5 Simple Weight Loss Tips Guaranteed to Work

Simple Weight loss tips- Everyone seems to have an idea of how to lose weight. I’m sure that you’ve seen a countless number of these tips.

Ultimately, the question of how effective these tips are always come up. In this post, I will share with you 5 simple weight loss tips that are guaranteed to work.

Generally, a commonly agreed point on weight-loss boils down to diet and exercise. That’s right! Many people know this, right? But the majority may not know the intricacies of using diet and exercise for weight loss.

A huge mistake some people make while trying to lose weight is that they eat less, starve the whole day intentionally because of weight loss.

While it’s true that such people are trying to work on their diet to lose weight, it rarely works like that.

For exercises, a good number of people get it wrong there. Some go to the gym today, and you skip your workout session for the next 2/3 days. Some go for a morning jog with a bottle of soda or ice fruit juice.

What am I getting at? What I am saying is that many people know how to lose weight. But, the majority don’t do it the right way.

This post will surely savage the situation. I have loads of simple weight loss tips here that will make you shed weight if you follow them religiously.

Are you ready to lose weight? If yes, then you need to know how to make things right with a diet change, some lifestyle changes, and exercises. Keep reading this article for more.



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Tip 1: Diet Change

One of the major causes of weight gain is what we shove down our throats. Unknown to many people, fats don’t build up in the body in just one day.

The aftermath of a consistent build-up of unused sugar in the body is fat.

Normally, the body makes use of glucose as a source of energy. However, excess glucose in the body also leads to body fat storage. Don’t be confused, I will explain.

Take, for instance, one of the major food sources of glucose is carbs. So, when you eat carbs, the body breaks down carbs to form glucose. Then, the glucose is used by the body to produce energy.



However, when the consumption of carbs is too high, the body may not completely use glucose for energy. It uses a part of it, and the remaining is stored as glycogen in adipose tissues.

So, in simple terms, excess glucose is stored as body fat.

Now, for successful weight loss, one of your diet goals must be to reduce carbs and calorie intake as much as possible.

Do you see the reason why I said starving yourself all day may not make you lose weight? Some people starve all day, and at night, they crush a meal heavy in carbs and calories.

So, let’s see how you can easily reduce the intake of carbs and calories in your diet to lose weight. The following simple weight loss tips on your diet will be of great help to you.

1. No starving. Except you want to lose weight through ketogenesis.

2. Get a low-carb diet plan for weight loss and follow it strictly: There are many of such available. It could be the Atkins diet, Keto diet, Dukan Diet, Vegan Diet, and more.

3. Substitute your snacks and drinks with alternatives which are very low in calories: You have to ditch your chocolate-glazed donuts, pizzas, fries because they contain trans fat that won’t help you.

There are healthy vegan and keto snacks you can take. Do you even know that boiled eggs and some nuts could pass for snacks?

Also, you need to stop drinking processed fruit juice, sweetened yogurt, ice-cream, soda, beer, and alcohol are high in calories.

Drinking more water is the best. Better still, take different delicious zero carl recipes of detox/fruit-infused water for weight loss.

4. Eat a lot of protein, healthy fat, and low-carb vegetables: This is a basic mantra for most low-carb weight loss diet plans. Your protein sources could be from meat, fish, seafood, egg, and dairy.

Healthy fat includes coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, e.t.c. Examples of low-carb vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, Brussel sprouts, Spinach, Cauliflower, Kale, Tomato, and so on.

You can also include some healthy protein shakes and smoothies for weight loss in your diet to lose weight.

5. Consume less sugar: You have to be a fan of natural honey now to lose weight.

Some DIY natural tea could be a secret to weight loss too. Make your ginger tea, mint tea, green tea, and so on in your home. Apart from weight loss, natural tea keeps you healthy.

Finally, in everything you do, one of the essential simple weight loss tips is to keep your hunger and cravings in check.

All the points mentioned above could help in suppressing your appetite for too much sugar. But, you also have to be conscious of it.


Tip 2: Exercise

Exercise is also one of the easy weight loss tips anyone could give you. It’s an excellent way to burn a lot of stored body fat. But, just as I mentioned earlier, not everybody does it well.

Do you know the kind of exercise that suits you? Have you ever wondered why your endless sweat at the gym yields nothing? It’s time to learn to do it the right way.

The following simple weight loss tips on exercise are guaranteed to help you lose weight:

1. Be on a weight loss diet plan: Before you commence any exercise routine to lose weight, ensure that you are on a healthy weight loss diet plan. This is because of your diet and exercise work hand in hand.

If you do your exercises and you continue to eat junks, you won’t lose weight. So, get yourself established a good feeding habit before starting your workout session.

2. Not all exercises are perfect for you: What works for Stacy may not go down well with Linda. So, you have to know what is right for you.

For people who are not used to physical activities, it may be out of place to hit the gym and start with weight-lifting and any other tedious or high-intensity exercise.

The seemingly difficult task may discourage you totally and make you want to quit your weight loss quest.

3. Go easy: You have to take it easy on yourself when it comes to exercise. Take your actions one step at a time. You can start gradually with a 20 min work daily and later increase the time when you’ve built your stamina.

For overweight people, it is recommended not to start with running and other high-intensity exercises. These exercises may exert too much weight on your joint and cause aches. So, walking is best for a start.

4. Do not skip your workout session: If you decide to go for a gym membership. Make sure you do not skip your workout session.

Also, it is vital that you have a trainer who will continuously supervise your moves at the beginning before you become independent.

5. Incorporate extra steps into your day: It is possible that your daily schedule may not permit you to register at the gym. Also, it could be that your evening and early morning shift may not allow you to get your daily jog, run, or walk.

