thing to do is have a list before when you shop for groceries. Take stock of the ingredients you have in the pantry and refrigerator. Use of perishable items (if you have any), and with that, you can make a list of what you will need. Either to cook the remaining meals or what you will need during the week.

This way, your shopping will be organized, and you will save money on groceries- by buying what you need.

2. Eat Before You Shop



We all know that when you go to the store hungry, you will buy more. This is why you need to eat before going to the store so that you can save money on groceries.

Eating before going grocery shopping will prevent you from shopping based on impulse or cravings.

If you are a person that tends to pick up a few snacks while shopping, giving yourself a mental limit will help you a lot.


3. Use Up Your Pantry

To save money on groceries, you need to use up your pantry.

Using up your pantry will help you prevent your cash from turning into waste by buying things you won’t exhaust. The best thing to do is check through your pantry once a week for items that are near expiration, separate them and use them up.

If your regular recipes don’t let you use up your pantry, you can check online for recipes that won’t make them be a waste.

4. Read Unit Prices

This hack will help you save money on groceries when next you go grocery shopping. Either you weigh the items or compare them by their prices per ounce. It will help you make sure you are getting the best item for the best price.

Be sure to check out the price per ounce between different brands that have similar products, so you get the brand with the best deal. Most people buy things because of the product packaging- that should stop after reading this!

If you are shopping for meat, check out the cost per serving as opposed to the weight, so you don’t get it wrong.

5. Check Expiration Dates



The essence of this cannot be numbered. One, you will save yourself the hazard that comes with consuming expired products. And two, it will help you will save money on groceries.

Reading expiration dates should be the first thing you do when you pick up an item at the store. This is because grocery stores do stock rotation.

Stock rotation is simply the old items to the front row and the new items at the back. This will help them sell off the old items fast.

To save money on groceries on your next shopping day, pick items from the back of the shelves, and read expiration dates. So, you get the freshest and long-lasting products.

6. Look High And Low

When next you go shopping, avoid the middle shelves and low. This is because the store owners get paid by companies to place their products where you can easily see them.

They place their products at your eye level so they can sell them off faster because you can easily pick them up- if you are in a hurry. Oftentimes, those products are usually expensive.

In order to save money on groceries for your next shopping, check the top and bottom shelves. This way, you will get less expensive products at the best deals.

7. Avoid The Cost Of Convenience

What does this mean? This means that you should get raw products- those that might require chopping or dicing and do it yourself.

Although convenience is essential in anything we do, but not every time. In grocery stores, typically when something is cut or peeled, the price is always on the high side.

You can save yourself the extra cash by picking up a bag of carrots, and ding the peeling and cutting by yourself.


8. Buy In Bulk During Sales



Buying in bulk during sales is the best way to save money on groceries- make sure you are getting products that can still last as much as you want them to. In the case of buy-one-get-one-free kind of sales, you can save extra bucks by taking advantage of that.

You can shop for items that will last you throughout the period where there won’t be sales or until the products will be at their normal prices.

9. Shop The Perimeter Of The Store

This will help you get fresh meat, seafood, and dairy. Most grocery stores have their fresh produce section at the edges of the store.

This is so that you will pick up things from the middle of the store at expensive rates.  If you shop the perimeter of your grocery store, you won’t buy processed foods.

Hence, you save some bucks on prepared foods, and you will get fresh and nutritious items.

10. Substitute Breakfast For Dinner Once In A Week



We know that breakfast is an important meal and a vital part of the day, and it won’t do any harm if you decide to have it twice! Having breakfast as dinner will help you save extra cash on feeding because it does not cost that much to have breakfast.

You can have fries, eggs, oats, and sausage, and pancakes for dinner.


11. Don’t Buy Toiletries At A Grocery Store

Toiletries are always more costly at the grocery store. The store owners know that it is less stressful to pick up some toiletries while walking through the store. This way, they know you won’t have to go to another store to get toiletries.

The price for this convenience might be an additional 10 or 20% of the original price.

12. Grow Your Herbs

Buying herbs at a grocery store when you can grow yours at the back of your house can not help you save money on groceries.

The funny thing is that these herbs might even wilt because you might not get to use them up in time. It is advisable to plant a few herbs in pots to keep in your porch or kitchen.

This simple thing will help you save $5, which you could have spent on store-bought herbs, and you will always get them fresh.

13. Freeze More!

This step will help you save more money, alongside buying in bulk. After you purchase items in bulk during sales, pop those that can be stored by freezing into the freezer.

By freezing, you tend to minimize wastage because almost everything can be kept while freezing. You can get a vacuum sealer, which is a good tool if you are keen on freezing to preserve your items.



Now, saving money while shopping for groceries is easier as these hacks are easy to do but effective! If you found this post interesting and helpful, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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