How To Tighten Saggy Skin After Weight Loss

After devoting yourself to countless days of workout and getting a toned body, you probably get worried about how to tighten saggy skin. Often times, saggy skin is as a result of a significant weight loss, and it can be frustrating dealing with one.

This is because those loose skins will mask all the effort you put in at the gym or anywhere and will make it look like you have not been doing anything. Saggy skin can cause health problems and can also lead to depression and low-self esteem.



Weight gain- whether minimal or excessive, over a long period, causes the skin to stretch, and when this happens, it might be difficult for the skin to go back to its original state.

During the period of weight gain, elastic fibers and collagen in the skin become overly stretched, and they get damaged. Hence, they lose the ability to retract.

And as a result of weight loss, the stretched skin falls onto the body, and this can take a negative toll on the overall appearance of the body.

This is solely dependent on how much weight you gained, and how much weight you lost- the more the weight loss, the more the loose skin.

Did you lose some pounds, and you are looking for a way to get rid of those loose skin, either on the stomach, arms and thighs? Read on.

1. Use Collagen Powder



Collagen is a treated form of collagen that is usually found in the tissue of animals. It is said that it helps to tighten saggy skin, although this assertion has not been confirmed as it has not been tested on those that have loose skin as a result of weight loss.

Collagen hydrolysate, which can also be referred to as hydrolyzed collagen, comes in a powder form and can be found in organic food stores around. Bone broth is another common source of collagen, and this has other health benefits, not only collagen.

2. Sea Salt Scrubs



You can also tighten saggy skin with the use of sea salt scrubs. Sea salt scrubs will help improve the free flow of blood to the needed areas, which in turn, will help tighten saggy skin.

To use, massage the sea salt scrubs in areas where you want to tighten while in the shower. Do this every day for a couple of weeks or until you get the desired result.

3. Moisturize Your Skin



A natural way to improve your flabby skin condition is to maintain appropriate skincare strategies. And this you can only do by avoiding harsh chemicals and effectively moisturizing the skin.

You need to stay away from sulfates that can be found in detergents, shampoos, and dishwashing soaps. Also, moisturizing the skin helps to promote blood circulation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Hence, you must moisturize your skin with a moisturizer that has Vitamin E as one of its ingredients.  This will help fasten the growth of new cells and will also keep the skin hydrated all through the day.

Coconut oil is a healthier substitute for store-bought moisturizers. Although most moisturizers use it as one of their ingredients, it can be used on its own. It is natural, and it has anti-bacterial properties that will help calm the skin and freshen it the more.

When you care and moisturize your skin, you will need to avoid or limit exposure to sun, hot and chlorinated water as they reduce skin’s elasticity.

4. Do Belly Toning Exercises



If the skin around your stomach gets saggy as a result of a significant weight loss, you might need to do some belly toning exercises. This will help to make your stomach muscle firm and also tighten your flabby skin.

There are higher chances that you can tighten saggy skin around the stomach if you exercise the area three to five times a week.

There are a lot of belly toning exercises you can do. Some of them are:

  • Raises
  • Sit-ups
  • Air Bike
  • Crunches
  • Pelvic thrusts
  • Side bridges

These exercises will help tighten the flabby skin around the stomach area if done for at least 15 to 20 minutes regularly.

5. Eat Healthy And Drink Water



Eating healthy does not have to end the minute you have achieved your goal weight. It should be a continuous thing so that you stay in shape. Also, eating healthy helps when you want to tighten saggy areas, as a result of weight loss– as in this case.

Some nutrients are essential for healthy skin and the production of collagen- collagen helps to increase the skin’s elasticity. Those nutrients are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Water, on the other hand, helps to keep the skin hydrated, hence, a more radiant appearance. Lots of water intake daily helps to improve general well-being and will make the skin smoother, firmer, and tighter.

It is best to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily, and this will also help improve the skin’s elasticity.

6. Massage Your Skin

We all know that massages are a healthy and relaxing thing to do. As they help to increase blood circulation, which can help tighten saggy skin.

You do not need to visit a masseuse as you can get it done by yourself and in the comfort of your home. All you need is a mixture of your favorite essential oils and carrier oils. You can also choose to inhale them for added relaxation and calmness.

Do this weekly or bi-weekly, and you’ll be glad you did.

7. Be Patient

This point cannot be overemphasized because it is the most important if you want to tighten saggy skin. It might be kind of confusing and frustrating to deal with loose and stretched skin, but you need the patience to see yourself through that stage.




There might be a lot of people around you who have successfully tightened their loose skin and all sorts. You need to know that your body differs from another person’s body, so what works for the person might necessarily not work for you.

All you need is to focus on yourself and try various ways to make those loose skin tight.

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