There’s nothing to worry about because there’s a way out. All you have to do is to ensure increased physical activities in everything you do. How can you do that?

  • Use the stairs in public places instead of lifts
  • On your way, alight at the closest bus stop and walk home
  • If your place of work isn’t too far from your office, you could ride your bicycle instead of your car.
  • Even when doing some chores at home, you can steal the opportunity to burn a few calories. Try making use of a push mower version instead of the power.
  • Play music and dance while you mop or vacuum.

6. Sports: Sporting activities aren’t a bad idea too. You can lose some calories while having fun.

It could be bike riding, grass skiing, making snow angels, hiking, swimming, washing the car, playing Frisbee, chasing the dog around the yard and so on

7. Convert a portion of your home to a gym: You can make your mini gym right in your home. So, even if you have a face you don’t want to see at your gym, do your thing right in your home.

Oh! Do you think you might need an instructor? You can buy some workout DVDs that you can watch for your perfect moves.


Tip 3: Lifestyle/Habit Changes

Some bad habits contribute to weight gain too. YES! Don’t be surprised. You need to make some adjustments in your daily lifestyle, even when you are on a proper diet and exercise plan for weight loss.

Changing your lifestyle, therefore, is one of the simple weight loss tips I will be dishing out. Here are some tips:

1. Avoid eating while watching TV: Surprised? Oh No! Don’t be. I guess almost everyone may be guilty of this.

When dinner is ready, and it’s time for your favorite TV show, it’s fun to sit in the living room with your plate balanced on your laps, right? This is wrong. You tend to get carried away and eat more than necessary.

This means more calories adding up to the ones replacing the lost ones. That way, weight loss is never really obvious.

2. Use smaller plates: Try to stop eating on a big plate. Serve your food in small plates. This is a good trick to eat less and reduce cravings. The space on a large plate will only make your tummy yearn for more servings.

3. Take water 30 mins before eating: Some have made it a habit to drink water while eating or after their meal. You should try taking water before a meal to lose weight, how? Water will fill you up and make you eat less.

4. Eat your food slowly: Eating slowly makes you feel full and boosts weight-reducing hormones.

5. Weigh yourself every day: This will help you to monitor your weight loss progress. It’s an assessment method for you to know when to work harder on burning more calories.

It also serves as a pointer to whether your weight-loss tactics are working for you

6. Sleep well: Inadequate or poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for weight gain. Having a good sleep helps to maintain hormonal balance.

So, all the hormones that may induce weight gain in your body may be under control if you get enough sleep daily.

7. Avoid stress: Don’t overstress yourself. Stress may cause a spike in cortisol, which is the stress hormone. And this also leads to weight gain. So, getting enough rest and less stress can make you obtain your weight loss goals.

8. Avoid Alcohol: Drinking alcohol is a bad habit that will make losing weight difficult. You will need to have an alcohol detox and withdraw yourself for successful weight loss.

9. Don’t be lazy: Laziness is a culprit too. Don’t just sit indoors for days doing nothing.

I know there’re times you want to keep indoors lying in your bed, play video games, see movies, sleep, eat popcorn and some candies.

It’s a feeling that creeps in often. But when you feel that way, remember you don’t want to take yourself one-week backward.

That means you might be adding back some of the calories you’ve successfully burnt in one week. You can keep indoors while making yourself active too. Dance, do some chores, some sit-ups and squats would also do.


Tip 4: Surround Yourself With People That Encourage You

This tip for weight loss seems to be the least addressed when people talk about losing weight. Some times, it’s not your diet, exercise, and habit that is working against you.

It could be the people around you are not motivating you enough to do the right thing that will speed up your weight loss journey.

Your spouse should be able to caution you whenever you intend to sneak some of your kid’s chocolates and candies in your mouth.

It’s crucial to have a close pal calling you out for your evening walk every day.



Most importantly, it feels great to have people appreciating and admiring the effort you’re making to lose weight.

Office pals may tell you to stop stressing yourself by riding your bicycle to work instead of your car.  But, imagine riding a bicycle to work with your gist mate at work every morning. You surely wouldn’t want to stop.

Some of the simple weight loss tips can help you get your weight loss partner for maximum support, motivation, and encouragement all through the weight loss journey.

  • Make friends in the gym
  • Call a long-time friend for an evening chat while walking. You will have a lot total about, and you wouldn’t know when you have covered a long distance.
  • Join weight loss-inclined groups and pages on social media. Share your success stories and progress with other people who want to lose weight. Then you get to read other people’s stories and get inspired by them.
  • Motivation is the key to weight loss. It’s what keeps you going until your goal is achieved. You can’t back out halfway because your friends still call you “fatty.” Just have new friends that will call you “sexy” and encourage you to push harder to look hot.


Tip 5: Maintain Your Desired Shape

Finally, on my list of simple weight loss tips! When you successfully lose weight, don’t go back to the old days of junks, sugar, and candies. You have to keep up with your healthy diet, exercise, and changing lifestyle.

Many people get lost in the euphoria and joy of the slim body and flat tummy. They forget all about the effort and then boom! The pounds gets popping again

Don’t make that mistake. Going through the stress of losing weight is only worthwhile when you keep it off for good. Don’t shed the pounds to regain them again.




I believe losing weight has a lot to do with your mindset too. Prepare your mind for weight loss, follow the simple weight loss tips above, and you are good to go.

I hope these tips would be of immense use to you and sustain your weight loss adventure. Drop your comments, suggestions, and feedback in the suggestion box below to keep the conversation going.

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