15 Best MAC Lipsticks You Need To Have in Your Makeup Kits

Top MAC lipsticks- MAC lipsticks are a favorite for many and you can expect to find at least one product of theirs in every girl’s makeup purse

They have an extensive collection of lipsticks with hundreds of shades for any skin tone and complexion and virtually anyone can find one that suits her perfectly. 

These fabulous products aren’t just popular but they’re popular for the right reasons; hydrating formula, flattering textures, signature fragrance, long-lasting and exotic shades for any skin tone, it’s no wonder MAC is the first name the world for lipsticks.

With hundreds of shades in each lipstick formula and despite being everyone’s favorite, finding the perfect lipsticks through the seemingly endless collection can be more tasking than you can imagine and you can very easily get confused. 

And for this singular reason, we took out time to sort through MAC lipstick collection ourselves and came up with these 15 top MAC lipsticks. These are the best-selling and all-time favorites that everyone swears by, they are simply amazing.



Capricious MAC Lustre Lipstick

This luster lipstick from MAC is a must-have lip formula in your makeup kit and it tops the list of our favorite top MAC lipsticks. It is a flawless blend of satin pink rose shade with a very neutral undertone.

The MAC’s Capricious has a very creamy luster and hydrating texture and it makes the lips look more plump and fuller while highlighting your eyes really well to make them look brilliant and attractive.

This lovely pink rose lip formula from MAC is easy to apply, feels comfortable on the lips, has a buildable color and gives you fuller and plumper lips, now what more do you need from a lipstick?


Burning Love MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick




Another signature lip formula from MAC is the Powder Kiss Lipstick in Burning Love.

The MAC Powder Kiss Range Lipstick is a complete reinvention and a beautiful upgrade from Matte Series, the formula consists of moisture-coated powder pigments that hydrate your lips leaving them supple and softer.

It has a balmy moisture-locking texture and feels very comfortable and lightweight on the lips. Burning Love is a misty and cushiony shade with a zero-shine look that feels comfortable and lasts for an entire day. 


Fresh Moroccan MAC Frost Lipstick

MAC Frost Lipstick in Fresh Moroccan is a non-drying lip formula in a warm and beautiful brick red shade with a frosted finish. The frostiness comes from gold pearls which beautifully highlights the formula, giving it an exciting and gorgeous look.

This lipstick is formulated to define and accentuate the lips for a gorgeous look, it’s a bestseller and for good reasons too. Specially made for fair and pale skin tones, the cinnamon color of the Fresh Moroccan makes it distinctly beautiful against fair and white skin.

This formula is easy to apply, it can last for an entire day and does not bleed or transfer, so no need for occasional touch-ups. 


Velvet Teddy MAC Matte Lipstick

If you have a soft spot for nude lipsticks then this one will certainly capture your heart because there isn’t a better pinkish beige nude shade that you can get.

The Velvet Teddy is a matte lipstick with a beautiful soft pink-toned nude shade that is great for everyday wear.

This lip formula will look fabulous with a nude and natural makeup, but it can also be paired with bold and statement-making eye makeup. It’s a non-drying matte formula that glides smoothly on the lips and it’s perfect for both fair and medium skin tones.

Despite being a non-drying matte lipstick, it’s best to moisturize your lips before you apply because the nude shade is very pale and doesn’t cover up chapped lips. The strong points of this lip formula is that it’s easy to apply, doesn’t smudge or transfer and it lasts all day.


Ginger Rose MAC Liptensity Lipstick




Ginger Rose is another MAC lip formula with a nude tint of pink, it’s perfectly pigmented and will beautifully highlight the outline and shape of your lips. This lipstick feels very comfortable and looks great too, thanks to its liquid-suede finish.

Despite being a nude lipstick, it’s bright and bold with a moisture-lock gel-based formula and lightweight texture. It has a very comfortable and moisturizing feel and can easily stay for 8 hours without coming off.


Ruby Woo MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

This is an absolutely beautiful red lipstick from MAC. The Ruby Woo is one of the best-selling and most loved lipstick shades in the MAC Retro Matte Lipstick formula and fans swear by it.

It’s a super pigmented red lipstick with pink undertones which is excellent for making a bold statement.  It is lightweight, has a soft texture and moisturizing effect on the lips.

This matte lip formula will dry out to increase the boldness of the color and the deep red shade has pink undertones making it perfect for virtually all skin tones and complexion.

This lipstick dries out it’s best to prep your lips before application. Exfoliate and moisture before you apply the Retro matte lipstick in Ruby Woo. Just like other MAC lipsticks, this is a long-wearing lipstick and it does not bleed or transfer even while you’re eating.


Heroine MAC Matte Lipstick


If you especially love purple lipstick or want one for an occasional different but gorgeous look, then meet Heroine from MAC.

With a bright purple shade, this matte lipstick formula is one of MAC’s best selling lipsticks probably due to its vibrant and energetic color.

With just one swipe it will instantly brighten your face and you can see the bold you already and it looks gorgeous on any skin tone and complexion. It has a creamy, smooth and comfortable texture with a matte finish, it’s very long-lasting and it does not smudge.

If you like to attract attention wherever you go, then you’ll totally love this lipstick. You won’t be disappointed because it will definitely make heads turn.


Diva MAC Matte Lipstick




Diva can easily pass as the most beautiful intense reddish-burgundy shade out there which looks beautiful on just about every skin tone. It’s an intense and velvet burgundy shade with a matte finish, it will add a certain gorgeous appeal to your face and can definitely make heads turn.

