10 Money Saving Hacks for Makeup Addict ( Save Money on Makeup)

Save money on makeup-We ladies use makeup almost every day, which means we have to learn how to manage our beauty products and makeup supply else we can go broke from the sheer amount of makeup required to keep up that gorgeous look daily.

That’s the hard truth, if you don’t know how to save money on makeup, then your chance of going broke over makeup becomes high. This may sound a bit strange, but there are many ways to save money on makeup.



Buying a new beauty product is exciting, it’s almost like getting a cherished toy for a kid, but the money spent on them can quickly become a fortune because makeup and beauty products can be costly.

This is why you have to find ways to manage what you buy and how you spend on them. The good news is that there are simple budgeting methods that can help you save money on makeup and still consistently look gorgeous.

We rounded up the best makeup money-saving hacks for you, and here they are;


Draw Up a Makeup Budget

One of the most effective ways to manage to spend and save money on anything is to make a reasonable budget and stick to it.

Also, practice buying your beauty products in bulk, and if they have the habit of walking into a drugstore and coming out with lipstick or nail polish you never planned to buy, then you seriously need to break that habit.

Impulsive spending is one sure to go broke if you don’t need it, then don’t buy it.


Stock Up During Discount Sales

This is one of the easiest ways to save money on makeup. Take advantage of a huge sales discount to stock up your makeup and beauty products.

If you buy everything you need during discount sales or using some discount code, you will be saving yourself some serious bucks. So practice buying makeup during discount sales, and you will be amazed at how much money you will save.


Sign Up for a Loyalty Program

If you like to shop from a particular store, then you should definitely join their loyalty program. Shops usually send emails to members of their loyalty programs.

Sometimes these emails contain discount codes that will help you slash the prices for your favorite products or on special days like your birthday and holidays. This will help you save a few bucks.


A One-time Investment in Quality Brushes will Save You Money



A one-time investment in quality brushes will serve you better than you can imagine because these small but powerful tools will last you close to a lifetime. Of course, it depends on how well you manage and maintain them.

Brushes usually are washed with special shampoos, but this option may not be very budget-friendly.

A cheap and easier way to maintain your set of makeup brushes is to; dissolve 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid in a bowl with lukewarm water and add 1 tbsp of vinegar, thoroughly rinse the brushes in this mixture.

They will be thoroughly washed and won’t lose their quality when dry.


Be a minimalist

Do you really need to purchase every new product that appears in the market? I’m sure you already know the answer to that question.

As a lover of makeup, you may be one of those that like to experiment and try out the latest products, but what this really does is drill holes in your pocket.

Again, cleaning out your makeup bag ever once in a while will help you identify those products you have forgotten. And some of these long-forgotten products can be put to good use.


Make Your Facial Scrub and Exfoliator



You don’t have to rush out to get a new one each time you discover that a particular product is finished. A good way to save money on skincare and beauty products is by making your mixtures, especially things like facial masks, hair treatments, shampoos, and exfoliators.

Some of these products are very easy to make, and all you need is a quick Google search, and you’re almost halfway through because they mostly contain ingredients that you can find in your home.

For instance, you can make a skin exfoliator by merely mixing brown sugar and honey. And you can make a good body scrub from coffee grounds. Making your products is very easy, all you need is a little research.

Doing this will not only save you money, but you can also have fun in the process, plus your DIY product may even be healthier than your drugstore products.


Cheap Products can be Great Too

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money on makeup simply because you want only good quality products. You can find many budget-friendly drugstore beauty products that are just as good as those costly designer makeup products.

If you are not especially fond of buying cheap makeup products, then you can buy your regular makeup from your favorite shop.

It wouldn’t hurt to buy only one-off makeup items like that black lipstick or bright blue eyeshadow from the dollar store.

There is no need for spending so much money on makeup products you’re likely to use only once or twice in a year.


Vaseline can Double as a Makeup Remover

Your makeup remover is finished, so now what next? Sure you’ll buy a new one, but wait for a second! Did you know that Vaseline can double as a makeup remover? Yes, the perfumed jelly, you know.

You can use Vaseline to remove your eye makeup in a few simple swipes. You can also use it to remove the makeup on your face completely. It works well on the whole face and also moisturizes.

To remove eye makeup completely, take a small amount of Vaseline on your finger then massage the eye area, clean away with a tissue or cotton.

Make sure you wash your face afterward. You can use this for a while before buying that expensive and fancy makeup remover.


Sometimes, Less is More

You can better manage your products by using only a small amount at a time. If you try, you may find out that using low quality of a particular beauty product, say your blush, will still give you a great result.

This simple hack will help you manage your products, so they last for much longer.

You can also try going without makeup, okay this may not be very appealing, but it may not be such a bad idea. It will not only save you some money, but it’s great for your skin.


Buy Multipurpose Beauty Products



Do you know what a multipurpose makeup product is? An eyeshadow that can double as a liner or a brow filler, or a pink lipstick that can double as a beautiful blush.

This may be one of the most usual hacks, but it will definitely help you save on makeup. It’s not always necessary to buy a new eyeliner if you have a black mascara at hand.

Just take some mascara formula with your eyeliner brush, apply and line your eyes. This way, your mascara can be a perfect multipurpose makeup, playing the roles of eyeliner and mascara.




Makeup and beauty products can be very expensive, depending on where you buy them. They are also very attractive and irresistible. You walk into a shop to buy just one item, and you come with four different products.

Initially, it’s fun, but in a short time, it takes a toll on your bank account. For this reason, you need to spend wisely on makeup. With the 10 hacks above, you can look your best every day, yet you’ll still have money in your bank account.


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