Yoga Poses for Menstrual Cramps – 6 Yoga Poses For Painful Menstrual Cramps Relief

Yoga poses for menstrual cramps- Stacy is the only friend I have that has never complained of menstrual cramps. I had to ask her if there was a remedy or pill she used.

She is one of the very lucky ladies that do not experience cramps, pain, and discomfort during menstruation.

As for me, the condition is quite serious. I know there are quite several ladies out there like me looking for remedies to relieve themselves of the pain at such times.

Yoga! There are unique yoga poses for menstrual cramps relief.



A lot of ladies are familiar with the practice of yoga. But we do not know how much yoga could help with relieving the discomfort of cycle cramps. Female folks mostly want to do yoga to have a sexy look.

Or rather, for some individuals, it is to relax and get rid of anxiety and depression. But who thinks of yoga when down with menstrual pains?

Ignorance may be the cause of not using yoga for menstrual cramps relief. It could also be the case that many people doubt the effectiveness of these therapeutic asanas to relieve you of the pain.

Anyway, this post contains a list of the best and effective yoga styles that will help you deal with menstrual pains.

Don’t leave; keep reading to pick your favorite yoga style!


6 Yoga Poses For Menstrual Cramps Relief


1. Child’s Pose



The child’s pose is an ideal yoga poses for menstrual cramps. It helps in reducing back pain and lower abdominal pain associated with your menstrual period.

This asana exerts pressure on your stomach muscles and also stretches out your spine to reduce back pain. This pose is great for relaxing your body, as well as your mind. Apart from easing your cramps, this yoga pose is extremely relaxing.

How To Do

  • Kneel on the mat and widen your knees hip-width apart
  • Bend forward and extend your arms in front of you on the mat
  • Stretch out your spine fully
  • Rest your forehead on the mat still fully stretched.
  • Stay still at least five breaths, and up to five minutes to experience the full benefits of this relaxing pose.


2. Forward Fold



When on your period, all you want to do is just lie in bed and do nothing. But that won’t make you feel any better. It is best to get up and take some stretch on the yoga mat to relieve yourself of painful menstrual cramps.

The forward fold pose is another excellent yoga pose for reducing menstrual pain. All you need to do is to stand up and bend your upper body towards your toes.

While in the forward fold pose, your thighs exert pressure against your lower abdomen.

This will help to neutralize uterine contractions that cause cramps. The forward fold asana also helps to lengthen your spine, reducing back pain.

How To Do

  • Stand straight with feet hip-width apart
  • Lean forward at the waist until your lower ribs rest on your thighs
  • Bend your arms and hold your elbows with the opposite hands
  • Stay in this position and let your body relax as you inhale and exhale for several breaths.


3. Knees to Chest Pose



There are numerous yoga poses suggestions to deal with cramps. The Knee to Chest pose is one of those effective poses for menstrual pain.

This pose can help you relax the muscle in your lower back region and the abdominal muscles.

It also helps to relax the mind and reduce the anxiety that sometimes comes with your cycle.

How To Do

  • Lie on your back
  • Join your knee together and move both knees towards your chest
  • Wrap your arms around your legs
  • And make sure you press your thighs close to your lower abdomen


4. Head-to-Knee Forward Bend



For a good back stretch and cramps relief, this pose is very effective. Add the head-to-knee forward bend pose to your arsenal of yoga style for quick relief from menstrual discomfort.

This pose helps to stretch the spine, back of thighs, and then the groin. It strengthens the pelvic muscles and ultimately helps with menstrual pain.

How To Do

  • Sit on the floor or on a mat with your legs put out in your front.
  • Bend your right knee inward to an angle 90-degree such that the sole of your right foot touches the inner left thigh.
  • Engage your core to keep your spine straight and begin to fold over your left leg.
  • If you think your back may round, stop and hold the position where you are. Notice your breadth. If it gets too hard, that’s a signal to stop.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Sit up slowly then repeat the pose for the right leg after a minute of rest.


5. One-Armed Camel



Getting to do a full camel pose with two hands might be quite challenging for beginners. A camel pose works excellently on abdominal discomforts and back pain.

It is a perfect pose for cramps. So, if the camel pose seems quite difficult for you, this one-armed camel pose is easy.

How To Do

  • Stand on your shins placing your knees underneath your hips
  • Stretch your right hand back and place it on your right heel
  • Extend your left arm in the air
  • Shift weight onto your knees to increase the stretch in your quads, belly, and chest
  • Lower your head behind you, and maintain this position for five breaths.
  • Change sides, holding for another five breaths, and then lift the torso to release.


6. Corpse Pose



This pose is what I call the “zero stress yoga pose.” It is one of the yoga poses for menstrual pains that will make you forget about your cramping abdomen.

Although all you have to do is lie on the floor, the pose takes you into a deeper emotional state that will make you forget about the pain.

This pose brings peace and rest to the body and mind. Feel the support of the ground beneath you, and bring attention to the breath.

By controlling the breath with deep and meaningful inhalation and exhalation, the mind has space to focus and redirect attention away from pain quietly.




You don’t always have to make painkillers your only solution to menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramp is a purely natural pain that arises due to uterine contractions.

Just a stretch of your lower abdominal muscle could be the simple thing you have to do.

You can cope with cramps using some yoga poses. As difficult as it may seem to stay off your bed due to cramps, the best thing to do is to give yourself a stretch.

These yoga poses for menstrual pains or simple to make you cope with the pain. With yoga, you can beat any period of discomfort very easily.

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