Diva has a velvety smooth and satin texture which is very comfortable on the lips, it glides on smoothly, it’s not too drying and it’s also very long-lasting. The Diva lip formula is insanely pigmented but doesn’t get patchy, unlike most other dark shade lipstick colors.

With this lipstick, you will totally rock your winters.


Rebel MAC Satin Lipstick

Another top MAC lipstick is the Rebel satin lipstick. This is a creamy formula with a medium cream plum shade and has a soft cushiony feel, medium-to-full buildable coverage, and a satin finish.

Rebel is an attractive berry shade which is sure to make you appealing and visible.

The beautiful creamy berry color will look amazing on all skin tones and complexions, and definitely perfect for fair and cool-toned skin. The Rebel has a satin and creamy texture that feels very lightweight and it leaves a subtle and light stain on your lips.

The color is very buildable, the formula is long-lasting and very convenient to wear, it doesn’t smudge or transfer and has a comfortable satin finish. 


Russian Red MAC Matte Lipstick

MAC matte lipstick in Russian Red is another one of MAC’s most loved lipstick. This beautiful Russian red lipstick can give you a very appealing and luscious look. It’s a tad similar to the Ruby Woo but has a richer and cooler red color.

With the right application, Russian red will look perfect on any woman, regardless of skin color. It’s well pigmented and the red color is smooth with the right amount of depth, making it finely balanced and with just one swipe it will instantly light up your face and make it look more put together.

This lip formula will definitely add heaps of glamour to your look and it’s a must-have product in your makeup kit. The Russian Red is easy to apply with a creamy and moisturizing texture, it has a long-lasting rich and deep but buildable red shade.


Mehr MAC Matte Lipstick




Now, Mehr Lipstick is one gorgeous yet unpopular MAC lipstick. Mehr is a dirty blue-pink shade that is deep but subtle and that makes for a great everyday color.

This lip formula has a creamy and smooth texture, and unlike some other matte lipsticks, it does not dry out and leave your lips feeling parched. Its subtle deep shade makes it excellent for day time wear and it looks absolutely gorgeous on a fair and medium skin tone.

Mehr can be paired with bold or smokey eye makeup and it perfectly accentuates the lips to give you a luscious and attractive look, and you can expect heads to turn as you walk by.

It’s creamy with a satin tone, easy to apply, can last all day and does not flake or budge. It’s the perfect lipstick for a perfect day out.


Smoked Almond MAC Amplified Lipstick

Here’s another excellent lip formula from MAC, the Smoked Almond.f

It’s a richly pigmented bright rose brown shade, which makes for a clear, vibrant and intensely colored lipstick. Its medium-dark coral gel base melts on contact, leaving you with super-saturated color in just one swipe.

This lip formula is creamy with warm undertones and a satin sheen, it does not highlight dry patches or lines making it an excellent lipstick for dry lips.

Its pigmentation is semi-opaque, during application it doesn’t drag but melts on contact and evenly separates along the lip lines thereby consequently enhances the texture of the lips.

Smoked Almond is dense and firm with a creamy consistency and will keep your lips hydrated for long hours. It’s lightweight, long-lasting, easy to apply and does not bleed or feather. 


Twig MAC Satin Lipstick

If you are looking for an excellent MAC lipstick with a shade for daily and office wear, then meet the Twig MAC satin lipstick.

Twig is a soft, muted brownish-pink shade with a creamy and satin finish. It comes warm and suits light to medium skin tones.  

This pink lipstick has a brown undertone, making it an unusual nude shade that’s lovely for a quick makeover, and since it’s warm and doesn’t look washed out it perfectly fits darker skin tones.

Twig is a creamy lipstick with a satin finish, it’s easy to apply, feels comfortable on the lips and can last for an entire day.


Brick-O-La MAC Amplified Lipstick



Another top MAC lipstick is the Brick-O-La, it has a medium berry shade with an intense creamy finish that lasts all day. It comes with insane pigmentation and with just a few strokes you can mask any discoloration or pigmentation on the lips.

Its shade sits somewhere between berry and mauve, it’s much closer to medium rosy shade and gives off an amplified sheen finish that will last for long hours without flaking or crumbling.

This lip formula is creamy and comfortably sits on the lips, it does not dry out or reveal dry spots. This shade is versatile and will beautifully match pale to light and medium skin tones. It’s a non-drying and long-lasting lipstick, easy to apply and feels comfortable on the lips.


Paramount MAC Satin Lipstick

The last on our favorite top MAC lipsticks is the paramount MAC Satin Lipstick.

It comes in a moderately warm-tone, dark reddish-brown shade with a satin finish although it can a little drying. That red undertone gives this brown lipstick a very beautiful color shade and makes it stand out. It is a permanent lipstick.

Some brown lipsticks may look very flat on the lips, but not Paramount, it’s reddish undertone gives it depth and makes it both alluring and captivating.

The Paramount is a permanent lipstick and you can expect it to last all day on your lips even through multiple meals. Because it has a tendency to dry out, it’s best to prep your lips before application. First, coat your lips with a thin layer of moisturizing lip balm before swiping the Paramount on them.




When you think of lipsticks, MAC is the first brand that comes to mind and their products are arguably the real deal, every lady knows that. They are the only reason why some of us are in a constant battle with the ever-rising lipstick addictions. 

These lipsticks are fabulous for many exciting reasons; extreme longevity, classic bullet-inspired cases, signature vanilla fragrance, creamy textures, and excellent quality.

You can never go wrong with any  MAC Lipstick Series because they’re all simply gorgeous. Our 15 favorites top MAc should get you started with your collection MAC lipstick.

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