6 Easy two person yoga poses and Benefits For Partners, Friends, and Lovers

Two-person yoga poses- Are you ready to take your yoga session to the next level and have mind-blowing fun? If yes! Then you have got to keep reading this interesting post till the end.

First, Let me leak a yoga secret to you. The presence of someone around motivates you to do better. That is why I have made a round-up of 6 best, and easy two-person yoga poses you’d love.

These poses are good if you want to carry your family members along in the healthy exercise routine. Well, it doesn’t always have to be family members. It could be your best friend, neighbor, or even your colleague at work.



The point is that you get to have someone that will make you look up to your yoga session every day.

When you want to use yoga to lose weight, this trick works perfectly. A yoga partner will encourage you not to skip your daily routine and keep your morale high.

A boring and lonely practice of yoga may make you less committed and motivated.

I must, however, add that there are specific asanas you would prefer to do alone, especially on days when you want to calm your soul and get lost in the silence without disturbance.

For lovebirds, yoga exercises can make the cupid sting stronger.

Practicing yoga with your spouse, lover, or boyfriend can strengthen the emotional bond. Oh! You don’t want to how awesome it could be gluing to each other and making some slow moves.

You could turn each other on, and a session of yoga could lead you into the bedroom. Enough of the long chat! Let’s get to the real business. The two-person yoga poses!


6 Easy Two Person Yoga Poses


1. Partner Seated Meditation



I promised to get some easy two-person yoga poses for you. This is on is very simple.

It is as simple as sitting down back to back with a yoga partner with your legs crossed. But, with an undiluted focus, concentration, and mind work.

This posture can bring the bodies of partners doing this position into a calm and very relaxed state. This will further encouraged a deep meditation and search through the inner soul.

According to yoga experts, this double meditation pose fosters intimacy, equality and mutual respect between partners.

Rather than have your individual meditation, this one with your partner could be more relaxing and fun.

How To

  • Begin in a comfortable seated position
  • Rest your backs against each other and cross your legs
  • Close your eyes
  • Then, begin to breathe alternately
  • When someone inhales, the other should exhale. You might want to do the inhaling and exhaling at the same time too
  • Continue for 5 minutes or more.


2. Partner Seated Twist



This pose is awesome for friends, partners, and of course, lovers. Though easy, it helps to work some of the core muscles of your hamstrings and make your waist flexible.

With your lover, your touch on his knee or thigh and his on yours could send some romantic signals.

How To

  • Sit back to back in a comfortable position
  • Cross your legs and lengthen your spine upward
  • Turn both shoulders to the right and reach your right hand to your partner’s left knee or thigh
  • Inhale and straighten your back
  • Exhale into a deeper and full twist
  • Hold for several slow and deep breaths. Then, slowly return to the center and repeat twisting to the left.


3. Double Downward Dog



This yoga pose may look a bit complex, but it isn’t. Like you do your dog pose, you only use your partner as leg support in this case. This Down Dog partner pose feels benefits for the two participants involved.

The person under will get a lower-back release and stretch in their hamstrings. And the person at the top gets to work on their upper-body strength.

If you’re with your lover, you can let your man stay under while you stay above. It’s amusing thinking he is carrying you on his strong back.

How To

  • Stand in front of each other giving in enough space
  • Go into a downward dog position in front of the other
  • The person who wants to be on top should be in front
  • Then he/she should walk feet and hands back the feet are outside of partners lower back
  • Hold for five to seven breaths
  • To release, the partner under should bend knees and lower hips to a tabletop. Then go into a Child’s pose for the other to pull off.


4. Chair Pose with a Partner



This pose is an awesome move for two-lady besties who want to tone their asses and have bigger backsides using yoga. It is a simpler pose to squat exercises. This pose is good for strengthening your limbs and building your stamina.

How To

  • Stand face-to-face with your partner one arm’s length away
  • Clasp each other’s hands firmly
  • Lower yourself back into a squat like position, keeping your toes further forward than your knees
  • Hold this position for as long as you can take with your partner


5. Buddy Boat Pose



Here is another style for two-person yoga poses. I prefer to do my boat pose with a partner. Do you want to why? Balance! I can comfortably rest my feet of those of another person rather than have them hanging and unstable.

So, to make your boat pose feel nicer than it does now, you should get a partner and try this for a change.

How To

  • Sit in a position you feel comfortable facing your partner
  • Bend your knees and let your toes touch each other
  • Reach for your partner’s wrists.
  • Walk soles of feet together and gradually draw your knees into chest
  • Maintain a straight spine and an open chest
  • Begin to straighten legs
  • Hold for five to seven breaths.


6. Double Standing Forward Bend



Finally, on my list of two-person yoga poses, this yoga asana is one of the perfect exercises to do on a cold morning.

Yes! Your bums will have to touch each other, but never mind; the goal is to have a most fulfilling forward bend.

The double standing forward bend is more engaging than just you doing your forward bend.

How To

  • Stand back to back with a little between your heels
  • Bend at the waist and get into a Standing Forward Bend
  • Stretch your hands to the back to grab onto your partner’s hands
  • If you are flexible enough, you can hold each other’s forearms, elbows, or shoulders
  • Straighten your legs and bend the top of your head towards the ground
  • Stay in this position until you have five deep breath or more
  • When you’re both ready to come out, let go of your partner and get back in the standing position slowly.


So, there you go! 6 super easy two-person yoga poses you can do with your friend, partner, or love.

While keeping a healthy workout routine, you can also have fun, laugh, and enjoy yourself to the fullest when you have someone around.

To enjoy your yoga sessions more, you should probably consider getting into some nice poses with your loved ones.

Before I forget, let’s have a look at some benefits of these two-person yoga poses. How are those asanas useful and beneficial for our physical and emotional fitness?



Benefits of Two-Person Yoga Poses

  • Enhance physical and emotional support with your friend, partner, or lover. The partner yoga poses allow for mutual reliance on each other for balance, alignment, and focus.
  • Yoga moments with partners is a great way to create shared moments with your loved one. You can create a bond and fabulous moments together while training to be healthy and fit.
  • Practicing the poses with your loved ones can help to enhance your intimacy.
  • The double asana can also help to improve the sense of self-awareness and trust in partners.
  • Better than taking some individual poses, your partner can support you and make you get a better position.
  • Yoga naturally is a marvelous way to reduce stress and anxiety. But the partner yoga poses do that in the most amazing way.
  • The physical touch involved while doing yoga with another person is the unique quality of touch. Physical touch can be greatly therapeutic and can make you feel loved without the need for words.



Don’t slide into a boring yoga life because you are all alone. Keep the fire burning and the fun blaring by bringing someone you love into the scene. It could be a partner, best friend, or lover.

Trust me; it is going to be a very fun experience you would love to experience every day.

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